Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting – We’ll add a custom domain to Firebase hosting and add new records to Cloudflare’s DNS.

First, we should open our firebase project and navigate to the hosting page using the menu. We can see the domains that have already been granted by Google. Then click “Add custom domain” to add our new domain.

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

We can write a new domain in the given text box as per the following screenshot. we must add

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Now we can add a new TXT record to our DNS. Here I am using a Cloudflare website. But you can do the same steps with any DNS.

Click “Add Record” to add the TXT record provided by firebase. Select TXT as the type. Enter the host in the name field. Here it is

. Copy and paste the value provided by firebase into the content field as per the screenshot above. Then click save.

Now we should navigate back to our firebase project. Click the Scan button on the scan properties tab. If you did the above steps correctly, you can see the 3rd step (go to live tab).

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This is the last step. Now we have to create two A records in DNS as indicated in the Go live tab.

Finally, navigate back to the firebase project and click Finish. Now we can see our new domain on the firebase hosting page. After a few minutes, the new domain will be activated. That is all. In this short tutorial, I will show you how to connect your subdomain to an existing firebase hosting. These are the prerequisites:

Log in to the firebase console, select the project you want to configure and click on the “Hosting” menu. If you already have a website, you can see the Dashboard tab, from there click on the “Connect domain” button.

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

Enter your subdomain in the popup, for example: and click continue. In the next step you will be asked to add the TXT record in your DNS configuration, firebase needs this to check if you are the owner of that domain.

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Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, select your project and click on the DNS menu. Click “Add Record” and copy the TXT value you got from firebase and don’t forget to save it.

After saving a new TXT record above, go back to firebase and click the “verify” button. The verification process may take a while. Once this is done, you will see two IP addresses that you need to add in your DNS configuration, you need to add both.

Open Cloudflare dashboard and click “Add a record”, select “A” type and enter the IP address you got from Firebase, it’s important to remember that you must change the proxy status to DNS Only, otherwise it will fail .

These changes can take some time for Firebase to propagate, if everything is configured correctly you should see the domain status as “Connected”. You can use the deadly combination of Firebase Hosting and Firebase Custom Domain to connect each one and make your website awesome. quickly.

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I’ve seen sites that use the tactic and rank well on Google. I will write about the subject in detail soon.

But the perception changes once you attach the custom domain as it can create a professional link and build credibility and trust.

Note: You need to attach the custom domain to your Firebase hosting to use Firebase Dynamics explained in this article. Setting up a custom domain in the Firebase Console.

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

I spent a few dollars to buy a domain,, from NameCheap just to write this tutorial. 🤣

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First, go to Firebase Hosting in the Firebase Console and select your project or create a new project if you haven’t created a project yet.

Then enter the domain name you just purchased or any existing domain. You can also use free domains.

Next, you need to verify ownership of your domain. To do this, copy the TXT record and paste it into your DNS provider.

And paste it in the same way we added it in DNS Advance but as A Records.

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The reason is that some companies register A Records with a host value of (@) and some companies register A Records with a host value of (www). That’s why I added both types of records to avoid confusion.

If you are facing any issues, don’t forget to ask a question in the comment below, you will be answered faster than any support.

Now you’ve verified your domain with the domain registrar, in my case it’s, which we already did in Part 1. Click Continue and then Finish.

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

Your custom domain is now attached to your Firebase account. Then you can also create more dynamic links to that domain. Catch up on everything announced at the Summit and learn how it can help you accelerate app development and run with confidence. To know more

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You don’t need to provide your unique brand-centric domain names with Hosting. You can use a custom domain (like

Hosting provides an SSL certificate for each of your domains and serves your content on a global CDN.

Make sure you have completed the “Get Started” wizard on your project’s hosting page to have a hosting site in your project.

These steps ensure that your domain is not already linked to a project and that you own the specified domain.

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Note: Feel free to verify that your DNS records were updated correctly with the G Suite Toolbox Dig service. Please note that although your records have been updated, more time may be required for SSL certificate propagation or delivery.

In the Connect Domain window of the console, select Quick Setup for a new website or Advanced Setup if you already have a website running on another hosting provider and need a zero-downtime migration.

The host you indicate is the domain on which you want to serve the content; this domain can be an apex domain or a subdomain.

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

This page must be served over HTTPS and does not need to be valid or secure. The encrypted token is only valid for one trial. If the migration fails, a new token will be generated for your records.

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Be sure to remove any A records or CNAME records that point to other providers. Also remove any AAAA records. If any of these record types exist, it will not be able to provide an SSL certificate.

After verifying domain ownership, we provide an SSL certificate for your domain and deploy it to our global CDN within 24 hours of pointing your DNS A records to the host.

Your domain will be listed as one of the Subject Alternative Names (SAN) in the app’s SSL certificate. You can view this certificate using your browser’s security tools. While the domain is being provisioned, you may see an invalid certificate that does not include your domain name. This is a normal part of the process and will resolve once your domain certificate is available.

For Advanced Setup users, your site will be hosted by your previous hosting provider until the setup status on your project’s Hosting page is updated to Connected.

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When you add or edit DNS records, different domain providers expect you to enter different entries for the Host field on their DNS management websites. We’ve compiled common entries from popular providers below. Consult your domain provider’s documentation for detailed instructions.

Here are some common domain providers and the types of input each might require. This information is kept as current as possible, but please refer to your domain provider’s documentation for detailed instructions.

Troubleshooting Tip: Visit your project’s hosting page to complete the re-verification process within the specified time window (usually 30 days) to prevent your custom domain from being automatically disconnected from your hosting.

Add Domain To Firebase Hosting

Unless otherwise noted, content on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see Google’s Developer Site Policies. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Firebase is one of the best platforms to host a static website for free. When we have a site hosted on firebase we have two domains assigned to it. For example, the project id for my portfolio site which is already hosted on firebase is ‘ankit-kumar-cv’, so the URLs assigned to it were:

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Now all this information is visible in the Firebase Console → Project Dashboard → Hosting tab. In addition to these two domains, if we want to assign a domain of our choice to the website, we can do that as well. Here we will see a step by step process to add a custom domain on firebase hosting.

First we have to go to and look for the name you want to see Google recommendations. If you want to stick with the name of your choice, click the All Edges tab. Choose what is available and add to cart.

You can go to the cart page and complete the purchase with your preferred payment method. After verifying, you will get this page. And he will ask you to check your email. After completing verification, the domain is yours.

Go to, select the project. And click on the hosting tab. It would be more or less like this.

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Click on the

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