Beli Hosting Tidak Dapat Akses Cpanel

Beli Hosting Tidak Dapat Akses Cpanel – Say hi, guys! here you can #CanBaget to get worldwide training on websites and VPS. So, no more confusion, my friend! Don’t forget to give feedback on the tutorial so we can provide the best for you

Collaboration is one of the most important factors for the success of a project. So, for that reason, Jagoaan Hosting is the only hosting provider that offers you cPanel Secure sharing service. But before we know how to use the cPanel Secure Sharing feature, let’s first look at what the cPanel Secure Sharing feature is.

Beli Hosting Tidak Dapat Akses Cpanel

Beli Hosting Tidak Dapat Akses Cpanel

CPanel Secure Sharing is a feature that allows you to securely share access to cPanel with partners, colleagues or even your website development team.

Pengertian, Fungsi Dan Kegunaan Menu Metrics Cpanel

Step 7: You can share the link with your partner and make sure that he is a Friend of Master Hosting who is registered as a member.

NOTE: To use the Cpanel share access link, users must register as members of Jagoaan Hosting, first register here.

B. You can provide the password you set earlier and Ta-daaaaah, you have successfully shared to get your login.

Therefore, Mimin believes that there is little work that can be done alone, but by working together & working together, we can do a lot. If you still have problems using this feature, chat directly with our small Jagoaan support team. Thanks bro!

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