1 Hosting 2 Domain

1 Hosting 2 Domain – There are different ways to do this ordering, but the steps below highlight only one of them

2. Next, check all the available hosting packages and click the Select Plan link to order the hosting package you like.

1 Hosting 2 Domain

1 Hosting 2 Domain

3. Next, enter the domain name you want to register. If you want to transfer your domain instead, click Transfer your domain from another registrar and enter your domain and EPP code. If you already have a domain name registered with us or another registrar and you don’t want to transfer it to us, select the I’ll use my existing domain and update my nameservers option.

How To Host Multiple Websites In Cpanel And Web Host Manager

Once done, click the “Check” button to see if the domain name you intend to register is available. If so, click on the option to continue.

Please note, we provide free .com.ng, .org.ng, and name.ng domains for life, (if you want to use any of the previously mentioned extensions as your primary domain), with every shared hosting account for a year. You can choose other domain extensions of your choice. If you are satisfied, click the Check button to continue.

5. If you want to get any of our Addon Services like Sitelock, Codeguard, Certum SSL Certificate, Spam Expert Email Security, Marketgoo SEO Tools and Web Design Apps, scroll down and click on one. These are very important services. Once satisfied, click the Continue button to complete the order.

6. The next page is the review and payment page. Here you will find an overview of what you have ordered.

How To Buy Hosting And A Domain Name For Your WordPress Blog

7. If you are a new customer, click on the Open New Account option and fill all the fields provided. However, if you are an existing customer, you can click on the existing customer login option and fill in your details.

8. The domain registrar’s contact information shows who owns the domain name and this information is displayed on the WHOIS platform. You can choose to use a default address that is the same as the information you used to register on our site, or if you want to use different information for the subscriber address, click the drop-down menu and select the Add option. New address.

How to keep a spam filter order from your client area. To order the Spam Expert Inbound Email Filter, please follow the steps below:… How to Place an Order for Reseller Hosting Plans There are different ways to place this order, but the steps below only highlight.. How to Place an Order For WordPress Hosting To place an order for our WordPress Hosting Plans , please follow the steps below:   Visit… How to Order for Certum SSL SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Service Responsible for securing communications. Between the Internet… Summary Thank you for your interest! The purpose of this article is to explain the difference… You can host multiple websites on one web hosting plan even if the domain names are not registered with OVHcloud.

1 Hosting 2 Domain

The displayed table lists all domain names and subdomains added to your web hosting plan. Some of these are created automatically when you set up your hosting.

Domain Vs Hosting: Definitions, Differences And Faq

If you’re moving your website and want to avoid any service interruptions, follow Step 3: Get your website online.

Only OVHcloud domain names for which you are the technical contact and/or administrator in the OVHcloud control panel will appear here. Select one from the list, then click

Choose a domain name outside of your customer account (another NIC name) or outside of OVHcloud (a third-party domain name provider)

This step only applies if you select “Add a registered OVHcloud domain”. The domain name or its DNS zone should be in your control panel. For external domain names, go to Step 2.2: Add external domain.

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Now you need to customize how you add your domain or subdomain. Some of the options given may not be selectable depending on which web hosting plan you have.

To add a subdomain, you must first select a primary domain from the list (example: mydomain.ovh). In the next step, you can enter a subdomain (eg blog.mydomain.ovh).

The domain you choose will be entered automatically by default. You can add a subdomain (eg blog.mydomain.ovh) to it and create a corresponding “www” subdomain at the same time (eg www.blog.mydomain.ovh). This domain represents the website you want to put online.

1 Hosting 2 Domain

Specify the folder that the domain points to in your storage space. Site files need to be placed in this folder. For example, for blog.mydomain.ovh, the root directory could be “blog”. If the directory does not exist, it will be created automatically.

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It provides you with a secure connection (HTTPS://) to the selected domain. Learn more about this on our SSL page. By enabling SSL and CDN (Content Delivery Network), you can benefit from the HTTP2 protocol (the latter is enabled by default in our Gravelines data center).

Enables a CDN (which replicates and stores components of your website, e.g. images) on the selected domain. To know more about this, go to our CDN page. By enabling SSL and CDN, you can benefit from the HTTP2 protocol (the latter is enabled by default in our Gravelines data center).

Gives you the geographic IP address (from a list of countries) for the selected domain. To know more about this, go to our IP page.

Enables firewall (request analysis) for the selected domain. To learn more about this, go to our ModSecurity page.

How To Use Domain Management

Enables new memory space in the selected domain. You need to select a domain name from the list. The selected domain will be used as the entry name for this new space. Find out more about this on our detailed statistics page.

You cannot enable separate storage for external domain names, this is only possible for domain names registered with OVHcloud.

Start adding a domain. It may take up to an hour. Changes made to the domain name configuration may take anywhere from 1 to a maximum of 24 hours to fully propagate.

1 Hosting 2 Domain

Before proceeding, it is best to correct the DNS zone of the external domain name before adding the multisite record. The configuration of the external domain name (its DNS zone) must be modified using the interface of the service provider that manages it. If you are using OVHcloud, please follow our guide to edit OVHcloud DNS zone. After configuring your domain, you need to allow between 1 and 24 hours for the changes to fully propagate. The following are 2 elements you need to modify in your external DNS domain name configuration: Field Where to find this information Action TXT On the Multisite tab, click ovhcontrol Token Configuration Allows OVHcloud to verify that each external domain name is added legally. Make sure you create a TXT record with ovhcontrol for the subdomain (eg ovhcontrol.mydomain.ovh) in the official DNS zone to include the domain name. If you want to add blog.mydomain.ovh you must create a subdomain record ovhcontrol.mydomain.ovh and not ovhcontrol.blog.mydomain.ovh (../../domains/web_hosting_general_information_about_dns_servers/ #dns_servers/ -dns) your domain is connected to. You only need to check the root domain, not all subdomains. Section Where to find this information Action A and AAAA Under the General Information tab, IPv4 and IPv6, your domain displays the website you put online using your web hosting plan. Attach your domain or subdomain to the IP address of your web hosting plan.

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Now you need to customize how you add your domain. Please note that some options included in your web hosting plan may not be enabled during this process. After attaching the domain you need to complete this operation by setting the multisite settings to use them.

Enter the domain name you want to use. Add subdomains if needed (eg blog.mydomain.ovh) and create a corresponding “www” subdomain at the same time (eg www.blog.mydomain.ovh). This domain matches the website you want to put online. As a reminder, you must have appropriate rights to modify the domain’s configuration (its DNS zone) to complete this extension.

Enables the IPv6 protocol in the selected domain. To know more about this, go to our IP page.

Attempting to attach a non-OVHcloud domain name requires additional verification. This allows us to ensure that the external domain attachment is valid. You will receive a message asking you to modify the DNS configuration of the domain name.

How To Get A Free Domain For Website ?

. Once you do this, the domain name will be added temporarily until you correct its DNS configuration.

You need to make these changes quickly to add your domain correctly. Otherwise, your domain extension will be cancelled.

Once you have added your domain name, you need to put your website online. As a reminder, you need to make these changes in the root folder defined in the previous step.

1 Hosting 2 Domain

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