Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus – To be honest, there wasn’t much information I could find about Kitchen Hosting, since there isn’t even an ‘About Us’ page explaining who they are and how their journey has been over the past 16 years.

However, the issue of the number of customers, as a result of my previous research, cannot be used as a criterion for choosing a brand.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

So, I bought Kitchen Hosting’s cheap “Plan B” hosting plan and installed WordPress for research. Then check the settings and test the speed of the server, as well as test the quality of the support service.

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia 2022 (review Uptime & Speed)

All this is done to measure the quality of hosting from Kitchen Hosting, so that the results of this review give a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of their service.

It is a good choice for those who want to share with a good enough performance, many features, good and reliable support, but at a reasonable price.

You are like hiring an in-house staff to manage your website. The difference is that our services are greater than that and at a lower cost.

First, there is a change in the content of the homepage. They don’t position themselves as a ‘cheap host’ by adding lots of ‘cheap’ keywords. Now the content is easy to understand and no more ‘SEO’.

Website Builder Terbaik Untuk Membuat Web Dengan Mudah

Second, support is now available 24 hours a day and warranty policies have changed for the better.

In this update, I decided to test the speed of the host server using the GTMetrix Pro tool. The metric I use is TTFB or time to start byte, because this TTFB is a reference used to measure the server’s response speed, so it’s really important to know how fast or slow the server’s response is.

The average TTFB is 250 ms, which is rated as fast. There were not many providers that I tested, the speed was below 300ms, only 5 out of 22 providers.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

Compared to last year’s test (2021), we saw an increase of 20 ms (an increase means a decrease), but 20 ms is not a high number. It only shows that from the previous test (September 2021) compared to the last test (April 2022), there was no noticeable improvement. It is possible that they did not update in between that time to reduce the loading time on their server.

Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia (gratis Domain & Ssl)

The last error test was carried out in September 2021, which means that the data we publish at this time is not significantly updated and may differ from the actual situation.

In short, by performing a load test you can see how the hosting server behaves when it is under pressure / load from many visitors coming at the same time.

Well, you want your website to be the same when the first visitor arrives or when the 5th, 10th, 25th or 100th visitor arrives, right?

This means that a large number of visitors should not affect the operation. So, to know, for sure, we need a test and the best tool in our opinion can be used, which is Load Impact K6.

Timurbay Beachfront By Perfect Host, Kuantan

In the Load Impact test, I did not use caching with the CDN so this test is to test the servers without configuration using any optimization methods such as caching.

And in the free shared hosting package, as a test of 22 other providers, I sent only 10 real users (called visitors) to walk through the test Kitchen Hosting website for 10 minutes.

10 Virtual Users must be able to overload the server, and create instability in the server’s speed or performance.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

It is clear from the 22 tests, that only four providers have stable servers in this test. What about entertaining in the kitchen?

Pengertian Cloud Kitchen, Potensi, Dan Strateginya Untuk Bisnis

In the graph above, it can be seen that there is an increase in the response time of the server as the number of visitors increases. Even so, the average server response time (665 ms) is still low. That’s why I still put myself in power.

The Load Impact K6 tool also detects the problem with the server, the overloaded servers. This is what makes the response time so high.

From my testing, 18 other providers found the same thing, which is that the response time increased as the number of real users increased. In theory, the server should remain stable while being updated, such as using caching and a CDN.

It’s just that the number of real users I installed was not too many, only 10 real users. However, it seems that as many as 10 VUs can create ‘noise’ in the server so that server response times increase or server performance decreases. This is a bad sign, but I think it is normal or normal because cheap hosting packages do not have large hosting resources.

Contoh Bisnis Olahan Pangan Sehat Yang Menjanjikan

The last time we tested Kitchen Hosting’s support service was last September 2021. We will be reviewing again in November 2022. Therefore, this review may not be up to date, as they may have improved the service or reduced the quality of the service that we are not yet aware of.

But if the customer service is not good, you will still have big problems when you need support.

Kitchen Hosting’s support service follows the best results for web server speed. The results of my tests showed that their customer service was friendly, the response was quick and the explanations were helpful.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

It should not be surprising that as a 16-year-old provider they should have fully understood that customer satisfaction should always be the priority.

