Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip – Ways to Make Intranet Websites Accessible from the Internet (Local Web Server Accessible from the Internet Using Mikrotik and Speedy) Posted on May 31, 2010 in IT Articles, Tips and Tricks by Nathan Gusty Ryan, GLOBAL NEWS, Mikrotik, Networking, Articles by N4th4n, Internet Tips and Tricks, XAMPP Web Server Address: Nathan Gusty Ryan Article + Community XP Solutions

Below I will share my methods and experiences to make LOCAL Web Server (Intranet Web Server) accessible from the Internet using MIKROTIK ROUTER and Telkom SPEEDY or other ISP connections. If I previously shared the linksys ADSL modem port forwarding trick (without Mikrotik), this time we will make our Mikrotik a local WEBSERVER controller (including many local web servers).

Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

Well, if we use mikrotik as a router, this mikrotik can be accessed from anywhere with a public IP address. If we use SPEEDY, we can configure Mikrotik as in this tutorial.

Mengenal Apa Itu Pengertian Ip Address

Now, after configuring our Mikrotik public IP as shown below, we can further use our Mikrotik router, including configuring our internal intranet web server to be accessible from the Internet. Wewww… fun… you can have your own web server…

Second: Change the service or WWW service you initially/generally use to access the Mikrotik WebBox from port 80 (default) to the port you want, for example in this example I’m using port 1007.

Fourth: Then enter the NAT (Network Address Translation) menu and add the NAT rule (+ click on the sign)

Fifth: Before we get into the additional configuration of NAT rules, here we will create a local web server with IP address Pay attention to and understand the IP address and NAT settings because this is where the success of our port forwarding web server lies.

Apa Itu Domain Dan Hosting (kelas Pemula)

Also pay attention to the state of XAMPP (Apache web server and MySQL database server) already running, as mentioned above, the local website can be accessed from the internal network at IP

Sixth: Winbox menu -> Firewall -> NAT -> then add a new NAT rule in the GENERAL tab menu and select it or set it according to the following menu.

Seventh: After completing the above configuration, we check access to the public IP from the outside (from the Internet) and then… Taaaarrrraaaa…

Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

Well, let’s start again from Winbox -> Firewall -> NAT -> menu, then in the GENERAL tab menu we will add a new NAT rule and select or configure it according to the menu below.

Cara Block Ip Address Menggunakan Cpanel

After completing the above configuration, we can access the public IP from the outside (from the Internet) (don’t forget to write the port like this, ok), then… Taaaarrrraaaaa…

After our setup is successful, we need to set it up with our domain name servers. As mentioned in the guide below, we have direct access to our website name and no longer access to public IP addresses…

Well… this tutorial is very self-explanatory, you can try it yourself on Mikrotik. If it doesn’t work, please contact your nearest hospital immediately… Regards… I’m sure you know that if you use hosting to store all your website activity, you can’t log into cPanel or send wrong emails. 5-10 times more. If this happens, your IP will be blocked, which of course will make it difficult to access your hosting cPanel and hosting email.

The first thing you should do when your IP is blocked is to unblock the IP through the hosting members area. If you are in doubt, how to unblock IP through members area.

Perbedaan Antara Vps Web Hosting Vs Dedicated Server Untuk Website Profesional

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Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

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Contents Surabaya Si Juki’s Battle Dream Catcher Movie Kiko and Friends Cuckoo Rock ChiNight ChrisCandy Monster Brave Lions AdventureUva and… In order for a website to connect to the Internet and reach many people, you need several components. know, for example, IP address, domain, etc. What exactly is an IP address? How is it different from a domain and how does it work? Here is the explanation.

What are IP addresses? An IP address or IP address is a collection of numbers that belong to all devices connected to the Internet. This set of numbers is very complex and difficult for users to memorize and is unique and different for each device. Internet users, such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, and all devices connected to the website, including multimedia data sources, possess an IP address. Both have different IP addresses and communicate with each other when a user accesses a website over the Internet.

Perbedaan Web Hosting Dan Email Hosting

In general, IP addresses consist of 32 binary bits and are divided into 4 octets (1 octet = 8 bits). Each octet has a value between 0 and 255. Each octet is converted to a decimal and separated by a dot (period). For example, the IP address is 175.22.345.1

An IP address has two parts with different functions: the host ID and the network ID, separated by a subnet mask. Host ID is the identifier of the host (router interface, workstation, device) connected to the network, while Network ID is the identifier of the route in the network. The network ID is then used to identify TCP/IP hosts located on the same network.

Functions of IP Addresses As one of the most important components of Internet topology, IP addresses have several functions, which are summarized in the following.

Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

The main function of the IP address is to facilitate the communication process in the computer network. By having an IP address, all devices using the Internet can communicate with each other. This will allow the devices to communicate with each other.

Pentingnya Web Hosting Untuk Keperluan Website

An IP address acts as a device identifier. With an IP address, it is possible to track and store the identity of a computer, such as its geographic location or where the computer was at a given time. Therefore, you should be careful and alert when using the Internet in public places. In this way, the level of data security and the identity of the PC can be properly maintained.

The IP address on this website may also be used as an identifier by security systems. Whenever a device makes a request to access a website, the website’s server will immediately scan it to determine the incoming IP address. If the IP address is deemed safe, the server will allow access to the website. Conversely, if the host is a malicious threat, the server will automatically reject the request.

IP Address and Domain The difference between an IP address and a domain is that they are two related things. An IP address is an address in the form of a collection of numbers used to establish a connection to the Internet or a website. Although a domain is a simple form of an IP address translated into a language, we usually write it in the URL column. With a domain, Internet users can access websites whenever they want without having to memorize a set of numbers that contain IP addresses.

The term IP address is widely used at a basic level and is useful as a communication path between devices. Meanwhile, on a surface level, the public uses more domain terms to access websites. Some of the main differences between an IP address and a domain are:

Mengintegrasikan Azure Dns Dengan Sumber Daya Azure Anda

IP address: Focuses on finding locations by identifying points on the Internet. The term IP address is commonly used in computer friendly terms. Domain: Focus on naming or labeling.

If the term IP address is widely used in technical terms, the use of domain names is widely used in the wider community.

How IP Addresses Work Whenever you visit a website through your web browser, the website’s address is sent to your Internet Service Protocol (ISP). The ISP converts the data into datagrams. This datagram is sent to the website server to enter the IP address verification phase. If the datagram is deemed safe, the desired website may appear on the web page of the user’s browser.

Akes Ke Web Hosting Menggunakan Ip

How to Check IP Address There are several ways to find out the IP address of a website. One of them is to use a web application that offers online IP address checking services.

Trik Membuat Websites Intranet Agar Dapat Di Akses Dari Internet (webserver Lokal Di Akses Dari Internet Dengan Mikrotik Dan Speedy)

This is a web page designed to find the IP address of a website. Users just need to enter the domain address they want to look up and DNS Checker will provide the results in the form of IP address information along with the DNS location of the checked domain from over 25 DNS. DNS Checker can help users view DNS domain query results from multiple international DNS servers. For more information and complete details, visit https://dnschecker.org/.

IPAddress.My is another free IP address checker that you can choose from. At IPAddress.My, which is slightly different from DNS Checker, you will get more information about which domain.

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