Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense

Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense – Welcome to our https:// column for sharing IT knowledge and wisdom On this occasion we will discuss and get familiar with hosting and domains

A simple definition of hosting is where we store websites or web data on the internet network So, in fact, the act of hosting is no different from storing data on our local computer, i.e. hard disk, only if the hosting is in a server network that can be automatically accessed from anywhere, by anyone and anywhere. The server is still up Still online, no more down And as we know that the websites on the internet are usually some company owned websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, personal websites, organization websites etc. with the aim of making the websites available. 24 hours a day by the general public of the world

Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense

Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense

And then perhaps a question arises, do you have to spend money for hosting? The answer is that to get a place on the internet there are those that don’t pay, meaning free and some that are paid. To choose whether we should choose free or paid, it depends on the conditions and needs, so we have to consider what is the purpose of our hosting.

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It is clear that e-commerce companies and practitioners really need space on the Internet for business reasons, but for friends who often share experiences, knowledge, ideas, etc., choosing free hosting can be a good idea. About friends who would prefer to buy cheap hosting from here?

And then perhaps another question arises: Is there a difference between free and paid hosting? Of course, the answer is different, but free hosting does not have the benefits of paid hosting

Nowadays, of course, we often hear the term domain, especially those who frequent the Internet A domain itself is a unique name that belongs to the owner of the website, and that domain is actually an alternative name for an IP number, so that the website address is better and more familiar than the combination of these IP numbers. The address of a website, which we usually call a URL

So, from a serial number, of course, we are more familiar with websites with domains in the form of their proper names, so the domain also serves as a means of identity and identity for a particular website. So that the domain name is very important and effective for the e-commerce professional and the domain name can be selected by the website owner according to their own desire according to the content/content of the website. Therefore, a domain name belongs to only one website, no 2 websites can have the same name except with a different domain extension.

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The domain itself must have an extension, the domain extension is a suffix placed after the domain name separated by a period. Unlike domain names, which we can choose at will, domain extensions have already defined standards and must be followed, including extended names indicating the existence of the website in a specific country, such as id (Indonesia), sg (Singapore), my (Malaysia), cn (China), UK (United Kingdom/England) etc

Like hosting, some domains are paid/not free, some are paid For free domains, it usually follows the parent domain name, but for paid ones, of course, depending on the purpose for which the website was created, we can use our own domain name. For cheap domains, they are located at https:///cheap-domains and how to buy a domain, click here.

As explained above, a domain is a website name that is used to replace a series of IP numbers as a website identity. The way a domain works is actually quite simple, where the domain is used to facilitate internet users to access the hosting server. And after entering the domain, the system will prompt you for the server name The name server itself contains the database information for the domain owner, the server contains the DNS record data This record contains CNAME records, MX records, and a record

Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense

Apart from knowing the domain and hosting, we really need to know the term website file I’ll go over site files a bit here, as they are closely related to previous hosting and domains Site files are the content of a website, or content that contains articles, data, photos, even music and video. This website is in the form of a page, php file or html file So when we open the incoming URL, we can see the content of the site

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So, the conclusion from the whole review above is that when we are going to display some website content, it needs to be stored in a place called web hosting server and has an address or addresses which we call domain, so the content can be. The latter is visible to anyone who can access it through the virtual world network we call the Internet

Ferri is a part-time writer His days are busy with work routine Like men in general, she loves football, where her favorite clubs are PSG and Liverpool FC. If you are new to the world of websites and hosting, you must be wondering, what is a domain? Basically, a domain or domain name is supposed to be a physical address

For example, satellite navigation systems require street names or postcodes to provide directions This is similar to a web browser asking for a domain name to direct visitors to you or a website.

Domain names consist of two main components: for example, the domain name Facebook.com consists of the website name (Facebook) and the domain name extension (.com). When a company (or individual) purchases a domain name, they can create or specify a server to which the domain name can be redirected.

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. ICANN determines domain name extensions and maintains a centralized database of what a domain name leads to.

A web server is a physical machine that stores the files and databases that make up your website and displays them to website visitors when they log in and open your website from a computer.

A domain name refers to the list of names that website visitors enter into the search box to find your website open and accessible. A domain name directs a web browser to a server that stores various resources Without a domain name, people can type in the server’s IP address to access your site Of course, this is very troublesome

Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense

Without a domain name, people will have to enter an IP address to access and view your site Simply put, IP addresses are too long and difficult to remember or be effective for advertising

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An IP address points to a server, but if a website visitor wants to use it, the address cannot be used to resolve the website. If the IP address is trying to resolve a website, the remote server must use port 80 with the default page stored in the web application directory (for example index.html).

As you already know, misusing the default server and IP address will only lead to confusion and waste of time For this reason, most business owners prefer to use website building services such as those that offer packages

, that is, you just have to accept that it is done, all the technical issues are done by the team All packages or packages we offer include a free domain forever as long as you use our services

Or redirection, which typically allows you to determine whether visitors to your domain are automatically redirected to another website when they log in. This method is especially useful for campaigns and microsites, or for redirecting visitors to a specific landing page on your site. Redirect options are also the best way to avoid domain typos For example, you want to open Facebook Instead of entering the correct address, you enter www.fb.com Since there is a redirect option, you will be redirected to the official website www.facebook.com.

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Not all domain names follow the same formula and rules While the .com domain is the most used, accounting for 46.5% of the world’s websites, there are other domains, such as .org and .net. Here are the most commonly used domain types:

As the name suggests, this type of domain name is the top level of the domain name system on the Internet There are thousands of TLDs you can use, but the most commonly used ones include .com, .org, .net, and .edu.

CcTLDs contain domains that are only two letters long and are based on international country codes, such as .us for the United States and .id for Indonesia. Generally, ccTLDs are used by companies that create websites specific to specific regions These domains appear as “tags” that are located in the country or region of the website’s destination

Apakah Bisa Domain Dan Hosting Gratis Hostinger Dikaitkan Adsense

Basically, a gTLD is a TLD that does not use a country code Most gTLDs are intended for specific website use, such as .edu for educational websites By now you understand that you don’t need to meet certain conditions to register a gTLD For example, .com is not always intended for commercial websites

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Other examples of gTLDs in use are .mil (military), .gov (government), .org (non-profits and organizations), and .net, which were originally created as domain names for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but are now Can be: used in anything

We have already mentioned the most commonly used types of domain names Now we will present another option that you can use

You may have seen or known this type of domain name before This time, we’ll talk about the domain that comes immediately after the top-level domain name As you should know, we will not discuss technical situations here We will explain this topic with an example that is easy to understand, especially when it comes to country codes

For example, UK companies will use .co.uk instead of .com This is an example of using a second level domain As another example, .gov.uk is commonly used by government agencies and .ac.uk by academic institutions and universities.

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Not a subdomain

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