Review Web Hosting Indonesia 2021

I asked technical questions like, how to create an email account and Ms. Thalia answered quickly and directly

In conversation, and don’t ask to read the instructions on the tutorial page where you have to read them and solve the problem yourself.

And to see how their technical staff handle technical problems, I conducted a second test.

Turns out, my ticket got a response 5 minutes later. It’s not a system solution, but a ticket solution + they fixed the error there.

Hosting Murah Terbaik Indonesia Di Tahun 2022

So, I think Kitchen Hosting deserves a rating of 5/5 in terms of support services. In fact, they are the #3 fastest fix for this error. Just faster than Jetorbit (3 minutes) and DraCoola (4 minutes).

I did a third test last September to see if the support is still as good as it was last year.

If I deliberately made a mistake when connecting the database, this time I deliberately changed the script in one of the files on the WordPress core, so that it could cause serious damage to the site WordPress websites.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

I submitted a ticket on September 6, 2021 at 14:04 and received a response 10 minutes later. They provide tutorials on how to fix errors that occur.

Ulasan Idcloudhost Indonesia 2022

The solution given is correct, that is, by replacing all the core WordPress files, including the wp-content and wp-admin folders that you don’t need. Replacing wp content can remove existing plugins and themes.

After that, I responded asking for help from the administration side to fix the error, because not all users understand technical issues, right?

FYI, Kitchen Hosting staff cannot access a customer’s cPanel account even if you authorize it or simply log into cPanel. You will need to provide them with your cPanel username and password information.

It’s good because they really care about customer privacy. That’s not good because if you forget your cPanel username/password you have to do a password reset first which takes time and can be difficult for new users.

Ulasan Rumahweb Indonesia 2022

Then, after I gave them my cPanel username and password, 13 minutes later they were able to fix the error. The total time required is 23 minutes according to our calculations.

Kitchen Hosting offers an unlimited 30 day warranty. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can return it and your money will be refunded.

Just like all other Indonesian web hosting providers, Kitchen Hosting is also ready to transfer your website from your old hosting to Kitchen Hosting for free.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

There are three important indicators that determine the quality of a web hosting service, namely uptime, page time and support.

Review Dapur Hosting Indonesia 2022

Hospitality in the kitchen thrives on two things. They have a fast web server and have great support.

But it’s a shame that they failed during the promotion and this is the reason why I can’t recommend Kitchen Hosting until the updated review of September 2021.

We have been looking at Kitchen Hosting servers since August 2019. This is their normal month-to-month period until March 2022.

If you look at the data in the table above, in fact most of the average time is good (23 months out of 32 good), although in 2021 they failed once in June 2021, another time left the average uptime. very good. it’s amazing.

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However, the problem is that their servers are not stable, and if they are, their servers can be down for more than 10 hours in a month. It’s a shame because they have good server response speed, and pretty good support too.

Checking manually, we found that the Kitchen Hosting server we used in January 2022 was having problems connecting to other countries. This is due to the fact that the server experienced a DDOS attack on the network around the world. This causes the monitoring tool we use, which is Pingdom, to think that the server is down, even if it is located locally in Indonesia it will be normal or correct. This disruption may have occurred at a time we don’t know other than January 2022. This means our survey data is not 100% accurate. We apologize for this limitation.

Kitchen Hosting still uses a traditional system in its backup feature, where the backup and restore process still needs to be done manually.

Apakah Dapur Hosting Bagus

This means, you need to download the backup file first, and then install it. Several other local providers, such as Niagahoster and DomaiNesia, are already implementing an automated system using JetBackup.

Jenis Hosting Terbaik 2021 Yang Layak Anda Pertimbangkan » Kompirasi

Another drawback of Kitchen Hosting’s backup feature is that only 1 backup file is saved. For example, when I checked the backup file of my Hosting Kitchen website for review on October 24th, it turned out that there is only one backup available on October 15th.

There is no option of monthly, 3 months or even 6 months payment cycle. They use a yearly cycle on both their cheap hosting plans and their premium hosting plans.


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