Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

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You can use AWS Transfer Family to authenticate file transfer end users using AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory. This enables a seamless migration of file transfer workflows that rely on Active Directory authentication without changing end-user credentials or requiring custom authorization.

Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

With AWS Managed Microsoft AD, you can securely provide AWS Directory Service users and groups access via SFTP, FTPS, and FTP to data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon Simple Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or Amazon Elastic File System (EFS Simple) If you use Active Directory to store your user credentials, you now have an easier way to perform file transfers for that user.

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You can provide access to Active Directory groups in AWS Managed Microsoft AD in your on-premises environment or in AWSCloud using the Active Directory connector. You can give users configured in your Microsoft Windows environment, either in AWSCloud or on your local network, access to AWS Transfer Familyserver that uses AWS Managed Microsoft AD for identity.

AWS Transfer Family is not supported by Simple AD. Also, Transfer Families does not support cross-region Active Directory configurations – we only support Active Directory integration that are in the same region as the Transfer Family server.

Before you can use AWS Managed Microsoft AD, you must provide a unique ID for each group in your Microsoft AD directory. You can use each group’s Security Identifier (SID) to do this. Users in the group you’re associated with have access to your Amazon S3 or Amazon EFS resources using protocols enabled by AWSTransfer Family.

You cannot delete the Microsoft AD directory in the AWS directory service if you are using it on a Transfer Family server. You must delete the server first and then you can delete the directory.

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After creating the server, you must choose which directory groups should have access to upload and download files in the protocols available through the AWS Transfer Family. You do it by creating

The group you have given access to. For example, suppose Bob is a user and belongs to Groupa, and Groupa itself belongs to GroupB.

The user must belong to the group (external ID) listed in the endpoint configuration section of the page. If a user is not in a group, or in more than one group, they will not be granted access.

Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

After you have configured the server and users, you can connect to the server via SSH and use the fully qualified username for the user with access.

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You can set a simple username. However, in this case, the Active Directory code must search all the directories in the federation. This can limit searches and authentication can fail even if the user has access.

Self-managed Active Directory (AD) users can also use AWS IAM Identity Center (a replacement for AWS Single Sign-On) to access single sign-on to AWS Accounts and Transfer Family servers. To do this, AWS Directory Service has the following options:

This topic describes how to use the Active Directory plug-in and Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure ADDS) to authenticate SFTP transfer users with Active Directory.

Azure AD does not support domain-joined instances by default. To perform actions such as join the domain and use tools such as Group Policy, administrators must enable Domain Services in Azure Active Directory. If you haven’t added Azure AD DS or your existing implementation is not related to the domain you want to use with your SFTP transfer server, you’ll need to add a new instance.

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For information on how to enable Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure ADDS), see Tutorial: Create and configure an Azure Active Directory Domain Services managed domain.

If you enable Azure ADDS, ensure that it is configured for the Azure AD domain and resource group that you are connecting your SFTP transfer server to.

Azure AD must have a service account that is part of the Azure ADDS Admins group. This account is used by the AWSActive Directory plugin. Make sure this account is supported by Azure ADDS.

Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

After you have configured Azure ADDS and created a service account with an IPSEC VPN tunnel between your AWS VPC network and Azure Virtual, you can test the connection by pinging the Azure ADDS DNS IP address of any AWS EC2 , for example.

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Create a Transfer Family server with protocol SFTP and identity provider type AWSDirectory Service. From the Directory drop-down list, select the directory you added

You cannot delete the Microsoft AD directory in the AWSDirectory service if you are using it on a Transfer Family server. You must delete the server first and then you can delete the directory.

You can test (user test) whether the user has access to the Microsoft AD directory managed by AWS for your server. The user must belong to the group (external ID) listed in the endpoint configuration section of the page. If a user is not in a group, or in more than one group, they will not be granted access.

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Manage Cloud Solution Service Provider

AWS Systems Manager is a collection of capabilities to help you manage your applications and infrastructure running in the AWS cloud. System Manager simplifies application and resource management, reduces time to identify and resolve operational issues, and helps you securely manage AWS resources at scale.

