Asura Web Hosting Review

Asura Web Hosting Review – There is very little information about AsuraHost in web hosting circles. In this review, you will get to know about the services they offer like SSD hosting VPS hosting, their packages and much more. In the end, you will know if this is the company you need for your website.

The Internet has revolutionized how business is done. Most businesses have seen the need for an online presence to reach a wider fan base. If you are planning to open your store online or have a website then you definitely need the services of a best and reliable web hosting company. Many hosting companies offer different services at different price plans.

Asura Web Hosting Review

Asura Web Hosting Review

Their services allow businesses and individuals to have an online platform, allowing them to expand their network and attract more customers. A website is hosted on unique computers called servers. When a user wants to visit your website, they will only see your site’s URL, known as the domain name in their browser. The computers then connect to the server and deliver the web pages to the browser. A hosting company like AsuraHost usually requires you to own your own domain before they can host you. If you don’t have it, they will help you buy it.

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AsuraHost is a web hosting company in the industry that prides itself on providing fast, efficient and reliable hosting at affordable prices. The company does this by providing excellent customer support to all customers. The company’s typical customers include forum owners, bloggers, e-commerce stores, business owners, web developers, entertainment, travel and music services, non-profit organizations and many other organizations and industries. The privately held company was founded in 2012 to offer SSD web hosting, which at the time seemed expensive. However, the company has been able to provide it at pocket-friendly prices. Currently, AsuraHost claims to host more than 8,000 different websites globally.

If you’re new to web hosting, you know what factors to consider before settling on a hosting company. For example, you might want to see what people are saying about customer support. You want timely and responsive customer support. Additionally, when you have a problem managing your website, you need someone who can offer a specific solution. Best of all, AsuraHost customer support is always there to solve your queries 24/7.

Another aspect to look for in a hosting company is their speed. Loading speed is very important because visitors don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting for a web page to load. If your visitors realize that your website is taking a little longer to load, they won’t think twice before clicking to another website. There are factors that can affect the ability of sites to load quickly, and these include the number of visitors to your site at the same time. If the number is that high, the speed will probably be slow. Also, if the company has hubs at multiple locations, the speed will be higher as these hubs will serve most of the customers as the Bluehost web hosting company operates at the said location. Home from Provo, Utah. Additionally, compared to more established hosts that host millions of websites, it only has a significant number of websites around 8,000.

Pricing is another factor to consider, and plans with AsuraHost are affordable starting at $0.7 per month. $1 per month is cheaper too. This is a small amount that any user can pay, thus making this website a favorite for most users, especially beginners.

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In terms of performance, Asura is considered one of the best. It was awarded 5 stars in the review. Performance covers many factors such as features that are ideal for most personal websites as well as business websites. Reliability is another aspect to consider and this company guarantees 99.9% uptime.

The site is also easy to use. On the other hand, the hosting company has not been around as long as its competitors Goddy and Bluehost. They have been around for decades and have managed to attract a huge customer base till date.

Looking at the general products and services offered by the company, it becomes clear that it is a hosting company. Firstly, there are no hidden charges in their plans and secondly, the plans are pocket friendly which anyone can afford. With plans starting at $1 per month, even companies on tight budgets can afford it. This company is the company of choice not only for small businesses and individuals but also for non-profit organizations and corporates.

Asura Web Hosting Review

Another thing, this company is one of the few hosting providers that offer SD hosting services. SSD is short for Solid State Drive and is a type of non-volatile memory. Non-volatile memory allows the SSD to not lose data in the event of a power failure or disconnection. SSDs also have no moving parts like hard disk drives and therefore speed up dramatically. Most people prefer to use SSD because of the speed, especially if they run e-commerce stores or have sites that attract many visitors at a time. Page load time increases significantly. Hence, most people prefer hosting with this company.

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Asura Web Hosting offers users up to 5 web hosting plans including Starter, Basic, Supreme, Professional and Business.

Currently there is a $1 per month temporary plan. Also, users can use promo code 2OFF to get 2 months free for life on their annual hosting account.

This company allows freelancers to build their own hosting business with their cheap reseller hosting plans. The plans are sure to give any web hosting business a competitive edge, no matter the location. Premium software is provided to users.

The 5 VPS hosting plans from VPS1 to VPS 5 have numerous features as you can see in the screenshot below.

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One of the most reliable indicators of whether a company or service provider’s website is legitimate is their location. Unfortunately, a company as big as Asura doesn’t quite make the cut here. Most consumers check the mailing address as well as the street address before starting any transaction with a business. Their website lists several email addresses, including,,, and, but no location information. If not corrected, it can quickly hurt a business.

There are many reasons why people choose one hosting company over another. This is because of the features. Different features may be ideal for network needs, but on the other hand, they are not so convenient. Here are the reasons why many people find this company a hit rather than a miss. Work smarter, not harder. Save 1 day/week with free custom workflows. Access over 40 workflow templates such as employee recognition and onboarding. Simplify your daily workflow, increase team productivity and add simplicity to your work.

Based on our records Najala seems to be more popular. It has been mentioned 101 times since March 2021. We monitor product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you determine which product is most popular and what people think about it.

Asura Web Hosting Review

We haven’t mentioned Asura Hosting yet. Asura Hosting recommendation tracking started around March 2021.

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Asura Web Hosting Review

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