Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

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Confused to choose because there are many types and similar prices, making it difficult to find the right hosting service.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Starting from cheap shared hosting, there are WordPress hosting services specifically for using WordPress, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

Apa Itu Vps Hosting? Definisi, Kelebihan, Dan Kekurangan Vps

In this article, we will help you choose between VPS and cloud hosting that best suits your needs. Immediately, the following discussion.

A virtual private server is a server service that uses virtualization technology, so a physical server is divided into several virtual servers dedicated to only one user.

You can use the space available on the VPS starting from the operating system used, the hosting panel and the applications you want to install.

Therefore, for maximum results, it is better to use a VPS service because there is no customization restriction placed by the hosting provider.

Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain Yang Harus Dipahami

In the previous article, we discussed cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a cloud computing service that works with multiple virtual servers at the same time.

So the difference with VPS is the number of servers used, cloud hosting uses many servers together in one, but the disadvantage is that there is only one server on can be used by several users at the same time.

The most appropriate analogy for cloud hosting is that apartments are usually designed in a way with full features, so for those who rent, just use them, now that’s what services are cloud hosting.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

In addition, you do not need special skills because the hosting is already managed by the hosting provider, you just have to pay​​​​​​ and use it.

Hosting Vs Vps Indonesia Mana Yang Paling Unggul

There are several basic differences between VPS and cloud hosting that you may consider when purchasing hosting services, here is a discussion of the differences between the two:

But for a cloud hosting service, the higher package price can already be used to rent a VPS with its various advantages.

Because you are free to customize the virtual server you have. But there are certain notes if you don’t do the VPS setup correctly.

Its unstructured nature requires you to organize it yourself. If you don’t want to bother with setting up a server, it’s better to just choose cloud hosting.

Apa Itu Vps, Kelebihan Dan Kekurangannya

In terms of capacity, both have almost the same capacity. The difference is only used in hardware features, for example, Indonesian VPS services already use RAID SSD for VPS storage technology.

For optimization issues, VPS is cheaper because you can start from installing the operating system, hosting panel and installed applications.

On the other hand, for cloud hosting security issues, everything is managed by the hosting provider, but what is recorded is on a cloud server because they are connected from one server to another.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Now it’s time to choose, which one is better for your website between VPS and cloud hosting? The answer must be tailored to each individual’s needs.

Pengertian Hosting Untuk Orang Awam

In fact, the cloud hosting service itself is suitable for use by companies or website owners who have high enough traffic or websites that are currently under development.

However, if you have a website with high traffic and you are concerned about server issues, it might be better to just buy a VPS service.

We have offers for cheap VPS services with a discount of up to 60% from a starting price of IDR 135,000 / month to only 75,000 / month.

And for those who have criteria such as not knowing hosting techniques and looking for hosting with easy management, cloud hosting services are very suitable.

Shared Hosting Vs Vps, Sebagai Web Hosting Bagus Mana?

What is unlimited hosting? Read this… Want to build a website but confused about how many GB of disk space to allocate? Unlimited hosting is the right choice. Of course, there is no hosting service that is unlimited … Nanning Noor Vijayanti Follow a rare talkative person who loves to write a lot. As an SEO content writer, she enjoyed sharing articles about the Internet of Things.

In short, the difference between hosting and hosting is functionality. Domain is the address of the website, and hosting is the domain where the website is hosted. So, if you want to build a website, of course you need both.

So, to discuss the differences between hosting and domains in more detail, let’s learn more about domains and hosting below!

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Hosting or web hosting is a server where all your website files are stored and can be accessed and managed over the internet. Starting from image files, videos, scripts and more.

Keunggulan Cloud Vps Dibanding Vps Biasa

Well, server hosting does not stand alone. The server is managed and stored in a data center. This is to ensure that the hosting server is secure and can perform at its best.

The types of hosting services that are available for rent are also different and you can choose the one that suits you. The suggested price also follows the resources provided.

For example, consider whether you are renting a board unit or a room in a shared house. You will share the same facilities as the other residents of the unit. For example, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

As with shared hosting, your website files will be shared with other users. And share the same features like speed, disk space, etc.

Mengenal Jenis Jenis Hosting & Memilih Hosting Terbaik Untuk WordPress

Shared hosting is perfect for those who are creating a website for the first time or are just starting a website and don’t need any specifications.

