6 Months Free Web Hosting

6 Months Free Web Hosting – 20i offers truly free hosting with no ads and a generous 10GB of disk space. The only catch may be very limited bandwidth.

Getting freebies is always good, but there are some situations where buying free hosting plans isn’t worth it.

6 Months Free Web Hosting

6 Months Free Web Hosting

For one, free hosting sites are full of ads. These ads not only turn off visitors, but can also slow down your website and ruin your visitors’ experience.

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Second, free hosting sites are prone to data leaks due to poor security. It’s 100x more expensive than having a paid plan to expose your company’s data to risk and vulnerability.

And, for shady sites, you can quit without a word – you’ll waste all your efforts to build a site.

You might be tempted to go for the free option because it’s available and requires no upfront cost, but the downsides are never worth it.

Since Hostinger first launched in 2004, this hosting provider has grown to become one of the most popular hosting providers in the world with 29 million users in 39 countries. They offer everything from startup hosting to state-of-the-art VPS cloud infrastructure, with a local team spread across the globe.

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They have an extensive list of services offered to website developers, the most popular of which include shared hosting, VPS hosting and website builder. Although it is not a cheap plan, Premium offers integrated cache and round-the-clock support on all its plans.

If you are a beginner looking to get into hosting websites for the first time, Hostinger is an almost free web hosting service.

We hosted a website with Host in July 2019 and the results were amazing. Performance showed a consistent “A” on site speed tests and an uptime score of 99.95%. For the price, there’s no question that Hostinger offers the best value on the table.

6 Months Free Web Hosting

For the premium shared hosting plan, you get a free domain and an allowance of 25,000 monthly visits. If you switch from a shared hosting plan to this plan, there’s a jump from 30 GB of SSD storage to 100 GB.

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For a business shared hosting plan, on top of other plan features, you also get daily backups and a free CDN. You also have an allowance of 100,000 monthly visits on 200 GB of SSD storage.

The free plan comes with a very low allowance for monthly visitors. It doesn’t come with a free CDN and daily backups. Additionally, the $1.39 per month contract locks you into a 48-month subscription, which is longer than the typical subscription period of other hosting plans.

Another almost free web hosting provider is DreamHost. DreamHost was founded in Los Angeles in 1996 and has grown to over 1.5 million websites with a customer base of nearly 400,000 users.

True to their name, WordPress endorses DreamHost as one of the best free (or nearly free) web hosting providers you can find on the Internet. An amazing achievement!

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Some of your guarantees by choosing this almost free web hosting plan are 24 hour chat and email support, unlimited bandwidth, 6 databases and SSL authentication. It all depends on the mostly free web hosting plans it offers.

Shared Unlimited, which goes for $3.95 per month, allows you to manage an unlimited number of email hosting options.

Another plan is DreamPress, which starts at $16.95/month. This web hosting service plan is designed for sites with 100,000 monthly visitors, 1-click staging and Jetpack pre-installed WordPress plugins. It also has a WP website builder where you can create a project website using a drag and drop editor.

6 Months Free Web Hosting

Servers don’t have much space; Most of them are collected in America. For the free hosting plan, you will not get free email access as you will be paid separately. It does not support simple scheduling, built-in caching, or advanced backup solutions.

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To add to the high priced “almost free” web hosting sites, Hostgator is one of the largest and most popular web hosting companies. And even though it’s not a free web hosting provider, it’s less than $2.75 per month.

In addition to the reputation it has built, HostGator offers web hosting for businesses of all sizes. It comes with premium benefits. Every web hosting site has a drag and drop editor called Gator Website Builder for easy website building.

There is also a QuickInstall tool where you or your developer can install WP Sites, Forums, Galleries and eCommerce scripts directly to your site.

The Hatching plan, or HostGator’s latest free web hosting plan, offers free SSL verification, forwarding, and domain guarantees for as little as $2.75/month. A step above there are two updated versions: a baby plan and a business plan.

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The Baby Plan has unlimited websites (only 1 step up from the Hatchling Plan). The Business plan has 2.5x faster page load times with CloudFlare CDN. On top of that, there’s free IP, SEO tools, and an upgrade to Positive SSL at no cost.

Their backend dashboard is full of constant ups and downs, which most other free web hosting providers like Hostinger don’t have. They also lack a built-in server-side caching system and hosting sites like DreamHost. Each time you restore a backup, you pay a fixed price of $25.

Wix is ​​a website builder and web design platform rich in templates and SEO tools. It is known as a reliable website builder with free hosting, enterprise level but can be used by any beginner. Known as one of the first and best free web hosting tools, Wix has tons of features and paid plan options that your business can benefit from!

6 Months Free Web Hosting

There are generally four pricing plans for professional websites or portfolios: Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited and VIP plans. They range from $4.50 to $24.50 per month.

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There are three pricing plans for business and ecommerce plans with built-in payment gateways, but they are more expensive. They are Business Basic ($17 per month), Business Unlimited, Business VIP ($35 per month).

For the most basic plan, Wix ads will appear on built-in websites and cannot be removed. All plans have limited bandwidth and no matter which plan you choose, there is a limit on the websites that can be built.

Weebly is a professional website builder. It offers an easy-to-use builder that can quickly create beautiful websites. In addition to its website building services, Webly generously offers a free custom domain for one year and powerful business tools that make running your eCommerce site easy.

If you want to move on from this free hosting plan, you have three web hosting plans to choose from: Personal ($6/month), Professional ($12/month) and Performance Plan ($26/month).

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The Personal plan allows you to connect to your own custom domain; The Professional plan gives you more customization options and password protection; The performance plan allows you to receive payments through PayPal and collect additional eCommerce impressions.

Weebly is static on its own system and database – meaning you can’t play with server scripting. It’s powerful, sure, but you won’t get much flexibility if you opt for a decent platform.

WordPress.com is the most popular website building platform on the Internet. More than 42% of internet traffic is powered by this free web hosting website. Specifically, this blog hosting service is a free website hosting provider that any beginner site owner can enjoy. Some of the available features include theme marketplace, site content preview tab, plugins and various metrics to track visitor traffic.

6 Months Free Web Hosting

WordPress.com’s simplicity and complexity make it one of the best free website builder platforms you can use to start your website.

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The Premium plan has more advanced design tools, Google Analytics support, and 13 GB of space for additional audio and video.

The Business plan introduces plugins and new themes, up to 200 GB of storage space, and the ability to remove WordPress branding.

Finally, an eCommerce plan empowers your website to create an all-in-one store experience for selling services or products.

If you want to run a free WordPress web hosting site, you’re stuck with the ‘WordPress.com’ domain extension.

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With step-by-step, private and mostly free web hosting plans, you’re severely limiting your options in terms of additional functionality.

Google Analytics, payment portal integration, site monetization SEO tools, plugins, apps, themes and SEO tools are locked in the best plans.

20i is a free website hosting service that uses automation technology in all of their pricing plans. They are a security-first company designed to protect your hosting files with state-of-the-art SSD hardware that is proven to protect your files. Founders Yonatam and Tim Braley have worked in the free web hosting space for over 20 years.

6 Months Free Web Hosting

In addition to the free plan, 20i has other pricing options. I would say the ‘Premium’ plan is the most useful option because the rate doesn’t increase and it has more types of resources.

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The biggest drawback of the 20i free plan is the lack of storage for free users. Members can only get 250 MB of storage each month.

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