Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft – This architecture represents the main components of a basic web application. You can use the architecture to build web applications and then customize the application to your needs.

Your requirements may differ from the architecture described and provided in the code. This code is installed with the production configuration. Use the suggestions to meet your needs.

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

Varies with number of cores and memory. You can change the price level by selecting “Scale (app service package)” in the left navigation. Here are some of the app’s service recommendations:

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This overview implements the cornerstone of Azure Good Architecture. Cores are a set of principles that improve the quality of workloads. For more information, see Microsoft Azure Good Architecture Framework.

A key benefit of Azure App Service is scaling based on application load. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning to expand your application.

The auto scale defines the minimum and maximum numbers. You can set schedule-based profiles to trigger large-scale events. For example, you can create separate profiles for weekends and holidays. Profiles can contain rules for when to add or remove instances. For example, add two cases where the CPU usage is more than 70% for 5 minutes.

If a higher level of service or performance is required for a SQL database, upgrade individual databases without stopping the application.

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At the time of writing, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the application service was 99.95%. Application service SLAs apply to single and multiple instances. The SLA for SQL Database is 99.99% for Basic, Standard and Premium tiers.

SQL Database offers point-in-time recovery and geographic recovery to recover lost data. These features are available at all levels and are activated automatically. You don’t need to approve or manage reservations.

Create separate resource groups for production, development, and test environments. A separate environment simplifies deployment management, eliminates test deployments, and assigns access rights.

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

. Production locations represent live production sites. We recommend making stage plays to install updates. Advantages of using role playing games:

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This section describes the security considerations specific to the Azure services described in this article. This is not an exhaustive list of security best practices. For more information on security, see Azure App Service Secure Apps.

Audits can help maintain regulatory compliance and identify non-compliances and irregularities that may indicate business problems or security risks. See Starting an SQL Database Audit.

Each installation location has a public IP address. Protect non-production locations with Azure Active Directory login so that only your development and DevOps team members can access these development hotspots.

Logs must not record user passwords or other information that could be used to deceive an individual. Remove this data from the data before saving.

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. If you use a custom domain name, you must provide a certificate that corresponds to the custom domain. The easiest way is to purchase the certificate directly through the Azure portal. You can also import certificates from other certification authorities. For more information, see Purchase an SSL certificate for Azure App Service.

HTTPS is not enabled in the ART template installation. As a security best practice, your application should use HTTPS by redirecting requests to HTTPS. You can enable HTTPS in your application or use the URL rewriting rules as described in Enable HTTPS for applications in Azure App Service.

We recommend authenticating through an Identity Provider (IDP) such as Azure AD, Facebook, Google or Twitter. Use OAuth 2 or OpenID Connect (OIDC) for authentication flow. Azure AD offers functionality to manage users and groups, create application roles, integrate your on-premises features, and use backend services like Microsoft 365 and Skype for Business.

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

Avoid applications that manage user logins and credentials. This creates a potential attack surface. At a minimum, you should have email verification, password recovery, and multi-factor authentication, verify password strength, and store password hashes. Major identity providers do all of this for you and are constantly monitoring their security practices.

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Consider using Application Service Authentication to implement an OAuth or OIDC authentication flow. Benefits of checking the application service:

This architecture includes Azure App Service plans and bare-bones applications. It uses Azure SQL Database, Azure Key Vault to maintain database connections, and Azure Monitor for logging, monitoring, and notifications.

Use the following command to create a resource group for deployment. Select the Test button to use the installed shell.

Run the following command to install the web application and support infrastructure. When prompted, enter your username and password. These values ​​are used to access the Azure SQL Database instance. This content is an excerpt from the eBook, .NET Microservices Architecture.

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This hypothetical application handles queries by executing business logic, accessing the database, and then returning HTML, JSON, or XML responses. We believe the app should support a variety of clients, including desktop browsers running single page applications (SPAs), traditional web apps, mobile web apps, and native mobile apps. Applications may also expose APIs for use by third parties. Applications should also be able to integrate microservices or external applications asynchronously, so this approach contributes to the resilience of microservices in the event of partial failures.

These applications require high scalability while allowing vertical subsystems to scale independently, as some subsystems require more scalability than others.

Applications must be deployed in multiple infrastructure environments (multiple and on-premise clouds) and ideally cross-platform, able to migrate from Linux to Windows (or vice versa) with ease.

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

What should be the application deployment architecture? The specifications for the application, together with the development context, mean that you should organize the application into autonomous subsystems in the form of microservices and containers.

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In this way, each service (container) implements a single and closely related set of functions. For example, an application may have a catalog service, an order service, a shopping cart service, a user profile service, etc. may consist of services such as

Microservices communicate using protocols such as HTTP (REST) ​​as well as asynchronously (eg AMQP), especially when posting updates with integration events.

Microservices are run independently of each other as containers. This approach means that development teams can design and deploy specific microservices without affecting other subsystems.

Each microservice has its own framework, so it can be completely isolated from other services. When necessary, consistency between the databases of different microservices is achieved at the application level (via the logical event bus) with integration events, separating command and query responsibilities (CQRS). Therefore, business boundaries may need to include consistency between multiple microservices and their associated databases.

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You can focus on architecture and technology, without thinking about hypothetical business domains, we have chosen a reputable business domain, that is, a simple e-commerce application (e-shop) that offers a product. catalogs, takes orders from customers, checks inventory and performs other business functions. The source code for this container-based application is available in the eShopOnContainers GitHub repository.

An application consists of several subsystems, including several store front-ends (native web applications and mobile applications), along with back-end microservices and containers, with several API gateways as consolidated entry points for internal microservices for the required server-side operations. Figure 6-1 shows the application architecture.

As shown in the diagram above, Mobile and SPA clients communicate with a single API Gateway endpoint and then contact the microservices. Traditional web clients communicate with MVC microservices, which communicate with microservices through API Gateway.

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

Hosting Environment. In Figure 6-1, you see multiple containers deployed on a single Docker host. This can be true when installing to a single Docker host using the docker-compose up command. However, when using an orchestration or container cluster, each container can run on a different host (node), and each node can run any container, as explained earlier in the architecture section.

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Communication architecture. The EShopOnContainers application uses two types of communication depending on the type of functionality (requests versus updates and operations):

This application is deployed as a set of microservices in container form. Client applications can communicate with microservices running as containers through public URLs published by API Gateway.

In the sample application, each microservice has its own database or data source, even though all SQL Server databases are deployed as a single container. This design decision allowed developers to simply grab the code from GitHub, create a clone, and open it in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. Alternatively, this design decision makes it easy to compile custom Docker images using the .NET CLI and Docker CLI, and then deploy them in a Docker development environment. However, using containers for data sources allows developers to build and deploy external databases or other data sources that are heavily dependent on infrastructure (cloud or on-premises).

In a real production environment, for high availability and scalability, the database should be based on database servers in the cloud or on-site, but not in containers.

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Therefore, the deployment unit for microservices (and for the database in that application) is a Docker container, and the reference application is a multi-container application that embodies the principles of microservices.

Microservices allow scaling of individual application domains. For example, a catalog service or shopping cart service may need scale, but not an ordering process. A microservices infrastructure will be much more efficient in terms of resources used when scaling than a monolithic architecture.

You can divide development work between different teams. Each service can have a development team. Each team manages, develops, deploys and

Apa Saja Layanan Hosting Microsoft

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