Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri – There are many places to buy domains on Google so you should be careful and choose a really reliable registrar. Buying a domain also doesn’t require going through a hosting provider. But you can buy a domain without hosting.

Apart from cheap prices, custom domain providers also offer huge discounts, so where is the cheapest place to buy a domain? The Go Nowhere team has provided 10 recommendations for the best places to buy domains for 2021.

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

A free domain is not the right choice if you want to display a unique website name. As a result, many website owners are switching to popular domain extensions and custom domains.

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Although the website is very profitable. But buying a domain is not expensive. There are many registrars that offer quality domains at affordable prices. The same applies to many domain providers. Which we will discuss below.

Domainesia is Indonesia’s best domain registrar, serving for 11 years. Apart from domains, Domainesia also offers quality hosting with speed support. 1.1.40/sec

The domain services available on this site are complete and affordable. Hundreds of extensions are available to suit your needs and budget. There are also popular extensions like .com, .net, .store, .online, .id, At Domainesia you can buy domains starting at 11,000 per year.

Do you want to buy domain and hosting at the same time? Niagahoster is the best option. As part of the Hostinger Group, Niagahoster is the trusted place to buy domains and hosting in Indonesia.

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The name might sound familiar, yes Niagahoster is very popular among developers. Trusted by thousands of customers as the best domain and hosting provider in the country, Niagahoster is officially registered and accredited by ICANN.

Niagahoster offers a wide range of domain options for every need. You can also search for national domains, international domains and popular domains. Domain prices are very affordable, starting from 15,000 per year.

Apart from being complete and cheap. This company also offers 24/7 support. Niagahoster also gives you complete control over the domains you purchase. This rarely happens and definitely has a distinct advantage for you.

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

Another reliable place to buy a domain is Namecheap. Namecheap is a global international domain provider with over 2 million users, so don’t be surprised when you buy a domain here using the USD benchmark instead of Rupees.

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But finding an affordable domain on Namecheap is not difficult. Cheap domains are available for $1 – $15 or 15,000 – 75,000. This price is for the first year only, the following year is the normal fee.

The advantage of Namecheap is that it has a large number of domain types. It doesn’t matter which extension you want. It’s all covered here. Let’s start with common, universal, even exotic surnames. Not only this, Namecheap also offers domain management.

Dewaweb is one of the best domain and web hosting providers in Indonesia. Despite being a newbie, Dewaweb is very popular. More than 32,000 web users trust digital products on this site.

The domains available on this site are rich and varied. You can choose a generic extension domain. Top-level domains and also premium domains with 2-4 characters.

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The next recommended place to buy a domain is Namesilo. Namesilo is a world-class international domain provider. A popular domain provider with over 3 million domain users.

Namesilo also provides strong security on their domains with an anti-spam filter feature. Not only this, this registrar also provides 24/7 non-stop customer service support.

Although they are world class but the domain prices offered are affordable. Namesilo usually starts at $0.99 or around 10,000. Namesilo often offers promotions and discounts on the purchase of various products.

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

Interestingly, the site has translation facility in different languages. To make it easier for you to access and purchase products at Namesilo.

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Are you looking for a domain registrar registered and accredited by ICANN? IDWebhost is one of them. This digital service provider site has been around since 2014 and has more than 100,000 customers.

Apart from reliability, IDWebhost also offers the most complete and cheapest domains. Hundreds of domain extensions to choose from and all at affordable prices.

You can purchase a standard domain starting at 14,000 after purchase. Your domain will be activated immediately.

IDWebhost also offers a wide range of features on every domain you purchase. Some of its key features include anti-theft. Email forwarding DNS security, domain secrets etc.

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The best place to buy ICANN-registered domains and hosting is Rumahweb. RumahWeb is a leading hosting and domain provider founded in 2002. The company trusts the domain used. Serves up to 16,000 domains and hosts more than 30 servers in Indonesia.

Apart from ICANN, RumahWeb is also recognized as the exclusive PANDI provider for .id extensions. The latest news is that RumahWeb occupies 60% of the domain extension market.

