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Aio Hosting – Liquid Cooler Arctic II 240 & 420 AIO Coolers Review. Great and helpful E. Fylladitakis, January 15, 2021, 8:15 AM EST

Arctic Cooling is a company from Switzerland and is known for its advanced cooling solutions. The company was founded back in 2001 and has introduced the best heaters of that time. Today, cooling products are still the main focus of the company, but they also offer several other products, such as monitors and audio equipment.

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In the last few months, Arctic cooling has started to dry out high-end CPU coolers, several years after the previous release. The company introduced the first Liquid Freezer II all-in-one liquid cooling units last year, expanding its monthly range. A few weeks ago, the company announced the launch of the large Liquid II 420 cooler, a triple fan AIO cooler that has three even larger 140mm fans instead of three 120mm fans as usual with triple coolers. Arctic Refrigeration set out to dominate the market with their Liquid Freezer II coolers, and the introduction of the 420mm design certainly set that standard.

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In this review, we take a look at several of Arctic Cooling’s Liquid Freezer II coolers. We can dive into the behemoth 420 AIO cooler, of course, but we also go into the reasonable 240mm version of the cooler. How much does a large air conditioner handle heat and noise? And how does that make a bigger cooler than a standard, broadly compatible cooler? Let’s find out.

Arctic Refrigeration offers the Liquid Freezer II Series in a lightweight, recyclable cartridge. The picture on the box is based on the design of the refrigerator itself, with more information about the refrigerator on the back of the box. Inside the box we found coolers and their components well protected by cardboard inserts and nylon bags.

The packaging that comes with Liquid Freezer II refrigerators is the same regardless of the size of the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the MX-4’s heat sink that the company advertises as being included is one size, not a full tube. The rest of the kit contains the necessary mounting hardware, all in black. There is no paper manual, but there is a QR code card that leads to a downloadable manual.

As expected, the main difference between the 240 and 420 models of the refrigerator II is the size of the radiators and their fans. What’s more, the two all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers are identical, using the same block and tubes. The basic design of the cooler is the standard AIO model of one radiator, two pipes, and a block that combines the CPU connection plate and a small liquid pump. The main difference compared to competing products is that the fans are already installed with radiators and everything is already connected, and the whole assembly is powered by a single 4-pin connector that comes out of the block. Although pre-assembly is not strictly necessary for an AIO cooler, anyone who has assembled a cooler can probably appreciate the time saved by not having to line up screws, route electrical cables, and so on. In addition, recognizing that some users may want to reorganize and reassemble the refrigerator, the company’s designers have included connectors for the radiator fan, meaning that the fans can be replaced randomly if needed. .

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Arctic Cooling uses high-density plastic for minimal long-term evaporation, which lasts the life of the cooler without detecting fill/service ports. Tubes are protected by nylon sleeves with circular silver threads. The nylon sleeve also hides the fan’s power cable. Chrome metal press fittings are used to secure the pipes at both ends.

Arctic Cooling II AIO radiators’ are double cross designs with small fins mounted on long thin tubes, but they are not based on the same design that most AIO coolers use. Regardless of the variant, all of Arctic Cooling’s Freezer II refrigerators are rectangular designs that are significantly thicker than standard designs, measuring 38mm without a fan and approximately 65mm with the fan installed. The 420 Cooler II version also has the largest radiator we’ve seen using an AIO cooler to date and is equipped with 3 140mm fans. It is not the longest, as there have been several 4x120mm (480) radiators on the market in the past few years, but even compared to them, it has a lot of heat. Therefore, compatibility of the case can be a challenge for this behemoth.

Assembling the Refrigeration II main block is short and simple, with one major difference from competing products. it has a small 40mm fan attached. This fan has nothing to do with cooling the processor itself, but is intended to supply some air to the motherboard’s power circuits, which are usually cooled by the air flow of the cooler. In addition, the assembly includes a copper connection plate and a mini pump.

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The double brass contact plate is not machined to a full mirror finish, but is very smooth. It’s great for most commercial CPUs, but it won’t cover the ThreadRipper CPU, for which Cooler II doesn’t have stock support out of the box.

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We have updated our terms. By continuing to use the Site and/or accessing your Account, you agree to the Site’s updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When it comes to liquid cooling, the first name that comes to mind is EK Water Blocks. EK® Water Blocks, a premium liquid cooling manufacturer, is named after its founder, Edward Koenig. It all started with one man’s passion for liquid cooling in 1999. Since its inception, EK Water Blocks has become a premium brand for liquid cooling solutions, and this brand is very popular among modders, PC builders, and designers. For water cooling enthusiasts too. Today, EK® products are available in more than 30 countries around the world, and the company has a number of partnerships with the most popular brands. Not only their product quality, but their customer support is also top notch, and this is what really counts.

When I reviewed the EK-AIO 240 D-RGB, I mentioned that these EK-AIO D-RGB series coolers come in three sizes: 120mm, 240mm and 360mm. EK has also produced a 280mm version of this series. The EK-AIO 280 D-RGB is a 280mm CLC that comes with 2x EK-Vardar S 140ER D-RGB high quality fans and a universal CPU waterproofing with a no-loading tool for easy installation. This product is compatible with the popular RGB connection technology of all motherboard manufacturers. EK-AIO 280 D-RGB is compatible with Intel Sockets LGA: 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, and AMD Socket: AM4.

Price: $134.99 [Time of Review]

The coolers are shipped in a colorful packaging box with the same presentation and style as we have seen in their other EK-AIO products.

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There is a picture of a cooler with digital lighting for fans and blocking. Key compatibility information is published below. This cooler is compatible with leading Intel and AMD sockets except TR4/xTR4.

EK Water Blocks has identified three main components of the air conditioner here: the powerful pump, the hot fan and the solid radiator. There are charts showing unit sizes.

The technical instructions for the refrigerator are published in 8 languages. Key compatibility information is published below

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Opening the box reveals the contents beautifully packaged in an egg carton. There is a white foam pad on top and a comprehensive multi-lingual user guide.

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EK Water Blocks has provided a comprehensive user guide for liquid cooler installation and maintenance. The instructions are multilingual.

EK Water Blocks has provided a Y cable that allows the user to connect two fans to one fan on the motherboard. Also includes 1x Ectotherm thermal paste.

Time to take a closer look at the ingredients. Until then, here’s what EK Water Blocks has to say about the cooler. “Made with our industry-leading expertise, the EK-AIO offers all the key benefits of liquid cooling in one compact and easy-to-use solution. It’s made from high-quality materials with our precision engineering for AIO’s cooling performance.” leading the class. Built around a unique monoblock design, it provides cooling with a unique ring pump, along with powerful Vardar S fans to provide high airflow.”

EK Water Blocks EK-AIO 280 is a 280mm CLC cooling solution. It has a

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