Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

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– In hosting and domain provider services, Rumahweb’s name in the hosting world is no longer in doubt. Established in Yogyakarta in 2002, Rumahweb has over 14,000 customers and has received many positive reviews from Rumahweb.

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

If Kanca IT has ever used Rumahweb’s services, someone must know some of the great things below. But for those who are relatively new to Kanca IT, take a closer look at some of Rumahweb’s weaknesses as a hosting and domain service provider below.

Rumahweb Review 2023

The first benefit provided by Rumahweb to Kanca IT was 24/7 support services. Using the jargon of “Orang Rumah”, Rumahweb strives to serve its users through various mediums such as live chat and telephone.

Questions submitted to customer service took less than 5 minutes and were friendly. This makes customer service one of the best with an 8/10 rating.

One aspect to consider when choosing a hosting and domain provider is the ability to handle heavy traffic. To understand the capabilities of the Rumahweb server, Kanca IT had to look at the results of its load impact.

Load shock tests are used to determine the stability of Rumahweb server response times. According to the load impact test, the maximum response time for 15 virtual users and 25 virtual users is less than 1 second.

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This test shows that the Rumahweb server can handle the traffic of 25 users well. However, as the number of visitors increases, the Rumahweb server response time approaches 1 second.

One of the considerations that Kanca IT had to take into account was the duration of the service subscription. However, many hosting and domain service providers offer long-term services.

Rumahweb provides hosting and domain services for the convenience and comfort of its customers for a monthly period. From a tariff point of view, the monthly subscription is indeed more expensive than the annual subscription.

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

However, a monthly subscription made it easy for Kanca IT to try out the services offered by Rumahweb. Therefore, when Kanca IT is satisfied with Rumahweb’s services, he can change the subscription every year.

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A common problem that hosting and domain users often encounter is hosting migrations. Some service providers offer fees for moving or migrating hosting.

Rumahweb offers free and easy to manage migration services. Moreover, Rumahweb offers free hosting for the first month and a 50% discount if you subscribe for 1 year.

Another benefit that Rumahweb offers Kanca IT is a free domain and website builder. For Professional and above hosting plans, you get 1 free domain name and website builder with every purchase.

Rumahweb offers two types of website builders, the Weebly service or Rumahweb Sitebuilder. The website builder service will be assisted by Rumahweb until well formed.

Website Vs Marketplace: Pilihan Atau Sinergi?

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Creator Edition: More stable photo and video editing activities with NVidia Geforce MX 550 Hosting Rumahweb Review – With the growing demand for websites – whether personal or business, the number of domain names and service providers accommodation is also increasing. Rumahweb is a site that can compete with the promise of high speed and low prices.

Rumahweb hosting reviews are easily found on the internet including various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. This is proof enough that Rumahweb hosting users have spread widely.

Based on this review, you can clearly see if this choice is right for your website needs throughout 2022.

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

It has a physical server located in Indonesia. In fact, there are 30 server points spread across domestic and foreign regions.

Hosting Indonesia Terbaik

Not only is it superior in terms of servers, but there are plenty of eye-catching packages as well. In each of these packages, a variety of unlimited facilities are offered at competitive prices.

In addition, the current payment method is considered very simple. For a complete review of Rumahweb hosting, let’s start by knowing the information about the service.

In terms of speed in Asia, it reached 138ms, which is in the top category, and the price of the unlimited hosting special service worth IDR 15,000 per month.

Many people say Homeinn’s daily service is very good. Many communication channels are available to help users in difficulty with possible bugs.

Mengenal Pengertian, Fungsi, Dan Jenis Hosting Website

One of the best services that can provide quick response is LiveChat service. Additionally, Facebook Chat and WhatsApp Chat are available to facilitate smooth and secure communication for users who wish to complain.

In addition to communication support, system support in order processing has not escaped With the best support available within minutes, order requests can be confirmed instantly and customers can proceed to payment. Again, the activation process is quick.

According to reviews shared by users, the customer service team is doing a great job. Especially on LiveChat services. Not only the response speed, but also the user-friendly response when communicating, which makes Homeinn users comfortable to use.

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

When you first register on Rumahweb, you don’t have to worry. Creating a website is also easy, you just need to provide a Google account or a social media account such as Facebook.

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These are the support aspects that make the registration process easier. This payment convenience speeds up registration so you can start managing your website right away.

Various methods are available, from sending bank cards to e-wallets i.e. credit cards and online payments via ATM, OVO, GoPay and Paypal. You can even go through supermarkets like Indomaret and Alfamart.

Rumahweb wins not only in communication services, but also in systems, using the latest version of PHP to meet all the needs of website owners. as well as an assistance system

Rumahweb is one of the many hosts that offers a wide selection of domain names at affordable prices. There are .com, .net, .org, .id and many more options, hundreds of them. The .xyz domain type is one of the cheapest domain types for beginners. Such a domain name can be obtained for only IDR 29,000 per year.

Jangan Lewatkan Hosting Indonesia Terbaik Berikut

If you have already talked about the service and all its advantages. However, it would not be complete without discussing the cons. So, here is a Rumahweb hosting review that discusses the shortcomings that this host still has.

As an ICANN-accredited registrar, the best hosting provider in Indonesia, being able to offer free domain name service is a distinct advantage. It’s just that these benefits can only be obtained if you simply register with These benefits are available for a full year, allowing you to save even more in your first year of membership.

Those that hit the perfect number are favorites of site owners, so sites load faster. However, stabilization efforts failed to maintain the promised high interest rate levels. Sometimes Rumahweb is a bit lacking. However, this is certainly not a big deal compared to the benefits and other free services offered.

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

Among many domain name provider and hosting companies, Rumahweb is the best because of its experience and many advantages.

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Start with a service ready to be contacted through multiple social media platforms. Offers can be chosen as needed for a fairly affordable subscription budget. Unfortunately, this is not covered by the warranty

Rumahweb is a trusted and trusted domain name and hosting provider. Even today, Rumahweb has 155,000 domain name registrations. Some of the notable people who have used Rumahweb services include:

Seeing how many people trust their website, Rumahweb might be a good option to sign up for hosting and buy a domain at an affordable price. Even at some point, there are always promotions that can help you save money on website management.

For those just starting to switch, .com domain promotions are now readily available for less than IDR 100,000.

Beli Hosting Murah Ssd

Therefore, Rumahweb hosting reviews provide an overview of services, pros and cons to consider. Hope this is helpful and you can find the right service from Rumahweb according to your needs. Each domain name and web hosting provider in Indonesia certainly has various advantages to offer special offers to customers. Of course, low prices and unparalleled speed are one of the important channels for customers to gain trust easily. However, with access, Rumahweb, which has received a lot of attention, can now compete with the best web hosting and domain name service providers in Indonesia, but can all Rumahweb services really allow the access to many websites?

While offering cheaper domain name building packages and website building process to consumers, many questions arise as to whether it succeeds in presenting the best access speeds it is supposed to offer. consistently the best unmatched speeds. Therefore, every consumer or potential customer, from domain services to web hosting, should first check all the visit information you can get from the notices below.

Rumahweb itself is one of the web hosting providers in Indonesia that still uses cloud computing base. So from the best form of service it can still support PHP and MySQL which are more affordable and still use which form of cPanel to meet the needs of its consumers. Not only does it offer a variety of hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but this Rumahweb access offers cheap domain servers, the best domain registration and VPS for dedicated servers.

Baguskah Hosting Rumah Web

This hosting and domain provider also offers cheap hosting, cloud computing technology using the best hardware and reliable human resource support, so customer satisfaction is a top priority. So have a cPanel system

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