Apa Itu Inode Hosting

Apa Itu Inode Hosting – Inode is a word I see a lot in web hosting, so we order unlimited wordpress web hosting. ..low price for monthly subscriptions, like less than 50k… wow! What favors do you refuse!

Wait but wait a minute… there are usually terms and conditions attached… especially when I watch out for ads… like unlimited data packs! Unlimited internet..

Apa Itu Inode Hosting

Apa Itu Inode Hosting

Vaittt.. usually there is “Terms and conditions apply with signature / distinctive sign like this *” haha, there is a FUP (Fair Use Policy) restriction hehe.. 😂

What Is An Inode?

Well if you think about it, it is not possible to give unlimited like that, then the user will abuse it to save the download files where the server crashes…hehe.. it’s delicious… hehe, because we know the “download” type of websites that have large resources that they expire on time, even if they are in UGC / User Generate Content, so there are users … such as mega.nz, 4shared, mediafire et al.

So if you want to open such a download service, you have to use a VPS, so that the files are also safe.. resources are not shared. . :), however, the more you save, the more you will spend… 🙂

Some ads don’t advertise the number/limit of inodes, especially for unlimited services where customers don’t know, you know, unlimited, like that, but since they don’t know anything about it, customers are open to UGC 🙂 or User Experience.

For example, if you use WordPress, you can post articles. You cannot add more because the client has exceeded the host’s maximum inode limit.

Apa Itu Inode Pada Unlimited Hosting?

Usually the website is released immediately 🙂 and then the user complains to the provider/provider… why was it released so quickly! 🙂

Be patient, brother, so here I am trying to check inodes, who knows, maybe this will be a reference for you when you start thinking about signing up for a hosting package, especially UNLIMITED. See the information, what are the boundary inodes…

You will get used to reading this, yes, so you have nothing to complain about CS, sorry CS too…hehe

Apa Itu Inode Hosting

On average, from my experience, the inode limit for unlimited hosting services, be it Laravel or WordPress hosting, is an inode limit of 75,000, which means we are allowed to create 75,000 files, with folders, counting like 1 file, right , even though it’s not a folder.

What Are Inodes And How To Reduce Them ?

Well, if so, it’s a shame if the files are just a collection of .html, .php and other similar files that we see, each file is small, maybe 1 kb.

An inode is a data structure that contains some information, which can be in the form of folders, files with some extensions (eg html, .php, .psd, .3ds, .blend and so on). other extensions), images, videos and other files that we upload through the host provided by the provider/service provider.

Let me give you an example, you upload two files, one file contains 5 image files, 2100 html files and 35 video files.

Therefore, when the maximum capacity of these inodes reaches the respective limits/limits allowed by the service provider, the network cannot work to add more inodes…

Solved] How Do I Reduce My Inode Usage On Siteground, Hostgator, Or Other Hosts?

What happens if the inode is raised? As a result, if it is not published, you can delete some unused files or install more empty files.

But if everything is important, then you should talk to CS, maybe upgrade Hosting/Services, which will increase your monthly maintenance cost.

🙂 do you want to be more because your site is known to be original? you need to upgrade your hosting to VPS (virtual private server) but the average price is good, the minimum is around 100k per month… hehe, but we have high service, it can affect the speed of the website 🙂 there are many VPS services you can found in our beloved country, namely Indonesia. You can choose hosting from other providers, especially if your website is hosted abroad… by choosing a hosting center in the host country, especially the speed of access to your website (for users of the specified country, yes)

Apa Itu Inode Hosting

You can try to check the properties of the file on your computer, if you are using Windows, the way is very simple, you can go directly to the file you want to check,

How To Check Inode Usage In Your Cpanel Account?

After that, right-click the folder to see the number of files and folders recursively or all, including files and subfolders in the folder, and then select Properties.

There I checked out the WordPress site that I installed on Localhost using XAMPP. NET file is in HTDOCS, it’s like host bro.

Later that file will be called in the browser, for example, then when I want to call it in the browser, as a local server, then I’ll just type “localhost/net” and then ENTER, to bring up my vorpess location. included in that folder (with the message you previously activated SERVER in the XAMPP control panel package, otherwise it won’t work … hehe )

In the properties dialog that appears, in the general section, you can see the number of files and folders.

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There I circled the Content section, saying the number of files and folders listed … for a wordpress website with a standard theme, about 6033 files, 963 folders are required. .

It’s not an exact number, but.. we can estimate that one WordPress site installation will require between 7000 – 10000 inodes (safe guess, ha) hehe..

It’s inode, but here, the file we right click on is not listed 🙂 but on the web server, based on the information I got from one of the server providers, the file is listed.

Apa Itu Inode Hosting

Yes, for the file size, it seems to be very small (it’s default, but not a lot of posts and content, like photos or videos), only 99 mb, so it’s safer to transport between them. 99mb -150mb

Inode Nedir? Neden Limitlendirilir?

First you can login to your cPanel hosting account. There are many ways to access cPanel, you can simply copy it… and replace it with your domain URL… yes

You can use https if you install SSL on your website, or just use http if you don’t install SSL.

But many service providers make it an additional service and require a monthly subscription. 🙂

After logging in, you will see the cPanel dashboard page. There are usually many menus with different functions.

Cara Melakukan Pengecekan Inodes Pada Hosting

Scroll down the screen and look at the pages, because the information is usually on the page.

Most of the people who want to move, there are many posts on the blog, of course pictures, although the number of posts is not counted in the inode, yes for dynamic posts the base is larger. . This is different if the post is static and requires different content for each page (usually landing pages)

However, for information in the form of images and other information in the nature of files, it will increase the number of inodes.. 🙂

Apa Itu Inode Hosting

This is one of our discussions about Inodes (What do inodes mean in web hosting?), because this is an important factor in choosing a web hosting.

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Does the Inode reset every month? No, this is different from bandwidth where server providers impose limits on bandwidth, but most of the time the bandwidth itself is not unlimited.

So if the provider says the Inode size is 75,000, that … won’t change unless you upgrade the service level. Creating a home for hundreds of new websites requires the allocation of limited resources. Unlike the bandwidth generated by these same networks at a later stage, the initial configuration is a process that must be accurate to the byte. When a server’s file system is created and hosting settings are added, they allocate that resource by setting the number of files and folders each user can have on their account depending on the package they’ve chosen – this number is represented by the Inode number. for your hosting account.

Inode are the smallest record holders. Each of them stores data such as size, permissions, etc. deposit or deposit on your hosting account. While most people only care about the size of their files, the number is also important because it’s easier to find and ends up as disk space. .

Not all hosts are created equal and the same thing can be used on their servers. When creating our plans, we took into account the many mistakes made by other service companies in the past and learned from them. We understand that a stable hosting plan even at low prices like our StartSmart plan should have about 250,000 Inodes available to our customers to provide a good hosting experience for a small business that is just starting out and has not grown into a personal network. . At the top of our advertising offer is ours

Apa Itu Yang Dimaksud Dengan Inode Dalam Web Hosting?

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