Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting – Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses resources from multiple servers to balance the load (load), speed up performance, and maximize uptime.

Cloud hosting uses virtual servers to host websites. Meanwhile, traditional hosting services usually host one or more websites on a physical server. So, cloud hosting is usually faster than shared hosting.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

Are you wondering about what cloud hosting is and want to see if this type of hosting is more suitable for your needs? Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll help you find the answer.

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In this article, we will further discuss what cloud hosting is, from how it works to the types of websites that are suitable for using it. We will also explain how cloud hosting compares to other hosting. Let’s get started!

Cloud hosting works through virtualization, which is a technology that divides a physical server into multiple virtual machines called cloud servers. Then these servers are combined to form a network to host websites.

The basic infrastructure of cloud hosting makes it different from traditional types of web hosting in general. Traditional web hosting usually uses a centralized method, where one server is used for several websites at the same time.

The types of websites that commonly use cloud hosting are online stores, news sites, search engines or aggregators, social media, and other high-traffic projects.

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Basically, cloud hosting is ideal for any website that needs a lot of processing power, bandwidth and disk space to accommodate the high number of visitors and the number of files and data it stores.

The cloud hosting architecture helps you anticipate the increase in website traffic, which usually happens when there is a big discount or when your post goes viral. The load balancing feature will ensure that the traffic does not overload the virtual servers.

In addition, some of these types of websites may require stricter security to handle sensitive data, such as customer information and payment details.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

In such cases, a private cloud may be better than a public cloud. Private clouds are typically equipped with a dedicated cloud infrastructure hosted on a private network to prevent access by unauthorized parties.

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So, therefore, cloud hosting prices are usually more expensive than shared web hosting or VPS, which are actually more suitable for creating simple to medium-scale websites.

Before creating a website, it’s important to know which hosting option best suits your needs. The chosen service should provide enough resources and optimal performance for your website without sacrificing the budget.

Relax, below, we will help you understand the difference between cloud hosting and other web hosting, such as shared hosting and VPS, so that you can make the right choice.

In general, traditional shared hosting is not as good as cloud hosting. However, shared web hosting is a great and cheap solution if you just want to set up a personal website or a small online store.

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Because it is shared, shared hosting can only handle a limited amount of traffic, from 10 to 100,000 monthly visitors. The exact amount depends on the bandwidth, storage capacity and processing power provided.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is actually similar to shared hosting in that a server is shared by multiple users.

The difference is that VPS uses virtualization technology that also supports cloud hosting to create separate servers. This way, each user will receive specific resources for their website without having to share them with other webmasters.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

Therefore, VPS is often the first upgrade option if the shared hosting package is no longer sufficient for the website’s needs. In addition, VPS is more proportional to cloud hosting in terms of performance.

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Users will also be given full root access to their own servers so they can customize their hosting environment to suit their needs. Typically, this feature is not available on managed cloud or shared hosting services.

Yes, offering cloud hosting services that use the latest technology to ensure the best performance, such as CloudLinux with LVE containers to isolate resources for each hosting account.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are three types of cloud-based business models, which means they all use cloud infrastructure to provide their services.

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. Typically, this type of business offers cloud-based computing resources, such as servers and storage, to be used by client companies to conduct their operations.

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Businesses are now choosing to use the services of an IaaS company instead of building their own on-premise IT systems, which can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. In contrast, cloud services are easy to customize, and customers only need to pay for the resources used.

The best example of an IaaS company is Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform that maintains a database of Netflix movies and series.

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, which is a company that offers a cloud-based framework that developers can use to create applications.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

Unlike IaaS, this vendor will manage cloud server resources for customers so customers can focus more on their project development process.

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An example of a PaaS platform is Google App Engine. With this service, users can build applications without worrying about infrastructure management.

Finally, SaaS is Software as a Service. In this business model, companies use the cloud to provide full applications that can be accessed through a web browser or mobile application.

Small businesses and large enterprises are constantly looking for the best solutions to optimize their workloads and end-user experience.

Well, cloud hosting plays an important role here. Advantages such as easy scalability, maximum availability, resilience to heavy traffic and hardware failure handling enable your online business to serve customers at any time.

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This is also evidenced by the increasing number of migrations to cloud computing. About 61% of companies have moved their operations to cloud networks in the past year.

Around 46% of businesses feel they will save significantly after moving, so this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Cloud hosting definition is a type of web hosting that uses a virtual cloud server network to host a website. This method differs from traditional hosting, which stores one or more websites on a server.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

The main advantage of cloud hosting is its reliability. When a cloud server goes down, another server can replace it to keep the website online. Cloud hosting is also more resilient to hardware failures, and webmasters can adjust their resources as needed to anticipate increased traffic.

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Thus, cloud hosting can be chosen as the right solution for large projects such as business websites, eCommerce stores, online marketplaces and search engines.

If you think that cloud hosting is the right solution, come and choose between the three packages offered, at a cost of IDR 150,000/month to IDR 349,000/month.

With CloudLinux technology, 99.9% uptime guarantee and a global data center, your website can always be online at all times!

Faradilla, better known as Ninda, is a Content Manager at . He likes to follow trends in technology, digital marketing and learning languages. Through this tutorial, Ninda wants to share information and help readers solve the problems they encounter. IdCloudHost was founded in April 2015 and claims to have more than +100,000 users from all over Indonesia and other countries.

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And with the latest cloud technology, the hope is that the speed of their web server can be faster and the operation more stable than their competitors who still use classic web hosting technology.

Claims like being the fastest, 99.99% uptime, support no 1 in Indonesia, cheapest hosting price – these became powerful to convince new customers.

And like my previous review, hosting company claims may not necessarily match reality, let alone uptime guarantee claims.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

In fact, based on the results of our monitoring in the last 6 months, there are only 5 out of 22 suppliers whose life is actually more than 99.90%.

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The goal is to find out its performance, speed and support services, so the results of this review will give you a clear picture of whether IdCloudHost is worth being your new web host.

A balanced choice for you who need shared hosting with relatively good performance, many features, good and reliable support, but at an affordable price.

You are like hiring in-house staff assigned to manage your website. The difference is that our services are more extensive than that and at a lower cost.

After tracking the performance for the past 25 months, I can conclude what the strengths of IdCloudhost are as follows.

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In my first 19 months of monitoring IDCloudHost’s servers, I found their average performance to be poor. This is different from what they promise (IdCloudHost guarantees 99.99% uptime).

However, based on the tracking data of the last 12 months, it seems that I have to admit that they really deserve to use the cloud name in their company brand.

Their average life expectancy in the last 12 months is likely to be stable. Only failed for 1 month in August 2021. The rest was pretty awesome.

Belajar Kilat Istilah Hosting

I think I should ask Mas Alfian Pamungkas or Mas Faisal Reza as CTO of IdCloudHost about what they are doing so that the average working time is very different in 19 months before March 2021.

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It is true that it did not reach the 99.98% level as they promised, but I think the progress seen in the last 12 months is an achievement to be appreciated.

Unfortunately, this improvement in terms of performance is not accompanied by improvements in terms of server speed, which I will discuss later in the first point of IdCloudHost’s shortcomings.

We found international connectivity issues with some web hosts, such as Kitchen Hosting and Dewabiz when performing manual inspections. This disruption of international connections causes the monitoring tool we use, such as Pingdom, to assume the server is down, even when accessed locally in Indonesia the server is up or not down. Maybe this problem happened on the IdCloudHost server that we don’t know about. This means that our performance tracking data is not 100% accurate. This is a challenge in tracking operational activities. We apologize for this limitation.

The last Load Impact analysis was done in September 2021, so the data is

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