Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase – This page provides a brief overview of some important concepts about projects. If possible, use the links to find more detailed information about features, services, tools, and best practices.

The project is a higher level unit. You can register your Apple, Android or web applications in the project. After registering your apps, you can add SDKs for any number of products, such as Analytics, Cloud Firestore, performance monitoring, or remote configuration.

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

When you create a new project, you’re actually creating a Google Cloud project behind the scenes. You can create a Google Cloud project first and add it later. You can think of a Google Cloud project as a virtual container for data, code, configuration, and services.

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Key point: The project is actually just a Google Cloud project with additional specific configurations and services included.

On the Tags page of your project in the Google Cloud Console. For more information about this label, see our FAQ.

You can set up a project and register applications in the console (or for advanced use via the management REST API or CLI). When you create a project and register applications, you need to make some organizational decisions and add specific configuration information to your local projects.

For production applications, you need to set up a clear development workflow, which usually involves using multiple environments. Review our developer workflow documentation, including general best practices and general security guidelines for project setup and app registration, to help you build your developer workflow.

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In addition to the product SDKs, you can directly interact with the project using several different tools and interfaces.

The left pane of the console lists products organized by top-level categories. At the top of the left panel, open the project settings by clicking Settings. Project settings include integration, access permissions, and billing.

In the center of the console are buttons that start setup workflows for registering different types of applications. Once you start using it, the main area of ​​the console changes to a dashboard that displays statistics for the products you’re using.

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

Because the project is also a Google Cloud project, you may find that different tasks or products require you to use the Google Cloud Console instead of the console.

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Also provides a CLI to configure and manage specific products, such as hosting, cloud features, and extensions.

After installing the CLI, you have access to the global command line. Use the CLI to link your local application directory to the project and then deploy new versions of hosted content or feature updates.

You can manage the project programmatically using the management REST API. For example, you can programmatically register an app in a project or list apps that are already registered (iOS+ | Android | Web).

A project can be identified in the backend and various developer interfaces using different identifiers, including

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Key point: The project number and project ID are truly unique project identifiers across Google Cloud.

For the project in the console, Google Cloud Console and CLI. The project name is not listed in any publicly visible Google Cloud product, service or resource; This is just to help you differentiate between multiple projects more easily.

You can change the project name at any time from the console project settings. The name of the project will appear in the top panel.

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

A project (and its associated Google Cloud project) has a project number. This is a globally unique canonical project identifier assigned by Google. Use this identifier when configuring integrations and/or API calls to Google or third-party services.

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The project number cannot be edited. If you delete a project, the project number is also deleted and can never be used by another project.

You must enter a unique project identifier for multiple API calls. Although many APIs accept a project ID, we recommend using the project number for API calls to Google or third-party services.

A project (and its associated Google Cloud project) has a project ID. This is a user-defined unique project identifier across Google Cloud. When you create a project, it automatically assigns a unique ID to the project, but you can change it when you install the project. This identifier should generally be treated as a convenient alias for project reference.

Once you have provisioned resources for a project, you cannot change its project ID. If you delete a project, the project ID is also deleted and can never be used by another project.

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You can create non-default instances for all of the resources listed above. Non-default publicly visible names are fully customizable. You can join your own domains to the hosting site, share a database in real-time, and create multiple Cloud Storage buckets (visit the start page for your specific platform).

Once you have provisioned resources for a project, you cannot change its project ID. To use a specific identifier for resources, you must change the project ID when creating the initial project.

In some cases, you may have multiple projects linked to the same local application directory. In these situations, when using the CLI, you must pass

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

You can also set a project alias for each project so you don’t have to remember the project ID.

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When you register an app in a project, the console provides a configuration file (Apple/Android apps) or a configuration object (web apps) that you add directly to the app’s local directory.

Note: For Flutter applications, you have the option to use a cross-platform configuration file called _options.dart. If your Flutter applications use this file, you can update it in the Flutter project directory by running the flutterfire configuration. You can get the current configuration values ​​it has for your registered Flutter apps by running it

A configuration file or object associates an application with a specific project and its resources (databases, storage segments, etc.). The configuration includes options that set the parameters required by Google services to communicate with server APIs and connect client data to the project and application. Here are the mandatory minimum “options”:

Warning: We do not recommend manually editing the configuration file or application object. If you implement your application with incorrect or missing values ​​for any of these required options, your end users may experience serious problems.

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The contents of the configuration file or object are considered public, including the application’s platform-specific ID (Apple package ID or Android package name) and project-specific values ​​such as API key, project ID, real-time database URL, and cloud storage. The name of the bucket. With this in mind, apply security policies to protect data and files in Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, and Cloud Storage.

For open source projects, we generally don’t recommend including a configuration file or application object in source control, because in most cases your users should create their own projects and point their applications to their own sources (via their own configuration file or object). .

Important: Don’t forget to read our general best practices for setting up projects. This guide answers questions about project hierarchy, registering application options, and multitenancy.

Batas Waktu Hosting Di Firebase

Unless otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License and the code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. See the Google Developers Site Policy for details. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Hosting is a fully managed hosting service for static and dynamic content as well as microservices. The service is supported by SSD storage and a global CDN (content delivery network). Zero-configuration SSL is integrated into the hosting, so content is always delivered securely.

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Pair hosting with cloud capabilities and create microservices using the Express.js framework. This coupling allows you to orchestrate your microservices and APIs. In addition, you can take advantage of deep integration with Cloud Firestore to create very powerful forms and web applications that can update data in real time.

Take advantage of unique hosting optimizations for serving single-page web applications and static websites. Delivery of static assets (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, etc.) is ensured by our SSD storage and global CDN with preferred locations in all major locations around the world. You can even cache your dynamic content on a global CDN. All site hosts also receive a free SSL certificate, so your content will always be delivered securely.

You can also use our new serverless offering, Cloud Run, with hosting to generate and host your dynamic content, or to build and then host your microservices, APIs and forms.

With hosting, you automatically get a subdomain, but you can choose to display your content a

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