Bagaimana Pembayaran Hosting Dan Domaindi Cpanel

Bagaimana Pembayaran Hosting Dan Domaindi Cpanel – Wide Host Media offers hosting services from standard top-level domains (gTLD) to Indonesian domains and others that you can choose according to your needs. A domain name is a unique name used to identify a web address that makes it easier for users to access a web address on the Internet. Domain names are very important, especially if you want a website for your online business, personal storage and other needs. Here’s how to order media for the environment,

1. On the Wide Host Media website, select “Domain > Cheap Domain” 2. The next page will show the domain order home page, enter the desired domain name in the search box, for then you know the file exists or not. used by other users.

Bagaimana Pembayaran Hosting Dan Domaindi Cpanel

Bagaimana Pembayaran Hosting Dan Domaindi Cpanel

3. After receiving the domain name of your choice (as shown below), select “Buy Now” to continue the ordering process 4. Then, you will log in on the “Domain Registry” page, on this page, click “Add to Cart” to select the requested domain

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5. On the next page, the “Domain Configuration” page will appear, there are many new protection options for websites such as DNS management, ID protection, sending e-mail if necessary. Then select “Continue” to continue the process to the next page.

6. You will then be taken to the Overview & Billing page, where you will find an overview of your purchase and the total cost to be paid in the “Order Summary” for domain activation.

7. On the next billing page, you will be asked to enter your full personal information and company name in “Personal Information” and “Billing Address” as the account holder and with the corresponding account.

8. Then go to the payment process page, you will receive notification via email and SMS. After selecting the Complete Order menu, you will be taken to the Invoice page as shown below. The invoice contains the details of the total payment for the products that have already been inspected. Hosting Ssd Nvme Murah Gratis Domain Di Indonesia

9. On selecting the payment using the Bank transfer payment method, an explanatory window will appear as shown below, the system will provide the details of the account where the payment and a unique transfer code valid for the next 20 days. A nominal fee must be paid in accordance with the nominal value shown on the invoice. 10. In the “Virtual Account” payment mode, the “Proceed to payment” tab will appear, followed by information about the virtual account number.

11. Method of payment through GoPay. In the Virtual Account payment menu, select the GoPay/other e-wallet menu. Then the system will guide the payment process and you can scan the QR code (as shown in the image) by selecting the “Pay Now” menu, and there will be a payment time. 12. The “Paypal” payment “PayPal Check Out” tab appears, followed by logging into your PayPal account to confirm the payment.

13. After the invoice has been paid, it has been confirmed with PAID status. You will then receive a product activation email and SMS notification with your Wide Host Media account username and password. Then the domain name you checked is ready to use.

Bagaimana Pembayaran Hosting Dan Domaindi Cpanel

Welcome to join as one of our partners, enjoy the best products and services from Wide Host Media!! Thank you

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