Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost

Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost – August-September 2022 Update: This month 2022 Prime and professional hosting services offer 40% discount for members or non-members who order 12 months/1 year hosting with hawkhost shared hosting service, this 40% discount applies to all hawkhost refer to server locations anywhere. So those who use Indonesian language on the website can choose a server location in Singapore to access closer and faster. Update: Hawk is hosting deals to host Black Friday 2022!

This year the hosting service hawkhost also offers a new feature that is very useful for the loading speed of the web pages. This feature is called LiteSpeed ​​Page Caching and is free for all users who have purchased hosting from Hawkhost. LiteSpeed ​​​​page caching or LiteSpeed​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​legal Activating the service is also quite simple, all you need to do is install the LiteSpeed ​​​​Cache plugin for WordPress and make some basic settings.

Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost

Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost

Back to the original topic regarding HawkHost hosting prices and discounts September 2022. Here’s how to buy hosting at hawkhost with the latest cheap 40% discount:

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The first is to visit this page and then select the shared hosting plan. You can choose a primary or pro plan, just customize it according to your disk space needs. Then click the Order Now button.

The second is filling out the domain name selection form, in this case I already have my own domain. So I selected “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” and entered the name and clicked “use”. For those who do not have a domain, you can also register the domain by selecting the above option, see the example image.

Third: After clicking the use button, you will be transferred to the next page. The next step is Select a billing cycle/billing period for 12 months or 12 months or directly for a period of 24 months to get a much cheaper Hawkhost hosting rental price. If you want to create a blog in Indonesian language, please choose the server location in Singapore. If you look to the right, the regular rental price will still be shown at $47.88/year, but don’t worry because the price will be lower and cheaper. Then click “continue”.

The fourth step is to fill in the “Apply Promo Code” column or enter the Hawk Host discount code you have. If you want to get 40% off the regular price, use the coupon “hawkhost50” and click “Apply Code” as the example in the image. Then the price changes to the price after the discount, see the image below for proof:

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In the next step, all you have to do is press the Checkout button and fill out the attached bio form. You can also choose to pay by Paypal or credit card. Tips to get cheaper hosting rental on Hakhost: choose rental period 2 years or 24 months/month for full charge.

Below is the discount code for Hawkhost coupon 2022, valid for the months of August-September-October-December 2022, you will get 25% discount on Requring or the same price is valid for hosting lease renewal. Hawkhost Hosting Coupons & Prices 2022

New and special features provided by Hawkhost that you may not know or use include:

Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost

A blogger from Jakarta who has been familiar with the world of internet marketing for a long time, working on Google Adsense, Affiliate and CPA. Like black coffee. He likes to read about technology and stocks. I have previously posted my hosting experience and reviews on You can read my previous review article if you want to know the quality of their servers. Okay, back to the main topic, namely how to buy hosting at a low price using PayPal.

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Latest information about current discount coupons: get 70% discount on purchase of Hawkhost hosting now, read information here

The first step to take is to visit the HawkHost website. Then just select the shared hosting service shown in the image. CLICK on Shared Hosting, select the cheapest plan and click Sign Up Now. On your website’s home page, just click the button below the words $2.99/month* starting at $2.24* (Get started now!).

Then the following screen will appear. On this page, enter the domain name you want to use. If you already have your own domain, you can choose part 3. If you want to buy hosting and a new domain at the same time, fill in number 1 and enter the desired domain name. for example, see the image:

For example, if you want to buy only storage, choose the option below. (as shown in the image) Assuming you already have a domain (purchase elsewhere), write down the domain name and press USE.

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I assume you already understand that you already have a domain and enter the domain name in the form above. The next way to buy hosting on hawkhost com is to go to the settings screen (another form to fill out).

The settings/configuration page will appear. billing cycle selection section: you can choose 12 months price or 24 months rental price (recommended 24 months to make storage cost cheaper, so it’s more economical, my friend). If your blog is in Indonesian, or the hosting location (choose a server location) for Indonesian online stores, you can choose a server location in Singapore, which is otherwise close to Indonesia (recommended). This is so that your website visitors from Indonesia can access your blog or online store faster. If the blog is in English, you can choose a server location in America (for example, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, etc.). You don’t need to choose the available add-ons!

Then first click on Remove Promo Code and replace it with a bigger promo code/coupon like this 40% off Hawkhost50 Coupon. then the total cost is the changes shown in the image above. After you enter the coupon, the price will change, you will see that the price of 1 year of hawkhost hosting has changed to $28.73 (before the discount price was $47.88). Then click on the Cashier button in the lower right corner with yellow color.

Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost

In the image above, we ask you to fill in your full bio and create a password. Don’t forget to choose PayPal as well. If you already have a Hawk Host account, all you have to do is click the Already Registered? in the upper right corner (in blue). Then click the Pay button and pay:

Cara Cepat Dan Mudah Membeli Hosting Di Hawkhost

Then click paypal checkout in the top right corner and you will be taken to Sign in to your PayPal account and pay with your PayPal balance or credit card.

Coupon: (25% Off Recurring Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, Vps Hosting) FAQ:

Hawkhost can host many domains and many websites as long as the disk space is still strong enough to accommodate them. The Hawkhost shared hosting plan has 2 sizes of disk space. Has 10GB (Primary Shared) and Unlimited Storage (Pro Shared Storage Plan)

You can immediately extend it for the expiring storage rental period. A new invoice will come later (sent to your email), which must be paid before the end of the rental period (if you want to extend it, pay the invoice hehehehe).

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This depends on the initial coupon used. I explained above that there are “one time discount” and “claimable” coupons. If you use a one-time coupon on your purchase, the storage renewal price will revert to the original price / normal price. If you use a Requring coupon at the time of purchase, the renewal fee is the same as you paid today. I previously rented hosting for 2 years, but I wanted to extend it for 1 year (or vice versa). Do you know sir?

You can do this by submitting a ticket to your host for billing support and you will be directed directly to their support team.

Can I buy the hosting at hawkhost but can I buy the domain elsewhere? Of course you can, all you need to do is point your domain’s nameservers (NS) to hawkhost’s nameservers. For example, if you have a namecheap or godaddy (etc) domain, the nameserver settings in your domain control panel will go to the nameservers provided by Hawkhost (you can see the nameserver details in the details email for your hosting account). purchased).

Bagaimana Perpanjang Paket Hosting Di Hawkhost

A blogger from Jakarta who has been familiar with the world of internet marketing for a long time, working on Google Adsense, Affiliate and CPA. Like black coffee. is again offering a 55% discount on the purchase of any shared hosting package, be it a shared hosting package, reseller hosting or semi-dedicated package, valid until April 22, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST. As we know, hawkhost hosting services really satisfy their customers, I think their server quality is “A” category, that’s good, and uptime is almost 99.99%. As an illustration, you can first read the Hawkhost hosting review here.

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The hawkhost 55% promo code (one time discount) is valid until April 22 or April 23, 2016 13 WIB CST, so you better take advantage of this offer soon. In addition, there is another 40% discount promotion, valid on request (extension at the same price). So take advantage of the discount and note the coupon code: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Semi-Dedicated Coupon Hawkhost April 2016: Shared Hosting Promotions 55% One Time Off All New Shared Hosting Orders Everywhere 40% Recurring When You Use Coupon Code “aprilflash55” discount on all new shared hosting orders on any site when using coupon “aprilflash40r” Reseller Hosting Deals 55% one time discount on all new reseller hosting orders on any site 40% recurring discount when coupon code “aprilflash55” has been used

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