Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa – When it comes to hosting, you know two different types of hosting, traditional web hosting and cloud hosting. Traditional hosting is certainly more popular, but cloud services are arguably more innovative. Which is better between cloud hosting and traditional hosting?

Rest assured, the answer is indeed. This time we will discuss the meaning and difference between cloud services and traditional hosting. At the same time, it helps you choose the type of hosting that best suits your needs.

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

Before discussing the comparison of Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting, it would be good to know what the two types of hosting mean. Here’s a discussion:

Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting: Manakah Yang Lebih Oke?

Traditional web hosting is a hosting technology where websites are hosted on servers. Yes, traditional hosting leads as well as hosting technologies are popular these days.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where the server’s resource capacity is divided among multiple hosts. This type of hosting is considered to be the most popular hosting and attracts the most customers because of its affordable price.

However, this host’s performance is sometimes variable. In particular, a client may overuse server resources and affect the server capacity of other clients located on the same server.

Something like shared, virtual private server, or VPS is a type of hosting that shares a server for many users. The difference is that a portion of the server belongs to only one user.

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In other words, one client’s waste of resources does not affect the performance and performance of other clients’ servers. So it’s no surprise that VPS prices tend to be more expensive than shared.

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting is a type of hosting that provides a server for only one user. This means that users subscribing to a dedicated server are the same as renting the entire server.

A dedicated server is the perfect solution for customers who need high capacity, performance and uptime from their servers. That’s right, dedicated hosting is definitely several times more expensive than VPS.

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

Cloud Hosting is the latest innovative technology in the world, where your website is not only hosted on one server, but also spread over several servers at the same time. Later, all these servers are connected to each other through a network.

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Not only that, Cloud Hosting also creates a virtual machine so that you can quickly access various servers in the cloud online. That’s why this technological innovation is called “cloud services”.

Although still relatively new, cloud services have gained popularity as they offer several improvements over traditional hosting. So we will discuss this in the following comparison between cloud hosting and traditional hosting.

As you know, cloud services use several different servers connected to each other as a place to store website data. This means that if one server has a problem, there are other reliable servers.

Meanwhile, traditional hosting, whether shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, uses only one server as the website’s database. By default, problems with a server can significantly affect its users.

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Cloud services offer massive scalability, especially if your website traffic is high. For example, when it is full of visitors, it uses more servers. On the other hand, when there are no users, only one server is needed.

When doing traditional hosting, scalability is always an issue. For example, as a quick-finish feature when using shared hosting. Or even if you subscribe to a dedicated server, there’s still plenty of server resources left.

Speed ​​is the “God” of the Internet. So unless you discuss the speed aspect, the difference between cloud services and traditional hosting is not complete.

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

Well, cloud services offer consistent speeds as they work flexibly with multiple servers at the same time. So, even with heavy traffic, access to cloud-hosted websites is still fast.

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Unlike traditional hosting, here the speed depends on the amount of traffic and the type of hosting used. For example in sharing. If the traffic suddenly increases, the speed will decrease due to limited server resources.

The comparison between cloud hosting and traditional hosting has been going on for a long time. Because what’s the point of speed if the server crashes all the time, right?

Again, having a large number of servers in a cloud service gives customers some breathing space. How about if one server has problems like downtime, have a few more servers ready to stand by, right?

Meanwhile, traditional hosting relies on only one server. If a server goes down, not all websites on it are accessible.

Mengenal Perbedaan Vps, Cloud Hosting Dan Shared Hosting

However, hosting technology isn’t the only factor that actually affects time. Instead, the hosting provider’s server quality itself contributes more.

Security is the next point where we will look at the difference between cloud services and traditional hosting. Who has the upper hand?

Cloud Hosting itself is usually a type of hosting managed by a service provider. Another term governs. Security is automatically more secure as it is monitored directly by the provider.

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

As with traditional hosting, the security factor depends on the type of hosting. For shared hosting, the security is similar to that of a cloud service, as it is hosted by the provider.

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VPS and dedicated hosting are categorized as unmanaged hosting. In other words, the safety factor is your responsibility as a service tenant.

The final comparison of Cloud Hosting vs traditional hosting is a matter of price. However, as with security, this aspect is actually more reasonable if you look at the type of host first.

Cloud services, of course, are cheaper compared to dedicated hosting. But on the contrary, it is sold at a higher price compared to VPS, especially for sharing.

That’s why cloud hosting differs from traditional hosting in many ways. The next point is some less important information for you to look at. Let’s slide!

Kelebihan Dan Kekurangan Web Hosting Murah

From the above Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting comparison chart, it can be concluded that Cloud Hosting is a hosting technology that can compensate for the shortcomings of traditional hosting.

So, are you interested in trying cloud services? If not, see the message you want to send below, OK!

In this article, you learned the difference between cloud hosting and traditional hosting. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a traditional host. Also, if you want economical options like shared hosting, feel free to pay for flexible or dedicated hosting like VPS.

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

Still, it must be admitted that if you need good scalability, speed and uptime, cloud services are the best choice. In addition, the cloud service subscription fee is also very reasonable.

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If you’re interested in cloud services, make sure to only subscribe to providers that have been tested for quality. Working and having cloud services with various advantages.

Call it performance 10 times faster than shared, a 99.995% uptime guarantee, and a layer of protection free from malicious attacks. You don’t have to worry about the price, you can host with the best features from IDR 124,000/month.

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Rest assured, in this article we will discuss the differences between cloud hosting, VPS and VDC. When starting out, for a business, especially one that has decided to embark on a digital transformation in every aspect, it is really important to choose the best hosting service that suits your needs. Don’t make the wrong choice.

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All the choices and decisions you make now will determine what you will achieve in the future. Therefore, you should know what features each server offers and the benefits of each service. Keep reading until you finish this article, OK!

Let’s start by defining cloud services. A cloud service is a cloud service that works with multiple virtual servers at the same time. The difference between a cloud service and a virtual private server (VPS) is the number of servers used.

Cloud services combine multiple servers into one resource for simultaneous use. Users of cloud services are only given certain server quotas, where users of cloud services must share resources with other users.

Beda Cloud Hosting Dengan Hosting Biasa

It’s like renting a cloud host, which is like renting a hotel room designed and built by the owner, with all the perks of the facilities provided by the owner, and you agree to everything.

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So you don’t have to worry about RT/RW meetings, resident fee payments, tax returns, inspection forms and other complexities. You can sleep well in your bed worrying about these complexities every night.

In other words, as a cloud host, you only need to know what’s wrong, and all you have to do is use the cloud hosting service with the features and pricing previously agreed with the service provider.

In addition, if you use cloud services, you do not need to have special skills in maintaining servers or other infrastructure, because cloud services include hosting management fees, and you only need to pay to use them.

But since cloud hosting is like a hotel, you are not given the freedom to do whatever you want. Since your place is “boarding” someone else’s home, you must follow the rules (policies) and rules that apply to that home.

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Cloud services are often used for personal website usage, small business (MSME) websites, and anything else that requires a server that can handle traffic and workloads.

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