Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis – You may have skimmed disk space before purchasing a hosting package. But, do you know what disk space is?

Disk space is an important feature that you need to consider when choosing a hosting package. For this, you need to know key domain hosting and the function of disk space in hosting. So, you can choose the right type of hosting for your website.

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

Disk space is the capacity of website database storage on the hosting server. The data in question can be in text, image, video, database, code and other forms.

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For small websites like blogs, you may not need much storage space. Unlike corporate websites that require more disk space to store large amounts of content like videos or images.

Well, simply put, disk space is the capacity of data storage space on hosting. Meanwhile, bandwidth refers to the amount of website data that can be transferred from the server to visitors.

In other words, disk space will take up the amount of data stored. Meanwhile, bandwidth acts as a regulator of the amount of data transfer that affects website loading speed.

Want to learn more about what web hosting is? Let’s take a look at the services of disk space hosting below!

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Disk space is a factor to consider when choosing the right hosting for a website. Why did this happen? Because, the function of disk space in hosting is as follows:

The data in question are images, videos, template files and plugins, all files uploaded via FTP as well as web fonts.

With disk space, you can save backup files so you don’t have to worry about your website data suddenly being lost.

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

If you already know the disk space you need, you can make the website more attractive. So, you don’t have to worry about the specific power output.

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For example, an online store owner should not upload photos or videos of the specifications of the products they sell if their disk space is not good. Because, the power required to store the content is necessarily large.

This type of storage media works by using removable disks while storing data. Disks have components that work to write and read data.

, SSD is able to transfer data faster. As a result, the process of booting, data transfer and maintenance does not take much time.

Blogs or websites that contain small media (images or videos) do not necessarily need a lot of disk space. For such websites, using 500 MB to 3 GB of disk space is sufficient. If you want more flexibility, you can buy unlimited hosting packages.

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Unlike the websites used for online stores that have many images and large data. Such websites may require 20 GB of disk space or more.

Curious about disk space? We have listed some frequently asked questions about disk space, including:

Niagahoster already uses SSD type disk space. With an SSD, data storage and processing speeds will also be faster than HDD users.

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

The amount of disk space on hosting by Nyagahoster depends on the type of hosting service. More complete information follows:

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It is important to check the disk space for those who want to buy a hosting package. Because, while choosing a hosting, you need to calculate the amount of disk you need.

However, you should always check disk space usage to avoid website performance degradation even after using hosting.

When website performance goes down, such as slow loading or access problems, it’s probably because your disk space is full. Therefore, this should be overcome by reducing disk space usage in cPanel.

At Nyagahoster, there are hosting packages with unlimited SSD disk space, namely Personal Hosting and Business packages, as well as WordPress hosting.

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Therefore, Unlimited Disk Site means Nyagahoster provides website resources or resources without setting special restrictions. So you can use the resources as you need.

However, since unlimited hosting users share a server with many other websites, Nyagahoster uses a fair use policy (

This policy explains that resources will be limited if you use too much hosting disk space on the server causing irritation to other users.

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

In some cases, it is possible that your account will be deactivated before you can upgrade to a plan that better suits your website needs.

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Disk space is the capacity of a hosting server to store files or website data. Now you understand what web hosting is, right?

Therefore, the function of disk space in hosting is to store website data, backup files, to ensure that you can display the content you like without slow loading. Adapt to the website you want to build. , estimated number of visitors per day, SSH access required or not, high speed required or not and so on. If the online store website is accessed by 1000 visitors per day, the hosting of choice must be able to receive 1000 visitors properly, have CPU cores and RAM and a capacity of up to 2 GB. And you can’t choose hosting only with 300 MB capacity. This is because the online store may not be optimal and will experience overload or limited resources. Hosting is right if it fits the website you want to build, nothing more and nothing less.

On the Internet, hosting services later become the ‘home’ of the website So you need to be very careful before making a choice. There are many things that need to be considered, the first thing is to know the needs of the website first, which is focused on the importance. The following is a list of questions that can be used as a reference before purchasing hosting:

If you already know what you need, you can start searching for the best Indonesian web hosting information on search engines. This step sounds simple, but many job recommendations can confuse you.

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The criteria are set so that you don’t go wrong when choosing a hosting. There are four points to consider while choosing hosting, namely:

However, not all websites need such hosting with high performance and security. For example, a website with low traffic, such as a personal blog, does not necessarily need additional server resources. Here are some examples of hosting according to website needs:

So you can conclude that the way to choose the best hosting service is to choose the one that best suits the needs of the website. In comparison, choosing the right web hosting service for a real estate website is like choosing a home. Before choosing a house in the real world, one must think about many things such as location, location, price, safety of the occupied house, living conditions and so on. This also applies to choosing web hosting, it takes a special process and mature thought to choose a good and suitable hosting to use. Making a choice between hosting providers, the choice is quite difficult. Because, many web hosting companies claim cheap hosting but we don’t know if the server quality is good or not. The following must be considered before choosing a hosting service:

Berapa Kapasitas Hosting Gratis

First, know the quality of the server for a service, do not make the website difficult to access, or many technical issues with other hosting services prevent your success in the online world. Many parameters are displayed, such as server status. There is no better server location than the country where those prospects are located. If you want to create a website with potential customers in Indonesia, it is better to have a website server in Indonesia. Apart from route cuts that will affect loading speed. Also using home office hosting is relatively easy to contact when problems arise. Even in terms of security and technology, data centers in Indonesia are less sophisticated than those abroad. So, users don’t need to worry about it. Also pay attention to the specifications of the servers in the hosting provider’s data center, including server technology, processor speed (type of processor and number of cores used), RAM capacity, hard disk ( whether SSD is used or not) and network speed. (High speed access). Check the specification information on the website of the web hosting service you want. If you encounter problems, immediately ask the customer support department of the respective service.

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The ideal customer support team for hosting services is available 24 hours a day, and is always ready whenever technical support is needed. They should be able to solve every problem properly. The level of friendliness and courtesy of the customer support staff are the main parameters that need attention. Also pay attention to how you talk to them. Good service must offer multiple methods of communication, such as ticket support, email, live chat or phone calls. There are many hosting services, but not all hosting services have a good customer support team. If you find a service that can accept this type of thing, do not hesitate to use their services.

Many local and remote hosting companies offer more affordable pricing plans. Payment, for example for a package or service used. Don’t pay too much for the same service at another service provider’s company. Compare hosting services and prices with specific details and package types. And this should be compared

Higher price levels often provide better package types and service. An example of a VPS service that costs more than an unlimited hosting package. As VPS services offer more adequate technical features, the resulting performance can be better. Be sure to get an affordable price, but also get the best hosting services. It is possible to get free hosting, because many hosting service providers have free hosting plans that you can join. Prospective customers are often asked to meet requirements to increase their chances of getting free hosting. Or if you experience limited funds, an alternative is to purchase web hosting using a paid letter plan.

With a money back guarantee, service providers will guarantee customer satisfaction. From the customer’s point of view, the existence of this application is certainly very encouraging, as the hosting service providers provide

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