Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia – The domainesia name is often considered when searching for Indonesian hospitality. Although, I’m looking for local hosting, I’ll try that.

Domainesia is a popular hosting and hosting provider in Indonesia, which has been operating for a long time. Previously, it was best known as a place to buy domains. But now it is known as a good hosting service.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

For the record, I am a user with no technical knowledge. Just use it. So there is no special technical test.

Layanan Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2022, Murah Dan Aman!

Also, it serves to buy SSL certificates. Btw, if you buy hosting for 1 year at a time, you can get a free server. A little care is not good.

All hosting packages at Domainesia SSD NVME are already enabled. Maintain current hosting conditions. Ideally, our site will be faster to access later.

Domainesia is the lowest hosting category (Extra), no matter what you choose. Just take it. Storage is only 750 MB, unlimited. Also, special features like wordpress accelerator, memcached, etc. are not available.

From my point of view as a user, Domainesia’s cPanel features well. In addition, a number of important sponsors have been included in a special menu.

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Also, there is a File and Directory recovery menu, and support for other things I didn’t know about, .. wow…(mongodb, ghost cms, Django, Golang, laravel, etc.).

In addition to shared hosting, another option is Cloud VPS. There are many options for Cloud VPS in Domainesia. So it can be changed as you like.

If you want a VPS with more space, I suggest you get it from another provider. For example, from Vultr.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

Here is a step-by-step guide to buying a domain and hosting at Domainesia. I took photos from the process of buying hosting at Domainesia to the process of installing a website.

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The first step is to choose a hosting package that suits your needs. Here, I bought a Micro hosting package (1 year). Please click here.

Btw, you can click on the details button to see the details of each host group. Then you can edit it as you like. Each hosting group has a limited number of visitors per day.

Select your preferred payment method here. Don’t forget to enter the newsletter delivery code so that your hosting purchase can be completed.

Then just click the button View payment on the invoice page above. If the position is not yet paid, you can wait or perform a manual payment verification.

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There are 4 emails you will receive after purchasing hosting at Domainesia. Both are important for you to uncover.

Open email account information. Please keep things in a safe place. This is the data that will be included in the hosting later, as well as other data.

Also, it removes the email verification of the subscriber. This email is displayed if you purchase a domain as well (or a free domain). Please click on the link in the email to confirm.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

The first step is to enable free HTTP/SSL on your server. It’s really automatic, it just takes a while. I did it by hand so it was quick.

Perkenalan Singkat Hingga Jatuh Cinta Dengan Domainesia

Please click on the Lets Encrypt menu in your Domainesia cPanel. It’s at the top left. The menu will be displayed.

Check all the domains that appear, then click the Run AutoSSL button. Wait until SSL is completed and enabled. The symbol is a green padlock symbol on the back.

The next step is to configure your website to always open with https. Please click on the NGINX menu in Domainesia cPanel.

You need to do this setting so that the site is not copied later. If not, your website can be accessed and indexed by Google via http and https. Of course, this is not good from an SEO perspective.

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I will move this blog () to Domainesia as well. Previously, this blog was on a Vultr VPS server.

In general, the situation is the same on Vultr and Domainesia VPS on my blog. It’s not too far.

But it seems that daily backups are not daily in Domainesia. I think every 2-3 days. When I checked, there was a gap of 1 day.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

There are many ways to restore that you can do. We can restore the database through the control panel in cPanel.

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Backing up the site is important. I think it’s about our responsibility as a website owner. Don’t rely too much on hospitality, regardless of its promise.

You can upgrade your hosting if the hosting specification you are using is fixed. It was difficult to welcome guests.

I think it’s better to get the lowest hosting package (Super package and above) first. If it’s heavy, increase the package above.

Btw, I think if I’m going to buy a Giga or Exa hosting package, I’d rather just go with VPS. It’s just that there are no VPS managed by Domainesia. So you have to manage yourself.

Beli Cloud Vps Murah Indonesia & Cloud Server Terbaik

If you have limited skills / time, you can only use the management service. And if you don’t like the complexity, it’s better to use the Giga or Exa receiver. These are just my thoughts from a price point of view.

