Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa – SEO expert and founder of Shared.domains, Dmitriy Sokhach, talks about how “Nazakhid” made his statement after Expiry SEO Expert conducted a study analyzing 10,000 expired domains that passed through his Shared.domains service.

Expired domains are domains that were registered by an individual or legal entity, but were later closed or not renewed by them. Domains are available for re-registration and are commonly sold on sites such as Godaddy, Namejet and other auction marketplaces. This domain is used for:

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

Dimitri says that through Shared.domains, he, along with other SEO experts, typically buy expired domains into a pool that they use to boost the search rankings of the top sites they promote.

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During the 2 years of the service’s existence, Dmitry and his friends bought many domains, but failed to buy more than 10,000 domains at auction. The main reason for this is high prices or low bids However, after 2 years, they researched all the domains, collected some of their data and found some interesting examples.

$10/month can help you learn about website history It shows when and how many domains were purchased This platform allows you to see the sales history of a specific domain and track its popularity

For example, the screenshot below shows that a domain bought for $155 in 2017 sold for $455 in 2020.

Spamzilla is one of the few services that allows you to find complete information and history of a domain in a very short time. In addition, it allows you to monitor the availability of new domains in the auction and update statistics daily.

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Trust flows to increase a site’s trust index You can also view a screenshot of the site’s web archive and find out its age, content and other information

1. Domain name length and branding For example, the most expensive domain in history is voice.com, which was bought by NFT exchange for $30,000. Another example of selling small domains for millions of dollars:

3. Domains with weak traffic links but high traffic are very valuable This is because if the website has traffic, it means that it does not have Google filters The characteristics of the site on Ahrefs are shown in the screenshot below: Almost no links, but there is traffic .

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

. Often expired domains with traffic are used to monetize sites – they reclaim content and monetize it.

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Dmitri talks about the domain he bought It used to be linked to the referral site for a long time, and then it lost its traffic in 2016. After some time, the site was completely removed from Google’s index, and all traffic to it disappeared.

In 2019, the Sokhach team bought the domain for $300 They link it to a new site and fill the website with content Today, traffic to the site reaches 20 000 unique visits per month

Dimitri believes that his team was able to save money by buying domains that were already referred, because in addition to traffic, the site has good indicators:

Among the 10,000 domains reviewed under Shared.domains, many were found to be successful sites Sites that are successfully co-monitoring Dimitri said they included;

Pdf) Sistem Penunjang Keputusan Untuk Pemilihan Domain Menggunakan Metode Analytic Hierarchy Process (ahp) Berbasis Web

The above two domains are AI content creation sites where the content was created using custom GPT-3 software Sokhach said the trend of creating such sites has been popular in the last year. However, as you can see in the screenshot below, after Google’s update in May, the sites lost a lot of traffic.

Dmitri talks about his experience in promoting results sites He bought a free domain for only 100 RD This site is dedicated to cooking content It was decided to translate YouTube videos into text and fill it with content

In the screenshot below, despite Google’s update in May, the website still has good traffic today.

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

After analyzing the entire path of successful sites on their Shared.domains service, the Sokhach team concluded that the average cost of such a domain should be less than $3,000. This allows us to conclude within a reasonable price range to buy a free domain for further monetization Continue.

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Dimitri says that there is an opinion in the SEO community that a successful site needs a lot of links This statement is not true, which is confirmed by the following case

In February 2021, people bought the Hotframeworks.com domain for $3,100. Its RD was only 336 when purchased. The site has not gone through any major organizational changes or increased the number of referrals. This decision was made because the existing links were from many authoritative sources, so they decided to promote the site with them. Now the site is a collection of hosting companies and monetized through affiliate programs.

Dimitri believes that it is not the number of links that matters, but their quality. If there are links from big sites like Forbes, Business Insider, and other popular forums, it makes up for their low numbers.

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Domains with no cheap Google traffic and index Sites that know how to get back on Google’s index buy these domains and resell them with traffic at a higher price.

Sites are bought for an average of $300 and resold for $4,000 with indexing and traffic. To increase the value of the site and sell it accordingly for more than what it was bought for:

Dimitri shares this life hack: Often it’s buying a domain on DropCatch or Nemegate and reselling it on the go without repair. This is because Godadi is more popular than the first two times and there is fierce competition for domains

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

As Google learns and improves its algorithm, it will become harder to hide PBNs for it. Currently, there is a tendency to build high-quality networks that Google will not enable:

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At the end of his speech at the nazikid conference, Dmitry Sokhach held a question-and-answer session with the audience and dropped a few price bombs. Here are the results:

Q: How to update your website promotion knowledge and know all SEO innovations? Should I buy the expensive course?

My colleague said, you must watch Ahref like TV. I totally agree with him here – this service is the ultimate resource that allows you to detect any changes and patterns in website promotion.

Regarding training courses – they are only suitable as basic knowledge Updates and corrections are only possible in practice Experiments such as changing titles, keywords and different methods of content creation, with a small ten page page, will provide more experience and knowledge than an advanced course.

Memahami Siklus Masa Aktif Domain (domain Life Cycle)

The best way to learn and improve is to go through the entire SEO cycle, from finding and buying a domain to getting your site to appear in Google’s SERPs.

It is very rare to get a site to the top because there are many filters on domains used by the Chinese We had a case where we bought a good domain for $900, but ignored it and the Chinese were using it. Therefore, all attempts to appeal to Google, as well as attempts to promote the site, were unsuccessful. Domains appear in hundreds of places in search results

Our team has a site that is a directory of IT company websites, and we thought it unlikely that it would be one of the top sites in the search rankings. However, after Google’s update in May, its position has improved slightly.

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

From the experience of looking at other directory sites, I can say that many of them have successfully grown and have millions of traffic indicators.

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The main difficulty in promoting the site is to differentiate the cards in the catalog so that the site is not a duplicate of many existing brochures on a particular subject. First of all, this must be done so that Google’s algorithm “notices” and ranks pages.

Better to use “PublicWWW” or “Bing Webmaster” service for this purpose By adding competing sites to this resource you can see their backlinks

You need to look at the backlinks and if there is a page with content you can try to get it back so that it is ranked higher by the search engines.

If the site is for a restaurant or other business, most of the domains there will be on the main page. Such domains are easy to use in referrals

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There is no special secret, I can only advise you to bid on Saturday night, when in Western Europe and America it is night, in Australia it is only morning and the auctions are not active. But keep in mind that some bidders use automatic bids, which can also beat the domain price

I believe they are mainly intended to combat related sites Google eliminated competition from large and medium-sized companies and paved the way for big brands in the search engine. Expired domains or old domains, as the name suggests, are domains that have expired or been used before and the owner does not renew the domain. It’s different with food when it expires, this expired domain is still very useful Because it was previously active, the domain has its own history and track record That’s why it’s very important to research an expired domain before buying from a local provider

If it is already used for positive purposes, has many backlinks and high DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority), then it is a valid domain with quality and purchase value. It helps blogs rank higher in search engines

Apakah File Di Hosting Dihapus Ketika Kadarluasa

It is this advantage that attracts many bloggers to choose an expired domain instead of improving the quality of their blog from scratch by using a new domain.

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Remember that you are not the only one looking for an expired domain So make sure you choose the right time when the list of domains for sale is updated Try it from 12 noon to 5 am As follows

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