Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting – In contrast, a domain is an address. Every computer connected to each other has an IP address. However, the IP address is in the form of a sequence of numbers, which is difficult to remember. Hence the idea of ​​a domain name.

A domain or domain name is a website address that Internet users type in the URL column to facilitate access to the server’s computer address. For example:

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

Should have a website that opens. This is called website hosting. To become a domain owner, you must register a domain name with a domain registrar.

Apa Itu Hosting Dan Domain?

While surfing the Internet, one often comes across the words domain and hosting. Especially when we learn to build a website, sometimes we get confused about the difference between domain and hosting. In this article, we will discuss different things about domains and hosting that we can learn together.

A domain is compared to an address. Every computer connected to each other has an IP address. However, it is difficult to remember an IP address as a sequence of numbers. Hence the idea of ​​a domain name. In fact, the domain name itself is a memory tool to make it easier for people to access a computer address on the Internet in the form of a sequence of numbers. So a domain is just an address in the form of a domain name as a substitute for the IP address of the accessible server machine.

In the name, the domain is divided into several types according to the extension or the word after the domain, for example. .com, .net, .org and others are known as TLD (Top Level Domain). There are two types of top-level domains (TLDs), namely top-level domains (gTLDs) and country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

A gTLD is a domain ending in .com, .net and .org, while a ccTLD is a country code TLD, e.g. B. Indonesia with ID code (co.id, go.id, net.id, etc.) or Japan with jp code (co.jp, ne.jp, or.jp, etc.).

Daftar Penyedia Layanan Web Hosting Di Indonesia (terlengkap)

Hosting is a place to store digital data, including text, images or video, all of which will later be displayed on a website. Whether it is a company website, a personal website, a blog website, etc. Any website that we want to put online so that many people can access it, must be stored on a host or online storage media, that is, hosting. There are many web hosts available now. From paid to free.

Shared hosting is the term used for a web hosting service where multiple websites share the resources of a large web server. Shared web hosting is one of the cheapest and most affordable web hosting options, like B. VPS or dedicated servers.

Dedicated hosting is a term used to describe a web hosting package that provides a dedicated server with dedicated resources for a single customer. A Dedicated Server does not share resources with other clients and is only available as a single client or primary user.

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

VPS hosting is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS hosting offers virtual machines for customers. The concept of virtualization is similar to shared hosting, which allows multiple sites to run on a single server computer. However, virtualization technology allows each account to be treated as its own machine with its own dedicated resources. VPS hosting is at a higher level compared to shared hosting, but still below a dedicated server.

Apa Itu Domain? Simak Pengertian, Jenis Dan Manfaat Disini

Cloud hosting is the latest type of technology that we cannot find in some web hosting service providers on the internet. Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that uses the concept of cloud computing technology, which is known to be faster and more secure, because it does not rely on just one server, but uses many servers that are distributed in different locations and countries. Cloud hosting is now widely used by website developers for system testing and renting to clients. Maybe you plan to build a website, but are asked to buy hosting and a domain instead. Since you don’t know what hosting is, try Google “is hosting” or “what is hosting” and see this article.

Web hosting is something you really need when building a website. So, you should know the importance of hosting and its features. Don’t forget what type of web hosting is right for your website.

Fortunately, you have actually found the right article. In this article you will learn everything about hosting. Ready? Come watch the debate!

Hosting or web hosting is the place where all the files and data of the websites are stored for many people to access through the internet. Website files and data can be in the form of videos, images, emails, scripts, programs and databases.

Apa Itu Web Hosting? Pengertian Dan Jenis Jenisnya

Of course, you can’t build a website without hosting. For this reason, to create a website, you must first rent hosting.

It’s like building a house. If you want to build a big house, the plot area should be bigger, right? Just like a website, if you want to create a website with high capacity and performance, you need hosting with great resources.

But although the way hosting works seems simple, not all hosting can work properly, you know. Many hostings often work, the features are not compatible, so the website access is slow, etc.

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

In fact, the role of hosting is crucial for websites and businesses. Both to ensure site protection, maintain performance and increase reliability of online business.

