Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting – Connecting the domain to the hosting server is the next step taken after the successful purchase of the domain. This step is known as domain settings in DNS or DNS (Domain Name Server) configuration.

There was a time when webmasters bought domains and hosting in different places. It doesn’t matter, because it’s still easy to merge the two through a name server.

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

So, in this article, Panda will discuss how to link a domain name to a hosting server. Let’s find out more!

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Before starting these steps, there are a few things you need to know and consider first. This is:

Make sure your domain name is ready. Often people look for articles on how to connect a domain and hosting after they buy a domain. The goal, of course, is to link the two to keep the website alive.

Web Hosting is the place where all website files and data are stored, accessed and managed through the internet network. These website files and data include scripts, applications, databases, images, emails and videos.

Later hosting accommodates website files accessible through the previous domain name. Of course, you need to make sure that you have made the correct configuration for the two to connect.

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We use hosting with a rental system, i.e. payment to the hosting provider company. There are many types of hosting that we can choose from. Is it the best hosting in Indonesia, or abroad.

Connecting a domain to a hosting server is technical. But trust me, it’s pretty easy to do. In general, these steps are divided into two, namely:

Before targeting a domain name, the first step is to understand the name servers your web hosting uses. The easiest way to get this information is in the email your hosting sent you when you first signed up.

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Another easy way to find a nameserver is to access the Client Area of ​​your web hosting. In the hosting settings, for example, you can find your domain name server in the Client Area > My Products & Services > Product Details section.

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Once you have a domain, you can enter your domain name provider’s website to view your domain information. Here you will find tools to set up or change your domain name server.

In general, each domain can have a different menu location. This means that the provider you are using may have a different display than the sample image referenced by Panda.

The very purpose of this step is to tell the domain to point to the web hosting service you are using. Simply change the domain’s DNS or Name Server (NS) so that when people access the domain, they can access the hosting server information data.

If the domain you set is a secondary domain, alias not the primary domain, additional configuration is required on the web hosting service. This Addon domain itself means that it is a new domain added to the hosting and has a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) different from the main domain.

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The concept of Domain Addon itself is to host multiple domains or websites on the same web hosting account. The resource usage (space and bandwidth) of the addon domain will be shared with the main domain.

After successfully adding the addon domain, you will see this domain in the Addon Domains list as shown below:

Have you successfully redirected the name server according to the hosting information, why is the website still not working? Be patient, don’t panic. Domain deployment takes time.

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Domain deployment means the domain time to connect to the hosting server after the configuration process. By default, domain deployment takes 1×24 hours or 1×48 hours.

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Although pointing a domain to a web hosting server is considered a technical tutorial, it is really easy for us to practice. Just two buttons, already have the nameserver hosting data, and configure the nameserver with the domain provider.

These hosting nameservers are easy to find. If you did not receive this information in your email, you can access it from your hosting panel or Client Area. But if you still can’t find it (this is very rare), you can ask the hosting provider’s customer service for help.

If this domain configuration is for secondary and subsequent domains, aka addon domains, for one hosting, make sure you follow step C in the tutorial above. After that, you just have to wait for the domain deployment process to complete, and voila…. Your website is live and ready for further management.

I hope this Panda tutorial on how to connect a domain name to a hosting server has been useful. Nice try, genks! 🙂

Cara Mengonlinekan Website Dari Localhost Ke Internet

Working in Blogging and Digital Marketing niche for more than 5 years. Formerly part of the largest Digital Marketing Agency in Central Java. Current and continuing education in Digital Marketing. Predictable! Perhaps you plan to create a website, but are required to purchase hosting and a domain. Since you are confused about what hosting is, you try Googling “hosting is” or “what is hosting” and you find this article.

Web hosting is something you need when building a website. So, you need to understand the meaning of hosting and its functions. Don’t forget the right type of web hosting for your website.

You are lucky that you have visited the right article, indeed. In this article you will learn about hosting in full. its ready? Come, check out the discussion!

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Hosting or web hosting is a place to store all the files and data of a website so that it can be accessed by many people through the internet. Website files and data can be videos, images, emails, scripts, applications, and databases.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Server Hosting

Without hosting, of course you can’t build a website. Therefore, you first need to rent hosting to create a website.

It is like building a house. If you want to build a big house, the land should be bigger, right? As with any website, if you want to build it with high capacity and performance, you need hosting with lots of resources.

But even if the hosting method looks easy, not all hosting works well, you know. Many hostings often go down, skills are not qualified so website access is slow, and so on.

In fact, hosting plays an important role for websites and businesses. Both to ensure the protection of the site, maintain performance, to increase the credibility of the online business.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Yang Anda Miliki

Therefore, you should be smart in choosing the best hosting provider. Whenever possible, choose a hosting that promises up to 99% uptime so that the site can stay up for 24 hours. Then, also check the best data center to keep the website safe and running smoothly.

You should also know, each type of hosting also has its own features. Now, after understanding the definition of hosting and how it works, in the next section, you will learn about the types of hosting and their advantages and disadvantages.

Compared to property, there are many types of property available, right? From apartments, boarding houses, houses, to villas.

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

It’s like renting a boarding house with a shared bathroom, kitchen, electricity and water. So, you have to share the facility with other residents.

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The same is true with shared hosting. It will show you hosting facilities, such as disk space, speed, and more. So, when users use a lot of resources, your website will also be affected.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of private hosting where the resources are used only by one user. Thus, the server will not be affected by the use of other users.

With this type of hosting, you have the freedom to manage and manage the available resources independently. That is, you must have technical skills in server management.

Analogously, this VPS is like a one-bedroom apartment that provides private facilities. Where each apartment has its own electricity meter, water, bathroom and kitchen. Unlike boarding houses, all these facilities are combined with other rooms.

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Still confused about what cloud hosting means? Imagine you open a branch restaurant in several locations. The goal is to avoid queue booms in just one store.

The same is true with cloud hosting which distributes the load across several servers at once. So that when one server goes down, the website remains stable on another backup server.

In contrast, WordPress hosting servers are configured specifically for WordPress users. Where it will be easier for users to create a website with few clicks.

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Like shared hosting, this type of hosting also requires sharing storage facilities with other users. So, when other users use too many resources, you will also be affected.

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In comparison, it’s like you’re renting a boarding room that has the same shape and layout as the other rooms. You just need to adjust a little according to your preference, the boarding house is ready to live.

Like WordPress hosting. You just need to install the plugin and edit the content in WordPress, then your website will be live.

Dedicated hosting is a server that is used by only one user. With a server dedicated to you alone, you don’t have to worry about your website crashing.

In addition, you have the freedom to configure and adjust the server according to your needs. So, you need to have an understanding of server management.

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In comparison, dedicated hosting is a private home that you buy from a home developer. You are free to arrange and organize your home.

Hosting is where you store your website files and data. Whereas the domain function is a website address, for example

The website actually has an address combination of numbers (IP Address) like However, number combinations must be hard to remember, right?

Bagaimna Cara Menghubungkan Website Dengan Hosting

Therefore, a simpler naming system with domains was created. be. people simply type, the browser will display the Facebook website page.

Rekomendasi Web Hosting Indonesia Terbaik 2021

So, if hosting used to be likened to a house or a house, then a domain is a home address. Without a home, no one will know where you live.

To answer this question, it really depends on the type of website you are going to create. See table description below.

Basically, if you are a beginner who wants to create a personal website or a new business website without much traffic, you can use shared hosting. If you want to build a website with high traffic, cloud hosting can be the solution.

You might be wondering how much it costs to rent web hosting? dear o

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