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Basically, DNS or Domain Name System is a hierarchical and dedicated system for computers, services and other resources connected to the Internet or private networks.

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

Or you can say that DNS is the system that stores all the data from domains or hostnames on the network.

Apa Itu Dns? Ini Pengertian, Fungsi, Jenis, Hingga Cara Kerjanya

The history of DNS began in the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) era. Arpanet was a modified network and was the first network to implement the TCP/IP protocol suite.

The Stanford Research Center maintains a text file called HOSTS.TXT that maps hostnames to computer numbers on the ARPANET. Elizabeth Feinler then developed the first ARPANET directory.

The digital address is maintained by Jon Postel of the Information Sciences Institute of UCLA (University of Southern California) in collaboration with SRI.

Addresses are entered manually. At that time, the computer was included in the main file in connection with the SRI Network Information Center headed by Elizabeth Feinler.

Memahami Apa Itu Ttl Di Dns Record Dan Berapa Nilai Ttl Yang Baik

Feinler then installed a WHOIS directory on a server in the NIC to retrieve contact information, sources, and branches.

He and his team then developed the platform concept. Feinler suggested that the domain should be a location based on the address of the computer. For example, a computer at an educational institution will have the edu domain.

In the early 1980s, central hosting became slow and unwieldy, and networks emerged that required an automated reporting system to resolve technical and personnel issues.

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

Postel then led the consensus building task on the 5 recommendations to Paul Mockapretis. Then he created the domain name system.

Mengenal Apa Itu Dns, Fungsi, Jenis Jenis, Dan Cara Kerjanya

In 1984, four students at the University of California, Berkeley, Douglas Terry, Mark Painter, David Riggle, and Songnian Zhou, wrote the first Unix server, BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain).

Then, in 1985, Kevin Dunlap improved the DNS implementation. Since then, Mike Karels, Phil Almquist and Paul Vixie have maintained BIND.

In the early 1990s, BIND was converted to the Windows NT platform. This DNS was widely used on Unix systems and is still the most used DNS on the Internet.

So, before we explained a brief history of DNS, now we will explain how DNS works. To understand this, you need to know three elements, including:

Apa Itu Dns? Pengertian, Fungsi, Contoh & Cara Kerja

The solution is an e-mail client and web browser. Therefore, to connect your computer to the DNS server, you need to install an email client or web browser. For those of you who want to know how a DNS server works, here is an explanation.

The more a technological product develops, the more needs arise. DNS is a fundamental part of today’s internet world.

Without DNS, we cannot easily surf the Internet. So an article on what DNS is. I hope this is useful! When you want to search for a website, you have to enter the website URL, right? After pressing the Enter key, the page will open automatically. This is one of the functions of DNS. Using DNS, you can easily open a website by typing in the URL. Then what is a DNS server?

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

In short, this DNS is a technology that allows easy access to websites. Each website must have an IP address to access it. This DNS will then translate the URL to an IP address so that the site can be accessed. To learn more about DNS servers, let’s see the explanation in this DNS article.

Apa Itu Dns? Pahami Pengertian, Fungsi Dan Cara Kerjanya

The definition of Domain Name System, or DNS for short, is a system in a database that works to find the name of a website linked to an IP address. For example, if you enter Budi’s name in a contact

DNS acts as a hierarchical naming system for a domain so that computers and protocols can interpret URLs. If you did

By hosting a domain that has already been registered, the site automatically uses DNS. However, you can still configure and choose your own DNS server

There are actually three main DNS functions in one source. Among these functions, the first is to obtain the website’s IP address from the domain. Secondly, to get site url information from IP address. Third, get a mail server.

Web Server, Pengertian, Cara Kerja Dan Fungsinya

There are several other DNS server features that make it easy to access websites without typing a website address. The following are additional functions to the three main functions of the DNS server.

Each computer must have its own IP address so that when we search the web we can identify our computer. This is another DNS function in a

. In addition to translating URLs to IP numbers. Later, DNS will identify the user’s computer as a network connection point.

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

The DNS server will send the computer identity information from the known IP address. This will also protect your computer from dangerous things on the Internet.

Pengertian Dan Cara Kerja Dns (domain Name System)

Normally, when searching for a website, we just type in the domain name. For example, when we want to open a shopping site, we simply enter shopping.com. Without typing in the full website address, using DNS, users can easily find the website they are looking for.

This is different if you don’t use DNS on your site. Users will have a hard time finding your site. This is because the Internet and computers cannot find the correct IP address because it is unreadable.

, of course many do this by creating a website or hosting service. With this service, you can get a platform for

DNS not only translates URLs, but assigns an IP address to each available host. So that the Internet and computers can identify each host by the IP address it receives. In addition, this IP address is also used to access the official website of the hosting service.

What Is Dns Spoofing?

Another function of DNS is to speed up the process of accessing websites by looking up cached data. Using DNS, the process will be faster because DNS will find and search the cached data for information from the visited domain.

By obtaining information in the data cache about the page we want to visit, the work processes of the Internet and computer will be faster in searching for IP addresses. This is because the data is stored in the cached database, so DNS only needs to look it up in the cached database.

When sending an email, the email server will do its job to deliver the email to the recipient. Conversely, when mail arrives, the mail server is responsible for receiving the mail and sending it from the sender. In this case, DNS is responsible for logging all these activities.

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

DNS logs this to track all email activity, both on and off the mail server. All data containing DNS data will be stored for DNS to monitor for anomalies and others.

Cara Setting Dns Server Dan Web Server Di Cisco Packet Tracer

In carrying out its duties, DNS uses a pyramid or ranking system. When searching or translating domains or URLs, DNS does not necessarily process them. There are several steps involved in converting a URL or domain to an IP address.

The first is the DNS query. In this step, DNS will look up the IP address or information from the website you are going to and enter the address of the website you want to go to. If the DNS does not receive the information, it will look for the information in the cache database. This information comes from the websites you visit and is stored in cached data.

There are 3 types of DNS queries, recursive queries, iterative queries and non-recursive queries. All three have their jobs. The recursive query will return correct or error because the site does not exist. The iterative query will use the master server to find missing information. As for the third information, it will be searched in the cache database where this information is stored.

The next step in the working DNS mechanism is the DNS recursor. This process happens if the system does not find the user in the cache when typing in the URL or domain address. In this case, the DNS system will look for information from the Internet Service Provider or ISP.

Apa Itu Dns Server, Pengertian, Fungsi Dan Cara Kerjanya

When using DNS. DNS not only makes it easier to find your website, but it can also keep the activities of users on your website secure. What are the other benefits of using DNS?

The first advantage is that DNS will easily connect users and computers. Imagine if you don’t use DNS on your site, users will have to remember your site’s IP address. It’s not just no

Another advantage is that you can easily adjust the IP address if there is a problem. Thus, the execution

Apa Yang Di Maksud Dengan Ns Server Pada Hosting

It will still be fine even if there are obstacles. You can do this by updating your website’s DNS and IP address.

Cara Setting Dns Di Android Sendiri Di Hp Android

Even if you change the IP address for configuration, you can still use DNS with the same name. To make access to the site easy and transparent. Very useful for

In addition to convenience, it turns out that DNS can also protect websites from online threats. One of them is like hacking. DNS will protect all internet activity. This will avoid collecting data from the cache, which is very dangerous.

You can go well. Using DNS, it is not only easy to obtain information about the site, but also secure. DNS can help users connect to your website and protect stored data from hackers.

, DNS is connected automatically. In this way, your website is safer from cybercrime and more accessible to visitors.

Modul Administrasi Sistem Jaringan Xi Tkj

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