Arti Domain Dan Hosting

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The best web hosting in Indonesia – For those who want to enter the cyber space, you need to know what hosting is, or it can also be called web hosting, web hosting itself is closely related to the cyber space that you will be involved in later.

Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Itself is an Internet service that serves to rent space for storing various types of information or documents needed for the Internet. The data we’re talking about here is images, emails, apps, databases, and more

Pengertian Hosting Dan Domain

Or to put it another way, if web hosting is compared to a mall and your website is a kiosk that rents space in a section of the mall. A shopping mall provides various types of content that a store or kiosk tenant needs. Likewise with web hosting that rents out space for web users.

Using web hosting makes it easy for web users to store the information they need on the Internet that they control. Of course, this is a bit inconvenient if you don’t store data or files on your web hosting. In addition, web hosting can be used to store e-mail, store data on the Internet, store videos, store images, create blogs, create websites, publish articles and create surveys. . Usually a place for a monthly fee for web hosting.

The first thing you need to know is how much capacity you need for your managed web, whether you need 25MB, 500MB or even 1GB. You should choose these options carefully according to your needs, because the higher the capacity of the web hosting for rent, the higher the costs you will have to pay automatically.

You should also be aware of the technology used in managed web hosting if you are using a Linux server or Windows. If you create the file using PHP, the web host used must also support the PHP file. The same is true when using files in the form of JSP, ASP, Perl, etc. You should be very careful when ordering web hosting, if someone doesn’t understand, there is nothing wrong with asking the web hosting company directly to avoid buying the wrong web hosting. .

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You should also check that the support service of the company is 24 hours. Because there may be a problem with your website and you should definitely ask the hosting company you are renting from directly.

If you use a dynamic website, make sure that the company also provides database services. Also check the number of available databases such as My QSL, PostgreSQL, Access and more.

You should also check if the hosting company has a backup service, because there are some hosting services that do not have backup services, so if something happens, your data will simply be lost.

Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Bandwidth – the amount of data transfer during a month. The point is that the hosting company provides 1GB of bandwidth for 1 month and you have 20kb HTML files with 100 visitors per day. Then you consume 20 kb x 100 people = 2000 kb / 2 MB of bandwidth per day. Meanwhile, 2MB x 31 days = 62MB for a month. (For full explanation on Bandwidth see: Understanding Bandwidth) 2 Domains and Hosting If we want to create a website and get our website online, you need to understand DOMAINS and HOSTING.

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3 D O M A I N What is a domain? A domain is a unique name/address for our website, a domain is a name ending in .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv etc.

4 D O M A I N [ 2 ] We also buy your own domain, just choose a good name and we will have your own domain. Domains are usually paid annually, and once we have a domain, no one else can own it unless we pay for it. If we have a domain, for example:, your URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

5 CHOOSING A DOMAIN Many domain names are already owned, so you need to choose a truly unique domain name. But when choosing a domain name, you should pay attention that your domain name should be as short as possible to reduce the possibility of someone entering your domain incorrectly, for example: domain names that are too long and difficult to remember

6 CHOOSING A DOMAIN [2] Your domain should be meaningful and easy to remember. Never buy a domain with a combination of numbers and letters, as it will be difficult to remember. The domain name will be hard to remember. Also, choose a domain that is easy to pronounce.

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7 SUBDOMAIN Subdomains are domain addresses that are actually part of your domain, but you can redirect subdomains to another HTML file from your main domain. An example of subdomain means, for example, that the subdomain of an online college is at We can set up subdomains through where you purchased the domain.

8 HOSTING How can you display an HTML document on your computer if someone clicks on your domain? HTML documents on your computer should be stored somewhere other than your computer. You need to rent space from a hosting company to store your documents. So, hosting is a place to store HTML documents. Usually companies that sell hosting also sell domains, so you buy a domain when you rent hosting to store your HTML files. Hosting fees are usually monthly.

9 CHOOSING HOSTING There are several things you should consider when choosing hosting: 1. COMPRESSION Whether it’s 25MB, 50MB or 1GB, you need to consider how much capacity you need. You should choose carefully according to your needs, because of course, the higher the power, the more expensive the costs.

Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Is the server Linux or Windows, and does the hosting support PHP files if you’ve created them? Likewise, if you build a web using ASP, JSP, Perl, Python, and Ruby, will your hosting support it? Therefore, you should be careful before buying, ask directly from the hosting company you want to buy from. Don’t allow yourself to build a website with PHP, but buy hosting that doesn’t support PHP.

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Make sure the hosting company you’re buying from has good 24/7 support, so if you suddenly have a problem with your website in the middle of the night, direct hosting you can ask your company. DATABASE If you are building a dynamic website, check if they provide a database. Also check how many databases there are and what MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, etc. are.

Does your hosting back up your data daily? This is important because there are a lot of bad hosts that don’t back up and they don’t want to know if your data suddenly disappears.

You should check the size of the intended bandwidth. Bandwidth – amount of data transfer per month. I think that’s what it means. If the hosting company provides 1 GB of bandwidth per month. So if you have a 20 kb HTML file (including images) and about 100 people visit your website per day, you will consume bandwidth per day: 20 kb x 100 people = 2000 kb = 2 MB. Monthly: 2MB x 31 = 62MB, if you have 10 pages: 62MB x 10 = 620MB. So pay attention to the bandwidth provided by the size of your HTML file, the more visitors your website has, the higher the bandwidth will be. Most Indonesian hosting provides low bandwidth, overseas hosting provides higher and cheaper bandwidth

Virtual (shared) hosting. One server has many hostings (one of which is yours) and many domains. Usually this hosting is the most used and the price is also cheaper.

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15 TYPES OF HOSTING [2] 2. Free Hosting If it’s free hosting, you don’t have to pay anything, but usually your website will have a lot of ads and you won’t have your own domain. 3. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive solution. Because you have your own server and one server has only one hosting and your domain. You need a professional to take care of it

16 TYPES OF HOSTING [3] 4. Collocated Hosting This is also an expensive solution, as if you have your own server in the office/home, but in Collocated Hosting, the server is located with the hosting company and those who take care of it. .

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Arti Domain Dan Hosting

For those who are new to blogging, maybe you are still confused about the meaning of hosting and domain? Hosting and domain are two very important things when creating a website or blog. Because without these two things, a website cannot be online or accessible to the public through the internet.

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But you don’t need to know in detail what hosting and domain mean. Because, once you start diving into the world of blogging, you will gradually understand what indirect hosting and domains are and how to use them. To better understand how websites work, it’s best to first know what hosting and domains are.

Hosting is an online service used by users to manage web application data and files displayed over the Internet. In simpler terms, hosting is where a website’s files reside. As you know, website files can consist of many different things

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