Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

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Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

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Do you know how to use Google API in your Android Studio project? Here I will share how… Bluehost is one of the most popular and at the same time cheapest web host in the market. In this Bluehost hosting review we look at what’s under the hood, the domain is great

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

Over the years, Bluehost has grown into one of the most popular hosting companies out there, especially for WordPress websites.

How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost 2023 (only $2.59/mo)

Just looking at their website and all the products that Bluehost has to offer tells you a lot about why they have gained so many users. First, Bluehost has many different hosting products in its portfolio – it’s not just simple web hosting.

Cheap. Plus, you’ll also get some free bonuses. This makes the cost of submitting a website much lower than what you have to pay the competition.

But let’s start from the beginning. Here are the different types of hosting that Bluehost has, including one that may be an option for most users.

This is the budget solution in the Bluehost web hosting portfolio. These plans are often chosen by users who are new to the concept of having a website and need web hosting to do it.

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Although the latter seems better if you want to use WordPress as your website engine, the results in reality are the same. As far as I can see, this is just a different marketing plan, but the ingredients are the same.

Compared to the basic service, the managed version takes care of all technical aspects of WordPress hosting setup and maintenance for you.

In other words, if you are on managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to worry about anything related to maintaining your website. Instead, you can just focus on creating content and promoting your website.

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

The listed plan also gives you more power under the hood 💪, which is important for websites with an established position in the market that gets more traffic.

Bluehost Pricing: Which Plan Is Right For You?

Bluehost also has a built-in service for WordPress sites running WooCommerce – for eCommerce businesses. These plans come with pre-installed WooCommerce specific components (WooCommerce itself, custom themes, payment processing tools, security, extras).

If you are looking for a host because you really want to run a WooCommerce store, this might be the solution for you.

The former is a very interesting concept built around virtual hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. What you’re really getting here is access to a web hosting setup that runs as a virtual machine on a larger physical server. Useful planning when building web applications or other types of web-based products that don’t need to be standard

If you really need an entire physical machine at your fingertips, that’s what a dedicated server is for. This type of web hosting is often the most expensive and powerful hosting option available to most businesses.

Bluehost Review: Is Bluehost The Best Web Host?

As you read above, Bluehost has many different hosting plans and tiers, and each of them offers a different set of features.

For the purpose of this Bluehost hosting review, we will be looking at the entry level plan called Basic Web Hosting.

It is the cheapest budget solution in the series and, for this reason, the most popular among customers.

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

As you can see, Bluehost has a very affordable service that starts at $2.95/mo. However, the first thing you need to know about this prize is that you have to sign up for a three-year contract to get it. It is also paid, which means you have to pay $106.20 on the first day.

Bluehost Review For Beginners

There is an option to start with a shorter contract, but the price rises slightly. Here’s the whole picture:

First, neither is “stronger” than the other. When it comes to computing power and website scale, both can handle the same load. The difference is mainly in the size of the site and the number of sites you are allowed to run.

This is great because what this means in practice is that if you want to build 2+ websites, Bluehost will only charge you $5.45/mo for it.

The Choice plan includes a free one-month Office 365 subscription. Choice Plus gives you additional access to free domain privacy (so no one can verify your personal data associated with the domain name) and free automatic backups. Finally, the Pro plan offers an additional dedicated IP address (important for building apps/web tools, but not for regular websites).

How Much Does Bluehost Hosting Plans Cost?

In general, nothing is missing here. Bluehost takes real thought behind what web hosting needs and then bundles it into this service.

The free domain is the biggest deal! You usually have to pay $15 to register a new domain name. Although it’s not much, it still adds to the overall website delivery bill. The fact that Bluehost has it in for free is awesome.

⚠️ Note. Consider the cost of the upgrade. Bluehost, like most hosting companies, charge you a different amount when you first sign up for their service vs. renewing after a while. These upgrade costs are higher. Take another look at the price screenshot above. See the cross price under the main price? This is the renewal price – this is what you pay when your original contract expires.

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

Bluehost does a lot to make the signup and website launch process as smooth as possible. They know that whoever chooses the entry level plan may not have much experience in web hosting. Bluehost tries to make it possible for this user to configure everything on his own without external help. Included in all Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons [9/10]

Once the purchase is completed on the Bluehost website and everything is ready, you will be invited to your user profile page.

Immediately Bluehost asks you how you want to set up your website and whether you want to install WordPress on your setup. They even ask you if you want to work on your website in default mode (by choosing a theme and changing it) or use the new Bluehost designer interface.

Next, on the main dashboard, you will get two suggestions on what to do to improve your website:

You can also log in to your WordPress site directly from the dashboard – just click on the Log in WordPress button in the upper right corner.

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost: Which Bargain Web Hosting Is The Best In 2022

If you look at the sidebar on the left, you will find links to other useful sections:

Let’s see what you can do when you manage your website, because that’s what most of us want.

If you go to My Sites and select your site from the list, you will see the following panel:

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

This is a great overview of the status of your site in one place. From here, you can access your installed themes, plugins, and even monitor marketing, backups, user accounts, security, and more.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost (2023 Review)

The good thing here is that everything is well presented, and you are protected from all server words. You don’t have to be a pro to know what’s going on.

And I remind you that we are negotiating here to build a basic and entry-level hosting that costs only $2.95/mo. So…impressive.

Okay, so we know that Bluehost is cheap. But is it fast? There has to be a trade-off somewhere, right? Is it a performance?

We did a very simple test. We built a website using the Bluehost tools, published dummy content on it, added images, took a theme and customized it, and made the website real.

Bluehost: Perfect Web Hosting Service For Beginners: The Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Then we also added a few plugins for good measure, like WPForms, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, and a few others.

Going under a second for US traffic is the most you can ask for from any hosting platform – even the more expensive ones.

Bluehost offers

Basic Web Hosting Bluehost

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