The following diagram describes how some of System Manager’s capabilities perform actions on your resources. Graphics do not include all capabilities. Each interaction mentioned is explained after the diagram.

System Manager groups capabilities into the following categories. Select a tab under each category to learn more about each skill.

Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

Application Manager helps DevOpsengineers investigate and troubleshoot issues with their AWS resources in the context of their applications and clusters. Enter the Application Manager, a

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Are AWS logical group resources These logical groups can represent applications, ownership boundaries for operators, or different versions of the developer environment, to name a few. Application Manager support for container clusters includes Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon). ECS). Application Manager aggregates operational information from multiple AWS services and systems manager capabilities into a single AWS management console.

AppConfig helps you create, manage, and deploy app configurations and feature brands. AppConfig supports controlled deployment for applications of any size. You can use AppConfig with applications hosted on Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Lambda containers, mobile applications, or containerized devices. To avoid errors when deploying app configurations, AppConfig includes a validator. A validator provides syntax or semantic checks to verify that the configuration you want to implement works as intended. During configuration deployment, AppConfig monitors the application to verify that the deployment was successful. If the system encounters an error or if the deployment raises an alarm, AppConfig will roll back the changes to minimize the impact on your app’s users.

The parameter store provides secure hierarchical storage of sensitive configuration and management data. You can store data such as passwords, database strings, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance IDs, and Amazon Machine Image (AMI) IDs, and license codes as parameter values. You can store values ​​as plain text or encrypted data. You can refer to the value using the unique name you specified when you created the parameter.

Change Manager is an enterprise change management framework for requesting, approving, implementing, and reporting operational changes to your application and infrastructure configurations. of one

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, if you use AWS Organizations, you can manage changes to multiple AWS accounts within multiple AWS Regions. Or, gear

Use automation to automate common maintenance and deployment tasks. You can use Automation to create and update Amazon machine images (AMIs), apply driver and agent updates, reset passwords on Windows Server instances, reset SSH keys on Linux instances, and apply operating system patches or updates to applications

Changing the calendar helps you configure date and time ranges when actions you specify (for example, in the Automated Systems Manager runbook) can or cannot be performed in an AWS account. In the change calendar, this interval is called

Akses Direktori Hosting Aws Dengan

. Enter Change Calendar, a document store of iCalendar data in plain text format. Events you add to the editing calendar become part of the document. You can add events manually in the Edit Calendar interface or import events from supported third-party calendars in use

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Use Windows Maintenance to set up recurring schedules for managed instances to perform administrative tasks such as installing patches and updates without disrupting critical business operations.

Is any machine configured for System Manager. System Manager supports Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, edge devices, and on-premises servers or virtual machines (VMs), including virtual machines in other cloud environments.

Use Compliance to scan your fleet of managed nodes for configuration and patch compliance inconsistencies. You can collect and aggregate data from multiple AWS accounts and AWS Regions, then drill down to a specific resource that isn’t relevant. By default, Compliance displays compliance data for Patch ManagerPatch Manager and Associated State Manager. You can also customize the services and create your own compliance types based on your IT or business needs.

Fleet Manager is a unified user interface (UI) experience that helps you manage nodes remotely. With Fleet Manager, you can see the health and performance of your entire fleet from one console. You can also collect data from individual devices and instances to perform common management and troubleshooting tasks from the console. This includes viewing directory and file contents, managing the Windows registry, managing operating system users, and more.

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Inventory automates the process of collecting software inventory from your managed nodes. You can use inventory to collect metadata about applications, files, components, patches, and more.

Use Session Manager to manage your peripheral devices and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances using an interactive browser-based shell or through the AWS CLI. Session Manager provides secure and auditable management of devices and instances without the need to open inbound ports, maintain host firewalls, or manage SSH keys. Session Manager also allows you to follow business policies that require controlled access to devices and content instances, security practices

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