Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting – As a website owner, you obviously want to manage your website easily and conveniently using the various tools available. For those of you website owners, you are surely no stranger to the term hosting control panel.

When managing hosting and websites, it’s easier to use tools that have all the functions. You can make various settings. Such as installation, security configuration, database, domain management and others.

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

If you don’t have a control panel, it will be very inconvenient if it has to be done manually, which is impractical, a waste of energy and time. But with a hosting control panel, website owners find it easier. Just click and install.

Migrasi Dari Cpanel Ke Plesk Antar Server

As a tool to facilitate website and hosting management, the control panel is a must-use. Before we continue with the discussion, do you already know the meaning of what is a hosting control panel and its functions? If not, in this article we will discuss control panels, features, and examples of hosting. Listen to the whole explanation until I finish, okay?

A hosting control panel is a tool provided by a web hosting service provider that is used to facilitate the administration, management, operation and execution of all website needs.

As an important part of performing various types of website development and administration, users can choose from various control panels available.

There are many hosting control panels that can be used today, both paid and free. Among others, such as cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. However, in Indonesia, the most familiar or the most used is cPanel.

Pengertian Control Panel Hosting. Contoh, Fungsi Dan Fiturnya

The main function of this hosting control panel is to help users manage and manage their website. These are the hosting control panel features you should know about:

Each control panel has a variety of interfaces and features. Each has a difference from one to the other. However, of all the types of control panels, if one looks closely, it turns out that all control panels have almost the same features and functions.

In addition, from the point of view of web hosting service providers, it is useful as a dashboard that makes it easier for them to manage and manage the hosting they have.

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

As a user, you obviously need to pay attention to various aspects to choose a control panel to use for the needs of the website. Since there are several types of control panels that can be used.

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Do not make a bad decision and do not make it difficult for yourself, for example, during installation and configuration. Here are some tips for choosing a control panel that you can try:

Web hosting service providers will definitely include hosting control panel facilities for their customers. Whether they are users of shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

By now, there are various types of control panels available in the market. Both are paid and can be used for free.

With a large number of users, cPanel is currently the most popular control panel. This Unix/Linux based control panel is only available on Linux operating system. The interface screen makes it easy for anyone to set up.

Lisensi Control Panel Hosting Plesk

CPanel is also very suitable for beginners because the menu is quite easy to understand its functions. Because of this convenience, it is not surprising that many people have crowned it the most popular control panel today.

Now, this control panel is quite similar to cPanel. Its use too. The interface display is quite simple and does not confuse the user.

The most unique thing about the Plesk control panel is that there are user levels, that is levels 1-4, where each level has its own menu, such as Administrator, Domain Owner, Customer / Reseller , and Mail User.

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

DirectAdmin is a control panel software that was released on March 1, 2003 in Canada. Until now, this control panel is not less popular than other control panels.

Langkah Mudah Amankan Cpanel Dan Plesk Backup Dengan Aos

Just like with cPanel, DirectAdmin also works on the Linux operating system. In terms of interface, it looks almost the same as cPanel and Plesk. However, in terms of the menu available, it is not as complete as cPanel.

On the other hand, DirectAdmin has a lot of web server support from Apache, Nginx, Nginx Reverse Proxy, OpenLitespeed and Litespeed.

If the old control panel was popular because of its convenience for its users, Webmin requires its users to have skills in the field of hosting.

Like Plesk, which has levels of user access, Webmin also has three levels. Namely, Usermin, Cloudmin and Virtualmin, which have their respective roles.

Cara Membuat Email Di Plesk Dalam 3 Langkah Mudah

ISPmanager is a hosting control panel that has a simple interface based on the Linux operating system. This control panel is often used by hosting companies in Eastern Europe.

The design looks simple but at the same time quite easy to use. What is offered by this control panel has two versions, the Lite and Business versions.

As for the Business version, it is perfect for multiple shared hosting or re-hosting because it can be used to manage multiple servers (clusters). In addition, you can easily manage customer user accounts.

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

Of all the existing control panels, all use the Linux operating system. If you want a Windows based operating system, it is very limited at the moment, even few available.

