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Asp Hosting Indonesia

Asp Hosting Indonesia

ASP.NET Web Forms has been part of the .NET Framework since its first release in 2002 and still powers many web applications today. Customers are looking to convert these applications to ASP.NET Core for cost savings, increased performance, and increased agility. Vs. Php: What To Select For Web Development?

However, the .NET team has confirmed that websites will not be ported to ASP.NET Core. This means that web applications cannot take advantage of the enhancements of .NET Core and later.

Blazoris is a web UI framework that allows developers to use both client-side and server-side C# without the need for browser plugins. Blazor has a unique architecture and server-side hosting features similar to web portals, making it easy to transition to ASP.NET Core and a recommended framework for developers to use. The Internet.

Porting Assistant for .NET is a source code generator that reduces the manual effort and guesswork involved in porting .NET Framework applications to .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5, or .NET 6. Added support for importing ASP.NET Web Forms Applications. on Blazoron .NET Core 3.1 and later. Porting Assistant for .NET creates a compatibility analysis, displays available replacements, and can apply changes to your web portal project to reduce the manual work required to convert to Blazor.

Porting Assistant for .NET is available as a standalone Windows program and as a Visual Studio extension. It reduces the work required to port ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core MVCandWCF to CoreWCF. See the documentation to learn how to get started with Porting Assistant for .NET. Mvc 5.1 New Features, Part 1: Attribute Routing Visual Studio Magazine

In this post, I will show how to use the unique version of Porting Assistant for .NET to convert a web application to Blazor using the Web Forms starter project ofeShopOnBlazor.

The Web Forms code is located in the src/eShopLegacyWebForms folder. A fully migrated project to Blazor is located in thesrc/eShopOnBlazor directory. Let’s take a look at the advanced steps required to complete the migration to Blazor.

As you can see in Figure 1, the first step is to run an impact analysis. Once completed, you will receive a report that you can use to get an idea of ​​the level of effort required to transfer to Blazor. Next, you’ll link to Web Forms and the Porting Assistant for .NET to apply many changes to the program. We’ll be diving deep into Porting Assistant for .NET changes to facilitate the first release of this feature. However, in the final phase, developers will be forced to make manual changes to complete the conversion. The Porting Assistant changeset for .NET support will be expanded over time.

Asp Hosting Indonesia

The Porting Assistant translates the configuration elements of the root web.config file into the new .NET appsettings.json file. Non-ASP.NET Core components such as system.webServer are omitted. If the project has more than one web.config file, the translation must be done manually. See the ASP.NET Core JSON configuration documentation for details.

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Files with static content will be moved to the wwwroot folder so they can continue to be accessed in the same way. The section is shown in Figure 9 using Visual Studio’s Git Changes window. Be careful to make sure the files haven’t gone through the process of transferring or moving new files.

ASPX pages, including master pages, are converted to Razor style. Although this program does not have user controls, Porting Assistant has some level of support for them. A very efficient method is used to modify the related code behind the files. Things like page lifecycle events should be logged manually, both for web apps and Blazor.

Looking closer at some of the changes made to the markup, we see that the ASP:* versions have been changed to HTML 5 versions or parts from the Fritz NuGet package. BlazorWebFormsComponents.

If the label cannot be changed, Porting Assistant adds comments to the files. For example, if the control, pagelinks, or any of its attributes are not supported, comments are added, as shown in Figure 12.

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In the code behind files, the supported page lifecycle events have been changed and specified so that you see the webpage lifecycle event. Modified code should be verified to ensure that it continues to work as intended.

Since the porting assistant supports changing the code behind the files, the Global.asax file is converted to the Startup class. Not all website comments can be translated into Blazor (such as session events), so you need to confirm the changes you’ve made. In Figure 15 you can see how this Global.asax program has been modified.

One thing to note is that the eShopOnBlazor Web Forms project implements the Application_BeginRequest lifecycle event. Porting Assistant translates this to ASP.NET Core middleware. This is an overview of Porting Assistant support for HTTP modules and HTTP handlers as they will be converted to ASP.NET Core middleware.

Asp Hosting Indonesia

Dependency injection configuration must also be done manually. eShopOnBlazor uses Autofac and can be configured using the steps documented on their website. In Figure 15, you can see that the transfer assistant has added a message indicating the size.

How To Add Grpc To Your Blazor App

By now you’ve seen how the Porting Assistant for .NET performs some of the basic steps needed to migrate a Web Forms project to Blazor. This boot and speeds up your Blazor migration process.

There are also few architectural changes between the .NET Framework and .NET Core. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the correctness of the codes converted using the transfer assistant. Additionally, as of version 1.6.3 Porting Assistant does not provide support for the following steps:

Bundling and minification is a performance optimization technique used to reduce the number and size of files downloaded by customers. ASP.NET Core doesn’t offer an integration and minification solution out of the box, but the open source project WebOptimizer offers a runtime solution, and projects like GulpandWebpack offer a build-time solution.

Blazor provides a similar experience to Web Apps for validating EditForm and Input* usage (such as InputNumber and InputText). Currently, ASP:* controls , which provides a level of client-side authentication. For more details on using Blazor components and assemblies for certification, see ASP.NET Core Blazor Documentation and Certification.

Build And Deploy .net Core Webapi Container To Amazon Eks Using Cdk & Cdk8s

The arrival of .NET Core brought Entity Framework Core (EF Core), but since Entity Framework 6 (EF 6) is supported in .NET, so your project does not need to switch to EF Core. In some cases it may be appropriate to stay on EF 6. Another case is based on feature availability. Although there is no direct upgrade path, you can use this helpful guide to port EF 6 applications to EF Core.

In this blog post, I showed how the Porting Assistant for .NET can help you speed up the migration of your web application to Blazor. The Porting Assistant for .NET continues to work to help customers migrate their various legacy .NET Framework applications to .NET Core, .NET 5, and .NET 6.

Porting Help for .NET is free. To get started, install the standalone or extended version of Visual Studio; see the user manual. To learn how Porting Assistant can help with other use cases, see Migrating a legacy .NET Framework application to .NET 5 using Porting Assistant for .NETvideo and Upgrading legacy WCF applications to CoreWCF using Porting Assistant for .NETblog.

Asp Hosting Indonesia

Porting Assistant for .NET is based on several open source projects, including the Porting Assistant for .NET SDK. We love community donations. Whether it’s a new feature, bug report, fix, or other document, we greatly value feedback and contributions from our community.

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If you need support porting your legacy .NET Framework applications using the Porting Assistant for .NET, please contact us at

It can help you evaluate how your business can get the most out of the cloud. Join the millions of customers who trust us to move and transform their mission-critical applications to the cloud. To learn more about migrating to Windows Server or SQL Server, visit Windows at . Contact us and start your exercise journey today. If you are a business starting a new web development project, you need to choose the technology that suits your needs to ensure flawless performance, stability and cost-effectiveness of your application. Let’s take a closer look at the two guides -PHPandASP.NET and try to find out which one is suitable for your product.

Microsoft is constantly improving ASP. Netframework and adding new features to interact with the community. This idea helps him approach the new style and destroy everything in the old one. This is one of the reasons why the fan base of this type of business has been growing for many years. For example, with the first version, web applications can only be run on Microsoft servers, so hosting is more expensive. Theupdatedone – ASP.NET Core (2016)

Good performance often depends on the choice of technology and ASP.NET provides

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