There are several shared hosting packages, such as child, student, personal, and business. Price also depends on the hosting package you choose.

Therefore, you have the freedom to arrange and organize your resources. However, you need technical skills for this process.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Distributed across several different resources on a single physical server. And this server uses sharing software, that’s why it’s called that

Perbedaan Vps Dan Dedicated Server Untuk Web Profesional

Yes, think like a housing complex and you live in a house. You can arrange anything and do it in your home.

However, since they are still in the same complex, the original resources are still shared. For example, electricity, water, etc. If the power goes out, yes, a screw will feel it.

Just like a cloud VPS, if the server is down, the VPS users on the server will feel it.

VPS is suitable for websites that have high traffic such that shared hosting can no longer accommodate them, want the freedom to manage and configure the servers, and have the technical skills to manage the servers.

Apa Itu Vps? Vps Untuk Pemula

You do this by spreading the load across multiple servers at the same time. So if one server dies, it still has another backup server.

It’s like opening a shop or a branch restaurant. Where all users are not targeted in one place. So you can avoid long queues if there are many visitors.

Cloud web hosting is a hosting that is suitable for websites that have high traffic, but want easy configuration. For example, online stores, project websites, company websites, news portals, etc.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Cloud web hosting services are services with large disk space that can accommodate hundreds of thousands to millions of traffic, you can get it at different prices.

Panel Vps Yang Harus Kamu Ketahui

The importance of hosting is that it will later affect the performance of your website. So, you have to be smart in choosing it. There are many criteria to consider when looking for the best hosting service.

For small or personal websites, they usually require less than 20 GB of disk space. At the same time, large websites (online stores, news portals, etc.) need more than 20 GB without limit.

Bandwidth activity occurs more frequently on your website. So, choose a hosting service that provides unlimited bandwidth to keep the website running smoothly.

3. Webmail – Email management on a hosting server using your domain name extension. The goal is to make it look more professional.

Tips Memilih Layanan Web Shoting Terbaik Dan Termurah

You also need unlimited email, so it can accommodate very high email performance. For example, add a website administrator’s email account, send emails to customers, etc.

5. Quality data center – hosting a server storage room that is equipped with infrastructure to protect the server from interruption. The highest level of data center is maintained by level 4 data center.

Originally, the domain was in the form of a complex combination of numbers and letters that indicated the address of the host server where the website files were stored. It is very difficult to remember by Internet users.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Therefore, the browser can identify the location of a website file from the domain name. Like the address of the host you are renting or the hosting server.

Perbedaan Cloud Hosting Dan Jenis Hosting Lainnya

Not only that, armed with the domain, we can also get information about the owner. Starting with name, physical address, email, etc. Well, WHOIS is a list of such personal information. You can search who’s domain to find the domain owner information.

A top-level domain is the extension behind the website name, for example .com, .id,, .gov, etc. The choice of this extension should be considered because you can choose the one that suits the purpose of the website.

For example, if you want to create an online store, it is more appropriate to use a school website with .com or, etc.

The SLD can also be the domain name you register. It can be your brand name or company name.

Apa Bedanya Domain, Hosting, Dan Server? Ini Jawabanya

However, you should not be cautious in choosing SLD. Because later this SLD will be remembered by your website visitors.

It is located at the front end, usually if a domain has subdomains. Its job is to separate web pages according to their purpose, such as blogs, orders, courses, etc.

Do you know what domain and hosting is? They are two different things. The way the two works complement each other.

Antara Web Hosting Dengan Vps

A domain is an address for a home and that home is a host. You certainly can’t go home without a address.

Cloud Vps Adalah: Pengertian, Kegunaan, Dan Cara Kerjanya

A long affected process? However, the above five steps happen relatively quickly, in a matter of seconds. It all depends on the performance of the server.

Usually, customers buy domain hosting at the same time. Like home buyers buying their home “address” at the same time.

But, what if you already have hosting but want to change domains? Don’t worry, because you can practically move fields! The process is short and easy.

Although it is very difficult to differentiate between the two, it seems that you now know the difference between hosting and domain. Both are interrelated and work together to build your website.

Tentang Hosting Vps Terbaru Yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

To build the website you want, you can have both with a hosting package service. at speed

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