Bagaimana Cara Pointing Domain Cpanel Ke Hosting

Bagaimana Cara Pointing Domain Cpanel Ke Hosting – On this occasion, an admin would like to share the steps to backup a WordPress site by yourself without having to do a full hosting backup.

Before moving on to the steps of the WordPress document backup process, the admin wants to explain the importance of website backup in advance.

Bagaimana Cara Pointing Domain Cpanel Ke Hosting

Bagaimana Cara Pointing Domain Cpanel Ke Hosting

Backing up website files is a very important process, according to the administrator, as it serves as one of the measures to protect website files from future damage. Additionally, website backups are also performed to transfer website files from one server to another.

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A personal backup copy of the website files can be used if there are many website files on Hosting Friends of Qwords, while Friends of Qwords will only store one copy of the website files. If you back up all website files, database and email, Qwords friends can follow the backup and restore instructions through cPanel.

1. Log in to access the cPanel hosting script for the website you want to back up. Please access cPanel via the access url https://yourdomain/cpanel

2. After successfully installing cPanel hosting, enter the File Management menu and navigate to the directory where the WordPress site is installed. If the Qwords Companion domain is the main domain registered with Hosting, usually the location of the website files is in the public_html folder.

3. Once you are in the Public_html directory or the directory where the Friends of Qwords wordpress document is stored, click “Select All” and then “Compress” to create a WordPress archive file.

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4. Select the extension of the log file to be created. In this example, we selected “Zip Archive” and named the backup we want to create. For example file. Continue by clicking “Compress File”.

5. After completing step 4, wait a few minutes for the Friends of Qwords .zip file to be backed up. This waiting time depends on the size of the files you are backing up. Try clicking the “Reload” menu to make sure the backup is created.

6. Congratulations, your website has been backed up. In the image above, you can see that the file or commonly known as already exists. The file is a compressed WordPress file. Qwords friends can download it to their computer first so it doesn’t use up their hosting quota.

Bagaimana Cara Pointing Domain Cpanel Ke Hosting

1. Friends of Qwords must know the name of the database used in advance. Open the wp-config.php file where the website files directory is located, then find the words define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘master_elearning’); which means the wordpress script uses the database name master_elearning.

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2. Once you know the name of the database used, to backup the website database, perform the database export process by going back to the main login menu, cPanel access in the phpmyadmin menu.

So, step by step guide to backup WordPress cPanel guide from qwords, if you have any problem following the above guide, please contact our technical team CPanel is a web hosting control panel that is widely used by web hosting companies today. cPanel will make it easy for you to fulfill your website needs, especially in file management, installation and even other important configurations.

Each hosting provider has different versions of control panels. Jagoan Kode Cloud includes the use of cPanel because this cPanel is very easy to use, even for beginners, in addition to being widely used by some.

Every time you purchase a hosting product/service for the first time, you will receive your cPanel login information via your registered email. Well, there are many ways to login to cpanel host. Friends you can check this article how to get cpanel easily.

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CPanel is a control panel for Linux web hosting services that provides a graphical display of all features and tools to facilitate all web hosting processes.

CPanel is designed to run on a server or VPS (Virtual Private Server) that can be used on a variety of OS (operating systems) such as CentOS, Red Hat Linux and FreeBSD.

Several programs in cPanel support Apache, PHP, mySQL, Postgree, Perl, Python, and BIND. And also with email features like POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

Bagaimana Cara Pointing Domain Cpanel Ke Hosting

The easiest step is to go directly to the members area. Because you no longer have to enter a username and password when you log into cPanel in the member section.

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This method is commonly used by some people because it is the easiest and you don’t need to remember the username and password to login to cpanel.

In addition to the members area, friends can also log into cPanel through their primary domain address or master domain address.

After that, you will be asked to enter your cPanel username and password. Log in according to the log in information attached to your email. If you forget, contact your hosting provider for help with this issue.

Log in with the provided username and password. They are usually attached via email, but if you forget, you can request or re-request an email attachment by contacting your hosting provider.

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