Cpanel Vs Plesk: Mana Yang Terbaik Untuk Web Hosting?

The reason is that Linux is known for its performance, security and ease of use, so hosting service providers also prefer to use Linux-based operating systems for their hosting.

From the list above, you will obviously wonder which one is the best one to use. The answer is up to you to decide. Because, essentially, all the hosting panels above are aimed at simplifying and speeding up the work of managing your hosting and website.

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It tries to help people easily understand about websites, domains, hosting, digital marketing. Writing about IT is as much fun as writing about football. Fan of Sir Alex Ferguson and Iksan Scooter. The presence of a control panel is a practical solution for website users and administrators that contains a variety of tools that can be used to manage various important things in server administration.

Cara Manage Akun Control Panel Plesk Hosting [lengkap]

For information, the control panel is a software program that is often provided by web hosting providers and works to make it easier for users to easily manage, operate and manage all installations on a web server . One of the popular control panels used is Plesk.

What is Plesk? Released by Sectorlink, Plesk is known as a control panel that has the ability to manage all server content and hosting as a whole. This control panel is also known to have a user-friendly user interface (UI) so that even novice users can easily understand each menu and tool while managing the server, such as email, website files, scripts, file management, etc. databases and various other tools. easily.

In addition, Plesk ensures the security of the user’s website with the presence of a built-in monitor and firewall. Not only this, the control panel that has been a favorite of website users for more than 10 years is also a scalable and customizable control panel so that users can combine it with various other plugins to become a common mechanism.

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

Plesk can be used on Linux and Windows operating systems. Advantages Plesk 1. Plesk Dashboard comes with a modern design and is similar to WordPress admin panel and other content management systems (CMS). With the main menu on the left side, Plesk allows users to easily operate the cursor to select the menu Mail, Applications, Files, Databases, Statistics, Tools, Extensions, etc. Plesk also classifies menus by item and names them based on their usage. Therefore, anyone can easily use Plesk.

Tips Menambahkan Domain Di Plesk Panel

2. Tools With Plesk, users can easily install WordPress. Plesk is also more inclined to provide various database extensions to make it useful for businesses.

3. Security Not only looks and function, security is also something that users always consider. For this, you need to choose a control panel with strict security so that the harmful things do not happen in the future. Plesk supports security extensions such as Immunify, Fail2ban intrusion prevention, and active directory integration. Users who own domains can also protect their domains with DNS. Not only that, Plesk provides automated repair and recovery functionality that can make it easy for users to resolve technical issues with ease.

5. Backup The Plesk control panel offers two types of backups that you can choose from, i.e. full backup, which is a data backup regardless of when the data was last updated, and the incremental backup, which is a backup of the previous data.

Plesk Panel Features When using Plesk, you will find 9 main features that will help you manage your hosting. What are these characteristics? Here is the review.

Jenis Jenis Control Panel Hosting Gratis Untuk Mengelola Website Dan Server

The first feature you will come across is Website & Domains. This feature is used to manage domains, from adding new domains, creating subdomains to creating domain aliases. You can also check the usage of hosting resources through this feature. The various menus you can find to manage domains and websites in this feature are:

Mail is a feature that can help you manage and create domain emails easily. This function has 3 main menus, including:

This feature makes it easy to install and manage applications that have been downloaded to Plesk. Some of the menus you will find in this feature include:

Apa Itu Plesk Dalam Control Panel Hosting

Files is a feature you can use to manage files on your website. In this feature, you will find File Manager which will display a web-based file manager to add and manage website files, and you can upload and manage existing website file content.

Bagaimana Cara Untuk Login Ke Plesk Control Panel Untuk V12

The Statistics function is a function that displays detailed information about the use of resources and traffic on the website. In this feature, you will find detailed information about the number of website visitors and the amount of storage and resource usage on your website. There are 6 menus you will find in the Statistics feature, including:

The Users feature is a feature for connecting registered contacts to Plesk. This feature helps you add new contacts, manage contacts, give access to other people to manage hosting and websites. The two menus for this feature include:

My profile feature

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