Rumah Hosting: Speed Nya Cukup Cepat, Tapi Uptime Nya Buruk

Therefore, you should be smart to choose the best hosting provider. Whenever possible, choose hosting that promises up to 99% uptime so that the website is up 24 hours a day. Then, also make sure that the data center is the best for the website to work safely and easily.

You should also know that each type of hosting has its own set of features. Now that you know what hosting is and how it works, the next section will introduce you to the types of hosting and their pros and cons.

Compared to real estate, there are many types of real estate, right? From apartments, hotels, apartments to villas.

It’s like renting a hotel that only has a shared bathroom, kitchen, electricity and water. Therefore, you have to share these facilities with other residents.

Tips Memilih Domain Dan Hosting Untuk Bisnis

Like shared hosting. They share hosting facilities like disk space, speed, etc. So, if the user is using too many resources, your website will also be affected.

A VPS or virtual private server is a type of private hosting whose resources are used by only one user. So the server is not affected by other users’ usage.

This type of hosting gives you the freedom to independently organize and manage existing resources. This means that you must have technical skills in server management.

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

In comparison, this VPS is like a studio apartment that offers private facilities. Where every apartment has an electricity meter, water meter, bathroom and kitchen. Compared to boarding houses, all these facilities are integrated in other rooms.

Rekomendasi Hosting Terbaik Yang Kamu Cari [free Domain + Ssl]

Still confused about what cloud hosting means? Imagine opening a restaurant branch in multiple locations. The goal is that the queue will increase not only in one store.

The same applies to cloud hosting, which distributes the load across multiple servers at the same time. That way, if one server goes down, the website remains stable with server backups.

The difference is that WordPress hosting servers are configured specifically for WordPress users. Where it becomes easier for users to create websites with few clicks.

Like shared hosting, this type of hosting needs to have storage space shared with other users. So, when other users consume too much resources, you will also be affected.

Cara Transfer Domain Ke Tempat Hosting (registrar) Lain

In comparison, you are like renting a dorm room that has the same shape and design as the other rooms. It is only necessary to organize a little according to your wishes, the boarding house is ready for immediate occupancy.

Like WordPress hosting. You just need to install the plugin and edit the content in WordPress, then your website can be verified.

So, simple WordPress hosting is a special type of hosting for those who want to build a website using WordPress CMS without worrying about technical issues. Including the need to access cPanel to edit website files and other settings.

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

All website settings and optimizations in cPanel such as security, speed and bandwidth are managed by the hosting provider. This is what separates basic WordPress hosting from WordPress hosting. This makes it easy for you to create a website.

Pengertian Hosting Dan Domain Serta Detail Lainnya Yang Perlu Diketahui

Yes, it’s like booking a fully furnished boarding room. The rooms are equipped with windows, mattresses and wardrobes ready for use and adapted to your belongings.

Dedicated hosting is a server that is used by only one user. With a server dedicated just for you, you don’t have to worry about your website going down.

In addition, you have the freedom to manage and configure the server according to your needs. So you must have an understanding of managing servers.

In comparison, dedicated hosting is a private home that you buy from a developer. You can freely organize and manage your home.

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Hosting serves as a place to store website files and data. The function of a domain is now a website address, for example www.facebook.com.

A website actually has an address in the form of a combination of numbers (IP address) such as This combination of numbers must be hard to remember, right?

Therefore, a simple naming system is created with domains. So people just type in www.facebook.com, the browser will display the Facebook website page.

Apa Arti Domain Dan Hosting

So, if the previous hosting was likened to a house or a house, then the domain is the home address. Without a residential address, other people will not know where you live.

Hosting: Definisi, Cara Kerja, Dan Jenis Jenisnya

To answer this question, it really depends on the type of website you want to build. Let’s look at the explanation of the table below.

Basically, you can use shared hosting if you are a beginner who wants to create a personal website or a new business website that does not have a lot of traffic. If you want to create a high traffic website, cloud hosting can be the solution.

You might be wondering how much it costs to rent web hosting? Expensive or cheap, right? We offer you the best hosting prices in the area.

Shared hosting You only need to spend 10 IDR

Pengertian Dan Perbedaan Domain Dengan Hosting

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