Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting – As a small business or individual with an existing website (or hope to have one), you’ve probably heard the word “cPanel” is sent randomly.

You’ve probably seen it mentioned somewhere on the hosting company’s website, just wondering what it really means.

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

CPanel, short for control panel, is a web-based control panel that runs on the Linux operating system (OS). For those new to technology, an operating system is what controls the communication between your computers.

Cpanel Hosting Terpercaya Di Indonesia

. (In other words, think of it as a reliable translator that makes sure everything is understood and communicated properly.) Although the Linux OS is a special type of operating system, it is one of the most popular operating systems. reliable, secure and worry-free. operating system types including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and others.

Generally considered to be the industry standard, cPanel is the control panel most commonly used by websites (including ). His only purpose?

And compared to other control panels, cPanel offers many useful features to manage the important parameters of your website (think bandwidth, disk space, etc.) to ensure that it runs smoothly. Any additions? It is easier to control.

The key to unlocking the core of cPanel and freeing up your website? Buy a hosting package from a hosting company that uses the Linux operating system. While some hosting companies charge extra for cPanel access, shared hosting customers get cPanel for free.

Pengertian Control Panel Hosting. Contoh, Fungsi Dan Fiturnya

Ok, let’s say you bought the hosting plan. How do you login to cPanel next? (A short video by the way.)

First of all, your hosting provider should send you a welcome email with a direct link to access cPanel. (If you can’t find it, don’t worry. Just contact their customer service and they will be happy to help you.) If you are a customer sharing on the site, for a example, you can sign. in cPanel through your account as shown in the image below.

Once you have successfully entered your information, you will be presented with your main cPanel dashboard, which is visually divided into two panels: left and right.

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

While the right panel gives you a quick overview of your site when you’re on the go (showing statistics like the last time you logged in, etc. ), the right panel contains all the ‘sections’. These sections include menus divided into sections including settings, email, files, data, and logs, etc.

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As a beginner, cPanel can seem overwhelming at first with all the features available. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top 5 that you’ll want to start using right away.

If you are a shared hosting customer, you should use the special tools available in cPanel, especially the free Website Builder.

Website Builder allows you to build your website from scratch or edit an existing website. You can easily add elements such as images, text, videos, etc. thanks to the template design with easy drag and drop solutions.

If you want to build websites with a CMS like WordPress, you can install this website installation in a few clicks with the Softaculous Apps installer. The tool you use to install more than 450 software in your hosting package, including the popular WordPress and e-commerce favorite Magento.

Best Free Cpanel Hosting Providers In 2023

Since the installation is automatic, you don’t have to worry about manual installation (woohoo!). To install WordPress specifically, find the Softaculous tool and click on the WordPress button. And voila, it’s ready to go live. For more information, read Installing WordPress Using Softaculous.

While developers prefer to use FTP (FTP) to upload and manage their files on the web, cPanel also provides a file management tool.

The well-named “File Manager”, also available in the group section, allows you to install, create and / or delete files on the website, insert them into files or change file permissions. .

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

If you want to upload files to the website in the domain name associated with your hosting plan, remember to send these files to the “public_html” folder. The index file for your site should be in this folder. If you put the files in another folder or directory, the website will not be able to read them.

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Although the File Manager is not a replacement for FTP, this simple online application – with two panels of different functions – is more than enough and gets the job done.

To find the File Manager, look for it in the files section. By clicking the button, you can perform various actions such as installing, downloading, testing and even coding – if you fancy yourself a developer. Need a view? This is a short video on how to access File Manager if you are a customer.

If you still want to install a website via FTP or give your developer limited access to a specific file, you can create FTP accounts in the “FTP Accounts” menu.

This menu allows you to create FTP accounts with permissions to different files. So, if you want your developer to access only certain files of the website, just create an account that can access the file of the site.

Cpanel And Its Benefits For Users Of Web Hosting

Of all the features available in cPanel, email is definitely the most used.

If you want to create an email address to display your domain name and do not have a dedicated email address, cPanel’s email address is a great option.

Whether it’s cleaning up bad spam, setting up an autoresponder, or setting up your mailbox with your preferred email client (think Outlook or Google Mail), cPanel has all your basic email needs.

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

To manage your domain name(s) so that users can find you on the web by typing in your address (eg example.com), you can create a

Memahami Mengenai Cpanel, Manfaat Dan Fitur

To add more domains to cPanel, watch this short video.

In addition to creating and adding domain names, you can also set redirect URLs and manage your Domain Name System (DNS). (DNS is a list of names similar to IP addresses that computers use to communicate with each other.)

To avoid the worst case scenario, if your computer crashes or your website is infected with malware, you can restore your website information and keep it safe with our reliable cPanel .

(For more information on why you should restore your website data in the first place, read my previous article.)

What Is Cpanel? How To Use Cpanel In WordPress Hosting?

Under “File Manager”, you have the option to perform full or partial backups. bottom line? We recommend shared hosting, which includes the AutoBackup tool that only comes with special plans (Stellar Plus and Stellar Business).

Now that you know what cPanel can do, why should you use it? If you need more reassurance, here’s a summary of the main benefits:

Although most hosting customers use cPanel for basic administrative tasks, there are many special features available.

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

This is why cPanel’s visitor list shows 1000’s of recent information, while AW Stats shows more information about your website visitors, such as monthly , day, and hourly in graphs and tables, research information, place of origin, and more.

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And remember, you don’t need to be a professional user to use cPanel. You can make all the changes in one dashboard and manage your website easily.

So, what is your experience with cPanel? Has anything surprised you or made your life easier? Let us know in the comments!

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CPanel is a platform that uses a lot of features and features. cPanel actus is a control panel that facilitates the management of hosting services and other things on your server and website. Currently, cPanel is a control panel that welcomes the yang paling banyak yangan.

Mengenal Fitur Dan Fungsi Di Dalam Cpanel Hosting Anda

While berlangganan serviceanan hosting kasalan kasantalan akan mempertanyakan bagaiima cara mangelan dan mengeyanya. If it is not yet time to serve the host in many ribets, but the research platform control panel is necessary for the customization of the service. hosting as a server and website with many pengujana wearing the panel.

CPanel is a control panel that offers a shared server, email, and website. cPanel has a user interface and is easy to use. In addition, cPanel also has many features to facilitate website management, such as domain, email, CMS installation, and more.

CPanel is a platform that provides Linux-based hosting, so the control panel also works

Apa Itu Cpanel Atau Hosting

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