Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting – Even after traveling a lot, there is always a bit of anxiety that occurs around the departure date. Be happy that important things are left to the point of worrying about missing the plane.

Sometimes, you know, I almost made a mistake, remembering to leave on Wednesday even though it was Tuesday! Luckily I wasn’t traveling alone at the time, so someone reminded me.

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

Now, the departure date is approaching, it is very difficult to prepare for this and that. Every trip is full of unexpected things, so thinking about something that seems small becomes important. The more prepared you are, the better you can deal with unexpected disasters, big or small, while traveling.

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How do you know you are truly ready to embark on a successful journey? Here are 11 signs that you’re completely ready for your next trip.

This is the first thing you should check when you want to travel, either within your country or abroad.

Most EU countries require international visitors to have a passport valid for three months, but some countries, such as China, require a passport valid for six months.

Abroad and often travel suddenly, register it in your Google/Apple calendar six months before your passport expires. For example, your passport will expire on January 1, 2022, and then it will note “Passport has expired in 6 months” on your Google/Apple calendar on July 1, 2021.

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Imagine that you have to go on a trip but it turns out that your passport does not meet the requirements or it turns out that your driver’s license has expired and you are faced with checking the integrity of the vehicle documents at the destination. In addition to having to pay more for the trip, you will also have to waste more time with your ticket.

The weather at your destination affects everything from what you need to pack to whether your flight is delayed or even canceled.

Before you leave, check the weather through your favorite website a few days before you leave and check local conditions. If you receive a bad weather forecast during your travel period, check the status of your flight.

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

If you don’t check the weather, don’t be surprised if you find that you have the “wrong outfit” for your next destination or a bad flight schedule.

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Check the flight status a few days before departure and on the day of departure. In addition to checking airline websites, you can also check websites like FlightStats. The weather may be sunny where you are, but somewhere along the route of your chosen flight there is bad weather that causes flights to be delayed, or even canceled.

In this digital age, there are many apps that can connect to your google/apple calendar, including airline ticket booking sites, so if you connect these two apps, it won’t be difficult for you to find the flight number that you use will take

As easy as it is these days, you’re clearly not ready to travel if you don’t check the status of your flight.

Carrying copies of your passport and other ID cards such as KTP/SIM will definitely come in handy if you suddenly lose the original. Also, remember to note the address of your country’s embassy on the back of your passport copy. Often, the feeling of panic makes you even forget what you want to browse on your mobile.

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Not having cash ready when you travel is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. However, cash is very important, because even though you can swipe your card in most places, there are still places that only accept cash. Or, it may turn out that an ATM in your destination is hard to find and doesn’t even recognize the debit/credit card you have.

This happened to me, there are many cashiers where I go, but none of the cashiers recognize my bank card. I thought, “Oh, if you travel in this country, you can withdraw money from an ATM.” Turns out that’s not the case.

So prepare cash even if you are traveling in your country. After all, you definitely need cash if you want to tip the restaurant waiter or the rental car driver, right?

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

Also, if you’re traveling abroad, you must notify your bank so they can give you access when you swipe your credit card abroad. If forgotten, all transactions on your credit card at the destination will be considered unauthorized transactions and your card will be blocked.

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The perfect way is to collect the things you want to take much earlier. Make a packing list and start gathering what you’ll need for your trip.

, check these items 2 days before departure after checking the weather at the destination and remove unnecessary items from the basket.

At the very least, map out your itinerary, especially if your destination is far away. The essential overview is whether you need to exchange currency, the nearest place to eat when you get to your destination, and what mode of transport you choose when you get to your destination.

If you want more information for an efficient trip, you can even estimate the time it takes to get from one place to another, of course, using Google maps.

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Unless you have a housekeeper or live alone at home, you should definitely plan a few things before you leave the house.

How to remove perishable food ingredients from the fridge, turn off unnecessary electricity when you leave and check the stove and gas: don’t leave home with the stove on or leaking gas.

The day of departure is approaching, you should not buy online in order not to hinder the delivery of your order to the courier and reduce the loss of the product if the courier leaves the package on the terrace of the house.

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

It is possible to write on the fence of the house “please leave a bag for the security guard / next door neighbor”. but it’s the same as announcing to everyone that your house is empty. Including people with bad intentions. Bang Napi said: “Crime occurs not only because there is an intention of the perpetrator, but also because there is an opportunity.”

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Even on domestic trips, you need to make adjustments to your mobile phone. Not all operators have a good signal at their destination. Before you leave, check the carrier with the best signal at your destination, then buy a number before you leave, or at least you should know where to buy a new number at your destination.

Similarly, if you want to travel abroad, you can buy an international communication package at your local service provider’s office or find out where to buy a local service provider’s number at your next destination.

I usually do the second thing, which is to buy a local SIM card. This is because of some of my experiences, such as when I visited Belitung and Saudi Arabia.

When I went to Belitung, a few days before I left, I was ready to buy X number from service provider that was said to be good in Belitung area, but strangely I got no signal when I got to Belitung. As a result, I bought a new X number from the Belitung reissuer.

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Similarly, when I went to Saudi Arabia, I chose to buy a SIM card from a local service provider while I was in Makkah. I’m the only one on my team that does.

When I was in Makkah, both my friends who bought international packages in Indonesia and I who bought a SIM card and a local part communicated easily, but once I moved to Madinah, all my friends who bought packages internationals couldn’t even use WhatsApp to send messages. . . I’m the only one who didn’t have these problems because I used a local supplier.

For security reasons, please let us know where you are going. At least tell RT, a patron, or your best friend. You can also ask your neighbors to keep track of where you live while you travel.

Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

But don’t post it on social media. If you want to post your trip on Instagram, Facebook or other social networks, do it after you get home. If you post while traveling, it’s like announcing that your place of residence is empty.

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Not telling anyone will make it harder for people in your home to contact you when you travel.

You must also save the contact number of your credit/payment card issuer. Be careful so that when your card is closed, you know where to contact.

In addition, you need to save the number of the health center closest to the destination and if you are going abroad, make sure to save the contact number of the embassy in your mobile phone.

Your fear will increase if you have a small disaster and you are not prepared to save big numbers from the beginning.

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If you’re currently traveling, try checking if you’ve completed the 11 pre-travel checks?

Who says the past has to be left behind? Good can be immortal…that’s why I wrote this blog. Besides telling you (yes, you), all these texts are also for me to read again. Memories of the trip come back to me. At the moment I still remember everything clearly, and then I have dementia madam. I’ll just tell you something funny. For those who want to contact me, email me directly at utamiisharyani@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram @utamiisharyani. I will gladly accept all emails and chats asking for kindness. View all posts by Utami Isharyani Domain prices start per year. Includes email forwarding, privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC, two-step Google verification, and more.

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Apakah Siapnge.com Sudah Termasuk Hosting

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