Domainesia offers easy-to-use hosting. The hosting features offered are very extensive, including responsive support.

For myself, yes. So far (not for long), the reception has been warm. The price offered is valid.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

Now, I like Domainesia. If you are looking for the best accommodation in Indonesia, you can try this accommodation.

Peningkatan Fitur Fitur Domainesia Dan Penyesuaian Harga Hosting

In terms of features, it is not inferior to Niagahoster or Nusantarahost. In terms of price, there is not much difference. But in terms of speed, I think it’s too much for now. Domain Options: .com / .xyz / .online / .site / .website / .space / .my.id / .web.id / .biz.id. Included with the purchase of hosting for a minimum of 1 year. The domain is free for the first year.

You can contact us through the various methods available. Our Support Team is ready to help solve your problems 24/7.

More than 200,000 customers use it. Our backup system consists of 2 data centers with different building locations.

Cloud Storage Technology based on NVMe SSD with 3X Data Replication can provide 100% data uptime, high performance, high stability and protection from data corruption.

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Prevent data loss or data damage due to accidents with backup features stored in Data Centers with different building locations. There are 3 saving points, which are daily, weekly, and monthly.

CPanel is the best control panel because it is easy to use, full of features and saves time. Allocation of resources by CloudLinux makes the server very busy.

There are various features to speed up your website such as WordPress Accelerator, PageSpeed​​​​​​Plugin, Nginx Cache, GFonts Accelerator, Redis and Memcached.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

The latest HTTP/3 technology with QUIC makes your website even faster. Combined with the best compression from Brotli, it will speed up the performance of your website.

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia Terbaik

The best internet network in Indonesia starts with a 10 Gbps connection to OpenIXP, IIX, JKT-IX, and C2IX with a new network that supports IPv4 & IPv6 for a large number of servers.

Move to your website without any hassle. We will help you move all your data free of charge in less than 1×24 hours.

Defeat attacks with one click. The Imunify360 feature in hosting is the best solution to prevent damage to the website from malware attacks.

It comes with 400 ready-made templates to work with WordPress, e-commerce, e-commerce, news sites, business pages, blogs, and more.

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Advanced and Pro models offer powerful features in the host architecture: Python, Ruby, Golang, Rust, Java (OpenJDK), Memcached, Redis, SSH, Bash, Git and MongoDB.

For you developers and power users, you can run complex applications on a hosting package without the hassle of time-consuming server management.

Used cloud technology, so you can experience the experience of having a fast internet. Benefits include reliable uptime with a rate of 99.9%, fast average speed, and good and reliable support services. Each hosting plan comes with the latest features such as HTTP/3 & Brotli, IPv4 & IPv6 support, WordPress Accelerator, cPanel Control Panel and CloudLinux.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

Achieves 99.9% uptime. Uptime is the amount of time the server is up and running. 99% uptime means your website will be up and running 99.9% of the time. You need to understand the importance of uptime, because it affects the performance of the website.

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Also, for online store websites or other businesses that can make transactions. A higher uptime will open up as more visitors, hacking ability and higher SEO ranking.

Using Nginx technology is faster than ever. Nginx is integrated with Nginx cache, PageSpeed, HTTP/3, and Google Fonts cache.

Meet your internet needs in hosting packages. We offer different package options with different sizes and benefits to each web hosting site.

The service will always be ON, even if it is only requested or not purchased. The center is busy, it rarely goes down. Don’t hesitate to vote!

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The company is professional and always responsive. They also have a lot of promos and they want to help you every time.

WordPress Hosting comes with great features like LiteSpeed​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cheap Web Hosting is a means of storing and transferring data on websites created on the Internet. Later, online data such as text, images or videos will be stored on a secure cloud server, which will always work, and will be connected to the internet for 24 hours. The quality of hosting you choose will determine the success or failure of the website you build later. The hosting service is simple and high quality that allows visitors to access the site quickly. So, choose a cheap, good and guaranteed host for your website.

Apakah Hosting Sudah Termasuk Database Domainesia

In addition, of course, the cheap online advertising packages have a 30-day money-back guarantee and an excellent support service that works 24 hours a day.

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One of the things we think is the key and continues

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