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Art Of Hosting – How can the Art of Hosting help us overcome uncertainty and thrive in times of isolation and global crisis?

Our world is changing. COVID19 has exposed the flaws in our current lifestyle and taken us into uncharted waters. The pandemic has caused global upheaval and exacerbated economic and social inequality. It is more clear than ever that the world is changing rapidly and that we are all an inevitable part of this process. What if this is the opportunity we’ve been longing for, the beginning of a new era? What if it’s time to change the current status quo and envision a future where we live within the confines of our planet for the benefit of all of us?

Art Of Hosting

Art Of Hosting

Based on the premise that our world is in need of radical change, the art of creating and capturing meaningful conversations has been helping organizations, communities, and groups become changemakers for the past 25 years. It is a practice that prioritizes diversity and collaboration, where people can discover and cultivate new collective intelligence together. By learning and applying participatory methods, models, and theories, we become more motivated to manage chaos and complexity individually and collectively. Being a global community of practitioners enhances our ability to respond in times of crisis and expands the potential and impact of learning.

The Art Of Hosting Meaningful Conversations & Participatory Leadership

We would like to invite you to a quest. We invite teachers, parents, leaders, community organizers, politicians, and anyone looking for a way to embrace this new future to join us. We are creating a digital space where we want to share the essence of our practice with you. Together, we invite you to a learning space where you can share knowledge, experience participatory methods, and explore mental models and theories of complexity, change, and systems thinking. We explore new forms of leadership based on living systems—where communication, collaboration, and self-organization around purpose lead to outcomes that benefit everyone.

We invite you to submit your questions, ideas, hopes and dreams and join us in a community survey. Let us go into these uncertain times with open hearts and minds to discover new possibilities.

Professionals in public service, entrepreneurs, social innovators, NGOs, business leaders, educators, and anyone who finds themselves in new ways of leadership are those who want to develop their collaboration and engagement skills.

Maria Skordialos along with Dimitris Stratakos, Maya Rimer, Mira Bangel and Julia Hoffman (visual post) decided to co-create this online learning journey in response to the current global health and economic crisis.

Art Of Hosting Glasgow 2020

As stewards of a global community of practice and/or experienced practitioners in conducting and gathering meaningful conversations, they offer training and comprehensive learning in participatory governance, living systems, and design practices for living and working in complex environments. in the context of chaos, crisis and destruction. As you may have noticed, this page is being completed in stages. More are being added over time…

This short article provides a brief overview of how to set up and run a World Café. More information can be found on the WorldCafé website – in the Resources section. (there are also translations)

Jan Hein, Monika Nissen and Toke Moller were traveling by train from Belfast to Dublin in 1997 and asked themselves: What have we actually been practicing all these years with process and methodology…. They intuitively drew the 4 circle practice on a napkin and its meaning. deepened the conversation about

Art Of Hosting

Here is a link to a story told in an interview with Helle Solvang, a Danish national radio host and also an AoH practitioner (at an AoH training in Kalundborg in January 2012).

Art Of Hosting — News + Insights — The Outside

And here is the latest version of Mary Alice Arthur’s image document: 130300 Four Fold Practice MA.pdf

Two blog posts by Cathy Jourdain on the art of finding guiding questions for important conversations.

Cathy Jourdain’s blog post on moaning, before the time between differences merges with new clarity: Navigating moaning is an art. This model is heavily based on Sam Kanner’s diamond presence.

In the Art of Hosting training, we typically only use the first step and essence of the entire Thank You Request process: looking for the strengths of what you already have and using conversation to understand it.

Art Of Hosting Training — Colab

Here’s a downloadable e-book with lots of good examples from the website: “This e-book describes the Thank You method in many practical examples used in many European countries/organizations. It’s very motivating to read and good inspiration to use in your own practice.”

Jeannie Cockell and Joanne McArthur-Blair co-authored the article: “Co-creating the Future: Appreciative Research in Learning and Development” for the Canadian Journal of Learning?

We reached 8 breaths. One page description by Monica Nissen. Visual design by Simon Tiesinga-Putnik, inspired by the graphic harvest of Sonja Niederhumer

Art Of Hosting

The number in front of the documents is as follows: year – month – day; the date it was created or last edited. Thanks to everyone who helped write or find all the resources! In the fall of 2019, the Campbell River Arts Council developed a proposal to partner with a network of organizations to address homelessness downtown. the attached artist and visual coordinator invited me into the process. We developed an arts-based system change project to build dialogue and collaboration with street people, their allies, and other service providers working to alleviate suffering in affected communities.

How To Master The Art Of Facilitation And Hosting

The art of hosting is presented as a way of working together, introducing a system-changing set of tools that disrupts the existing power structure that characterizes the typical meeting style. The aim was to move towards a more inclusive and equal participation process by placing the voices of marginalized people at the center and facilitating the advancement of new solutions, enabling a creative process of dialogue and participation.

I was invited to attend a three-day Art of Hosting training on Bowen Island to learn more about the practice. I felt right at home in this space with a retreat-like atmosphere, nourishing food and welcoming people. The first night there was an opening circle where everyone introduced themselves and briefly explained why they were there. As the circle passed, Chris slowly collected fragments of people’s voices and composed a song. As he read the poem aloud, the room was filled with amazement. His creative effort was a kind of threshold that called the unity of the group, the energy of entertainment. Experience has shown me that creativity is a powerful way to open up space!

During my training, I met like-minded people from all fields of practice and from all over the world. I felt that others were watching and listening and allowed me to face some of the blocks that were holding me back. I stepped out of my comfort zone, showing my vulnerability and using my voice in new ways. I’ve sat with fun people in playful environments and had challenging conversations with energetic people in challenging environments. I was blessed with people who were willing to listen and testify, and came away from the whole experience feeling integrated and whole. )

The art of hosting means something to me on a deep level, and I felt grounded and validated by the experience. As a visual writer who practices deep listening, I appreciate even the tiniest sound in a room and intuitively feel that the group holds the room together and creates an invisible field of presence. The training showed me that I have the ability to sense energy in a room, both visible and invisible. It was inspiring to see a team of highly skilled facilitators (Caitlin, Teresa, Amanda and Chris) working together in such harmony. They showed me the importance of both supportive colleagues and a community of practice you know and trust. I felt that my values ​​could be aligned with a set of operating principles and combined into a workable and effective creative process.

Art Of Participatory Leadership Karlskrona

Thanks for this valuable tutorial! I recommend it to anyone who wants to work with people in an authentic and collaborative way.

“Every time we come together, we collaborate to create a gift, an opportunity for a collective future… Let’s create these spaces.” – Adrienne Marie Brown

Last New Year, we held a small-scale welcoming skills training at one of our local First Nations communities with a team working on community engagement for integrated community planning. At the weekend-long training session, elders, youth and others echoed the same sentiment: “We KNOW how to do it!” That’s the beauty of the art of hosting—it feels like a homecoming for many of us. In particular, it resonates deeply with many of us based in cultures where it’s okay to collect, to receive.

Art Of Hosting

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