Domain prices at RumahWeb are affordable and the extension options available are very extensive. Domains are available from 15,000 per year, while .com extensions cost 125,000.

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

The features you get from the domain are also beneficial. It includes domain management panel, managed DNS, social media connection, DNSSEC support etc.

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ArdHosting has been operating since 2000 as the best place to buy domains in Indonesia. Apart from being one of the oldest registrars, ArdHosting is an official partner of ICANN so it can be trusted.

You can get a new domain extension or domain transfer service at ArdHosting. The available domain extensions are very complete and varied. Full local domain Indonesian domain and international domain. A complete price list can be viewed at the following website:

Every domain purchase comes with attractive features. Those features include control panel features, CNS registration, contact modification, URL management, redirect features and more.

Apart from the above names, another place to buy and sell domains is IDCloudHost. IDCloudHost is a hosting and domain provider founded in 2015. Although he is a relatively new player, he is still a big name. But this agency has successfully hosted more than 40,000 clients nationally and internationally.

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This registrar provides the most complete domain extension service with a quick, easy and practical process. There are hundreds of domains available for both Indonesian and international domains.

You can get a new domain or transfer it. Existing domains come with full domain control access through the Domain Manager feature. Domain prices here are also affordable, starting from 10,000 per year.

You can buy the cheapest and full domains on Google at IndoWebsite. Indowebsite is a hosting and domain service with more than 15 years of experience. The agency is very popular and serves more than 40,000 active clients.

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

In fact, IndoWebsite is included in the ranking of top 10 best hosting companies and domains in the country. So far, IndoWebsite has 20 active servers in the United States and Jakarta.

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The company’s main products are hosting, websites, SSL, servers and domains. For domains, the options available are very comprehensive and affordable. There is a domain that can be purchased for Rs 9,900.

Well, those are 10 recommendations for the best and most trusted domains you can visit. Buying a domain isn’t that difficult, right? It is not expensive either. In fact, you can buy a domain for 10,000.

Some of the above agencies also offer other products like hosting, templates, SSL and more.

You can use various additional plugins if you want to add functionality to your website. Please visit the Postage Plugin website for details.

Cara Memilih Hosting Murah Terbaik

But if you don’t want to bother then you can trust our website building and development services. Our solutions perfectly meet the needs of custom websites. Nowadays, it is very easy to buy hosting and domain for your website. You can try it through IDCloudHost platform as it is guaranteed. The process is very fast. There are several payment methods to choose from. One of them uses the DANA digital wallet. To understand more about how to buy hosting and domains at IDCloudHost by DANA, follow the complete description below.

If you have already entered the main page, point the pointer to the “Products” service menu. Just click on the option. “Cloud Hosting”

Next, you will see several options. Each package has different cost and benefits for the desired hosting services. The same applies if you want to opt for Starter Pro package with half core CPU, 500 MB free space, 256 MB virtual memory and unlimited bandwidth etc.

Beli Domain Com Di Hosting Dalam Negeri

You can choose the package you want on a monthly or yearly basis. If you make the right choice, you can click on the option “Order Now” on the selection panel which automatically appears immediately.

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Next, you’ll be taken to the “Choose a Domain” page, where you’ll order the first domain. This means you need to click on Options. Another option is “Register a new domain” if you already have a domain and want to order hosting. Just click on “Use Issue”.

Please type the desired domain name, then click to check if the domain is in use. If you don’t use it, it will read Congratulations! is here! Mark it green as shown below, just click “Next” if you find the domain name you want.

At this point, specifically in “Select Billing Cycle” please select the desired hosting booking period. Some of the options mentioned are monthly or monthly orders. quarterly or quarterly orders and more. Always remember to choose your server location first. And then click Continue.

You can also add one or more additional services. Just for information, IDCloudHost platform is also provided for you.

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Please go to the section and make sure all the required information is clicked. You can check again later, if you’re sure it’s complete, click the “Order Summary” section, then select “Continue”.

The next step that should not be forgotten is to double check your services. Of course, if you have a promotional code, the code should not be wasted. Go directly to the “Review and Checkout” page. On that page you will see

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